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Things to Do with Kids in Maryland for Spring Break

Ready for spring break? Whether you are visiting the area or call Maryland home, finding things to do with kids in Maryland for spring break can make or break your mini vacation. The good thing is that there are tons of things to do with kids in Maryland and you could easily fill more than a week with fun, educational, family-friendly experiences without ever leaving

20 of the Best Romance Books to Download…

Creating a list of the best romance books is quite a daunting task. First, it’s subjective –what I think are the best romance books is probably not going to align specifically with what you think are the best romance books, and neither of us is likely to match up with the official critics who are actually paid to tell the world which romance books are

10 Magicial Harry Potter Gifts Your Mom Will Love

10 Magicial Harry Potter Gifts Your Mom…

**This post utilizes affiliate links meaning a small portion of money from purchase will be credited to me.** I didn’t get to enjoy the magic of Harry Potter as a child –J.K. Rowling’s first book in the series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, came out the year after I graduated high school. In college and busy being a college kid, I didn’t truly discover

a wrinkle in time review

10 Things All Moms Will Think During A…

A Wrinkle in Time has finally been made into a feature film and fans of the original L’Engle story, written over 50 years ago, really can’t even take it. For those who have been anticipating the movie’s release for, um, say all 50 of those years, I can understand how Ava DuVernay’s version may not meet your expectations –it’s always hard to bring beloved books

Non Candy Easter Basket Gifts for Boys…

**This post contains affiliate links and may also feature products we received for free. All opinions are my own.** Easter is right around the corner! For those who celebrate with Easter baskets, you know the only thing that’s really worse than the amount of candy your kids will probably consume is that plastic grass that comes jammed into the bottom of the baskets. Everyone knows

Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month: 10 Inspiring…

It’s Women’s History Month and, while that isn’t a holiday that involves any gift giving, special food preparation, or other opportunity to get together with friends and enjoy a margarita, I still think it is one worth celebrating. Especially right now. When women are facing so many struggles around the world. Seeing inspiring women doing big, inspiring things fills me up. It’s weird to think

mom hacks

Less Chaos, More Chill: Mom Hacks Real…

When I joined club mom over 16 years ago as a 23 year old recent college grad and newly minted middle school teacher, I didn’t have any idea what I was doing. I knew about writing 15 page papers, lesson plans, cute shoes and when Erika Badu was coming to town (don’t judge, this was the early 2000s, she was still a thing!). I knew