Procrastination is for Punks Holiday Shopping Starts Now #Giveaway

Last Christmas Dude 3 asked Santa for an iPad.

He wrote a number of kind letters to him, explaining all of the things he’d like to do with his iPad: take photos, record his nightly video diaries (yes, he does this, each night before bed and hearing him recount his day in this way fills my heart with joy), play math games, read books, listen to music, dance, dance I say.

He explained that he knows they’re expensive (which is why he asked Santa and not his Mommy and Daddy), but that he wants it more than any other thing and he promised to take excellent care of it so that it would never get lost or broken.

In an effort to grant him his wish and keep the magic alive in the only believer we still have in this joint, I snatched mine right out of its case, plopped it into a new one, and wrapped that bad boy right up after I sprinkled some holiday magic on it had a real talk with Santa about things and made sure that happened.
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Oreo Pumpkin Cheesecake Minis, For Life


Last Friday I spent $25 on a pumpkin. My children (and by children I mostly just mean Dude 3 as he’s the only one who even bothers to notice or pretends to care anymore) chastised my lack of Halloween décor so much that I decided to go all out by buying the biggest pumpkin my […]

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Mom Dates & Gold Peak Coffee #sponsored


I am what you might call a coffee noob. It wasn’t until the last few years, when I really invested my time in running my own businesses, that I decided to venture into coffee drinking. I figured it would be a pick me up. Or a calm me down. Depending. Turns out it’s both. I […]

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Dude Food: Roasted Potatoes & Johnsonville Sausage


Recently I embarked up on a mission. I’ve titled it Operation Make My Children Real Food Like a Decent Mother So They Don’t Turn Into Chicken Nuggets. Yes. It has come to this. Week nights have gotten overwhelming. Weekends have gotten exhausting. Days that end with a Y are driving me insane. With football and […]

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Pumpkin Coffee Cake for Pumpkin Haters


For nearly 100% of my lifetime I have abhorred things made from pumpkin. Abhorred. As in hated it. As in I will barf at your table if you try to make me eat that. And ruin your whole entire holiday meal. Try me. I dare you. (This is a direct quote from 8 year old […]

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No One Loves Breast Cancer


We spent the weekend scouring the sports store for pink items. Why? Because when you’re a DudeMom to two football players, October means Breast Cancer Awareness month and, believe it or not, little footballers love rocking the pink in support of the cause. Only, do they even know what “the cause” is? Or are they […]

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It’s Like Science: Our Essential Oils Experiment


I’ve never been very medically adventurous. I don’t go to the doctor much, and when I do I generally just do what he says and go on with life. But, that’s because I’m easy. Since Dude 3 got sick though, our medical challenges have grown significantly. Often, even the doctor is stumped (he calls us […]

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You Guys Would So Die (without My Fire Safety & Prevention Tips)


Teaching kids to be safe is part of growing them into good grown-ups. The Dudes and I talk (okay, it’s mostly me talking, they are more of the stare and blink enthusiasts) often about things like personal safety- bullying, stranger danger, private areas and how no one is allowed to touch them, or see them, […]

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Books for Kids: You WILL Love Reading When I’m Done with You

reading party

Reading is one of my all time favorite pastimes. But, it’s not something I have always enjoyed. In fact, I remember my gateway book (you know, the one that opened up the flood gates for me and ushered me into a life long addiction to the written word), it was The Lion, The Witch, and […]

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