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A Play Teepee Surprise from Teepee Joy

We aren’t a major buy our kids things family. They were taught very young not to beg for things at the store so it is a rare occurrence that they even bother to ask us for things they want when we go shopping. Or at all. We often go months without buying them things outside of what they need. We usually only get them things


13 Things You To Do Before Letting Your…

I consider myself a pretty social media savvy type of person. I mean, technically, it is my job to be savvy in that area and, as a social media strategist, I do truly have a good handle on the best practices and how-tos of the major social platforms. But, knowing how to grow a brand’s Facebook engagement doesn’t exactly mean a thing when it comes

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Dear Fidget Spinners, I Think I Love You…

Or, want you dead. But let’s focus first on the positive. There are merits you fidget spinners possess that prevent me from wanting to smash your whirring little faces into smithereens beneath my sensible flats. For those who haven’t encountered you yet (are there those that have encountered these in your homes?!), I believe they should consider themselves either insanely lucky or somewhat unfortunate. Depending

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Meet These Fabulous Nude Lipsticks for…

I am not a major makeup girl. I wear it because I feel like I look better with it on. But, I don’t wear it daily and I don’t wear a lot. My make up routine is pretty basic. Foundation, powder, blush, eyebrow color, and something on the lips for my day to day. Foundation: Clinique Acne Solutions Foundation (Fresh Honey). Powder: L’Oreal True Match

39th birthday

Still Not 40: 15 Life Lessons I Learned…

Today is my birthday! via GIPHY It marks the beginning of my last year as a 30 year old woman. My plan was to write something heartfelt and emotional about my last year as a 30 something year old woman. Only, I don’t really feel that heartfelt or emotional about it. In fact, it kinda feels like just another day, beginning just another year that

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10 Questions Every Mom to a Teen Asks…

As Dude 1 is quickly speeding toward adulthood, I find myself getting choked up (and by choked up I mean sobbing my eyes puffy) over the smallest things. Things like finding an old sock of his under the couch when we moved it to paint. Or coming across an “essay” on turtles he wrote in second grade. And not just nostalgic type things turn on

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Shopping in Waldorf, MD: St. Charles…

Spring is our busiest season as a family. I feel like I barely see my children, at least not all at the same time. Unless it rains. And then, rejoice! All of the sports are canceled and we can finally catch up on us time! Usually that means jammie pants and Netflix, but this weekend, with nothing on the docket but a couple of basketball