Easy Fashion Trends for Moms: Graphic Tees

Last week I wrote a fashion trends article for Redbook Magazine about banishing frumpy mom trends.

It wasn’t meant to make anyone feel tired or lazy or unbeautiful.

I would never.

I don’t want that for you and also, as many of you know, I have been there. Covered head to toe in fleece and frump, and royally unhappy with myself.

I know better clothing can’t make you happy, just like money and chocolate and rainy Sunday Friends marathons, but I also know that a long cozy day on the couch without the pressure of work and cupcakes and Rachel and Ross feeling good about yourself can, and sometimes, it takes a little time, effort, and investment in yourself to make that happen.

For me it took a celebrity makeover in front of millions of viewers around the world (fact: What NOT to Wear airs in many other countries). For you, it doesn’t have to be so dramatic (that show’s not on anymore anyway, so the hope is gone). You can make small changes, on your own, with the help of friends (me, me, I’m your friend!) and minimal budget and change the way you feel about you.

Lots of people have asked questions about the style swaps I recommended for the Redbook article; where I got things, how much they cost, if they can buy them too, whether or not a shirt with a unicorn on it might be awesome.

I’ve figured out all of that for you. And yes, shirts with unicorns on them are dope.

While none of the items I showcased in the piece are new (please, mama ain’t got money to buy all new outfits for a post) and some of them are actually from years ago when I was on What NOT to Wear (hooray for timeless style!), I have found a few items that might help you change up your look, without breaking the bank or losing your mind.

This week let’s talk about t-shirts!

flats 3

When purchasing a grown up lady tee there are a few things to consider…

1. Material see-throughedness. Totally a made up term, but you get me. You’re not 21 or J.Lo so a sheer tee is not going to be as easy to pull off as one that doesn’t require so much attention to the undergarments. And the muffin top. And the stretch marks. I have all of those things and I don’t enjoy having my son’s teacher see them. Full coverage is what’s up. (Yes, you can wear a sheer top as long as the under parts are covered so your kid doesn’t shame face you at parent teacher conferences.)

2. Back fat accentuatingness. Again, made up, but also, so important. Fitted tees have a way of showing off the fact that you are wearing the wrong bra. You may need to upgrade that before you can even think about booking your torso a date with a fitted tee.

3. Fit. I like a little flow with my shirts, but not too much. My wheel house is that space between super-tight-so-everything-looks-bumpy and so-flowy-you-are-a-shapeless-creature.

4. Casual factor. Personally, I think every day requires a little sparkle. So, even if you’re rocking sneaker wedges and boyfriend jeans, a glittery tee and a blazer or a bomber jacket would work perfectly as outfit toppers.

5. Cost. T-shirts shouldn’t break the bank. They are what I consider a style staple and most of us require a number of them in our style arsenal. Don’t over invest in tees, you want something that is decent quality (won’t shrink when washed or wear easily from repeated wear) that doesn’t cost so much you cry real tears when your toddler sticky hands you at the grocery store. Like everything I recommend, your tees should be functional for your daily mom life (which means yes, if you are staying home all day playing blocks on the floor, yoga pants it, all day).

This Biggie tee is my current fave. I think it’s the gold crown, really makes Biggie go from trashy to classy. He’d be proud…

biggie 1

Need some cool spring tees for inspiration? All day…

 stylish tshirts

Jersey Top • $12 Metallic dots collector tee • $34.50 Bordeaux Glinted Tee • $39.95 Sequin Animal T-Shirt • $19.99  Polka-Dot T-Shirt • $19.99 Tencel T-Shirt • $19.99 

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