Gardening with Kids: DIY Succulent Container Gardens.

In celebration of Earth Day we’re bringing you some container gardening tips!

In addition to planting an entire, soon-to-be-edible, container garden and weeding a quarter of the area where our in ground garden will reside (so much more to be done!), we (by we I basically mean me because I’m pretty sure my gardening sidekick spent some of this time dancing barefoot in the grass and singing that stupid snow man song while the sun beat down on his back) put together a couple of succulent container gardens.

I love them because they are a great way to add interest and color to your home and also the perfect way to recycle all of the old glassware and vases I have lying about because no one brings me flowers anymore my house.

Want to make one yourself?

So, so easy!

succulent container garden

Step 1: Haul out your old glass jars and vases.

Step 2: Go to the store and buy yourself some succulents.  You can get them at those big box stores with the massive garden centers, sure, but I got mine from a local nursery because their selection and quality are just so much better.  When shopping, make sure you choose ones that will fit nicely together inside of your designated containers.  Pick up some potting soil while you’re shopping too.

Step 3: Once you’re home, send your kids out into the yard to find you a bunch of small to mid sized stones.  They might moan a bit, but they’ll have fun once they get started.

Step 4: Jam as much of their Easter Candy as you can into your mouth while they’re preoccupied.  If you get caught, blame the dog.

Step 5: Line the bottom of your first container with the rocks; your plants require good drainage so they don’t die.

container gardening

Step 6: Add your plant(s) on top of the rocks.

Step 7: Fill with potting soil.

Step 8: If you have aquarium gravel or small stones to place on top for additional drainage, feel free to do so.  Me, I got sweaty and hot and tired and bored before I could send The Dudes back out to search down more tiny rocks so I went in and had a snack instead. I will add some on top this week.  When I feel like it.

diy centerpiece

Step 9: Water sparingly. These are actually really similar to cacti (in fact, cacti are a type of succulent) and they tend to live best with little water so don’t over do it.  In fact, if you wanted to use a spray bottle they’d probably love you long time.

Step 10: Use your creations as centerpieces.  Stare daggers at your husband every time he comes into the room until he notices and comments appreciatively on your hard work (note: this could take days).

easy container gardening

Start to finish (minus shopping time), this project takes less than 30 minutes and the come out so cool.

More on his edible garden coming soon…


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