Dude Mom Life: Dude House Sounds, Vol. 4

So many of our conversations end in me laughing.  Or, shaking my head.  Or shaking my head while laughing.

Their minds are just so amazing and I guess a filter is something that grows in during puberty.

Or, never…

Dude Mom Life: Dude House Sounds, Vol. 4

dude house sounds

After his bath…

Dude 3: It’s like I’m Superman.  With the glasses.  And he has this same curl right here.  I wish I could fly like Superman.



Dude 2: I don’t know if I want a hair cut or not. Girls like curls.
Dude 3: Yeah they really do. They’re always trying to touch them though.


On a good hair day…

Dude 3: Mom, I’m not saying this because your hair is bad, it’s ok.  But, this commercial on TV says that Wen helps unmanageable, flyaway hair and I think you should probably order it.


While I’m singing in MY car…

Dude 1:  You should not be singing loud enough for other people to hear you, Mom.
Me: Haha, like you can talk!  Also I sound just like Mariah Carey.
Dude 1: Mariah Carey would be really sad to hear you say that.


Heard in the car…

Dude 3: *whisper voice* Hey, do you like bras.
Dude 2: Only when they’re being slingshots.
Dude 3: They are the BEST slingshots right?! You can shoot two things at once.
Dude 2: Yep, and mom has enough for us all to have our own.


While they’re supposed to be cleaning the kitchen…


Dude 1: Duuuude, you broke it!
Dude 3: *crying* Don’t tell mom, she’s gonna be mad.
Dude 1: Yep, and then she’ gonna say, “That’s why we don’t have anything!” and all of us are gonna have to go to bed


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