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hershey pennsylvania

Hershey, Pennsylvania: 20 Things to Know Before You Go

Last month I had the pleasure of spending a weekend away exploring Hershey, Pennsylvania. Probably you saw me moaning about the fact that it was snowing in April on Instagram –an experience I still am not entirely recovered from. Fortunately, the wonderful city has so much to offer visitors, rain snow or shine, that I was only mildly deterred from having a blast in the

disney vacation

Disney Vacation Packing List: Money…

We leave for our Disney vacation in two days! We are heading to the happiest place on earth for our spring adventure with Disney Social Media Moms. If you’re a blogger, you probably already know what that means. If you’re not, just know that it is a work-related conference in Disney that provides magical experiences to attendees who are also allowed to bring their families.

mothers day gift ideas

Personalized Mother’s Day Gift…

Personally, I am not a huge fan of personalized gifts. Maybe because what always comes to mind are those glass and wood mounted clocks emblazoned with some motivational quote and meant to adorn the desk you probably never got that everyone seemed to give people when they graduated college in the 90s. I guess that was before teleworking and cell phones and everything else that

taco salad recipe

Family Meal: Taco Salad with Avocado…

Tacos. Ya’ll know I love me some tacos. Would eat them daily if I could. Personally, I dig hard tacos more than soft, but I am no taco purist and I make it a point to appreciate them in many of their variations. Including salad. Generally, I think of a salad as the main meal’s sidekick –not really in charge of killing hunger, but sort

netflix stream team

Netflix Picks: What to Watch On Your…

Today’s post is brought to you by Netflix StreamTeam Winter illnesses are terrible. Spring/summer illnesses are THE WORST. Like not only are you missing out on being outside in the sun with your friends or your kids if you’re a largely friendless soul such as myself, but it’s already hot in your house because you’re too cheap and principled to turn the AC on before

eggo waffles tour

Eggo Waffles Factory Tour: Our Eggogi…

This post was sponsored by Eggo but all opinions are my own. There was a time in my life when the thought of using an emoji to communicate with another human being was entirely unlikely. They seemed so middle school girlish and there weren’t even that many good ones to choose from. And then, two things happened: Apple stepped up their emoji game, and my

clown contouring

Clown Contouring: For Low Maintenance…

You guys know I am not a makeup-er. I wear it because I need it, to look human and feel normal. And, I don’t wear a lot. I wear five things religiously: foundation, powder, eyebrow pencil, blush, and gloss. I put on mascara to be fancy, because I am crap at washing it off. It takes me ten minutes on a day when I want