T-Shirt Tuesday. Back to School with FabKids.

fab kids

Because seriously, SHARK SHIRTS!

With shark shorts to match of course!

shark shirt

For all of those up and coming Sharknado loving Dudes in the world.

He’s already picked out his entire first day of school outfit…

cute kids clothes

because there are few things cooler than sharks in this house.

In fact, The Dudes have spent major portions of this summer watching past episodes from Shark Week on Netflix.

The number of facts these children have about the sea predators is as amazing as it is confusing.  I will never understand how they remember how many teeth a whale share has (300 apparently), but can’t remember to take the trash out every Monday night to save their little lives.


Back to the shirts.

You can snag the shark outfit from FabKids for your kid’s back to school wardrobe, or check out some of their other cool looks (and of course, you can mix and match).

fabkids back to school

No matter what you choose, your first outfit (top AND bottom) is just $15!

Disclosure: We receive clothing items from a number of retailers in order to review them and share them with all of you. All opinions and the ability to look fly are our own.

Dude Style: Back to School Cool #sponsored

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Dear Mean Girls, I’m Bringing Booty Back.

megan trainor

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Boys Room Ideas: DIY Superhero Dresser Makeover


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T-Shirt Tuesday. The Flag Shirt. #giveaway


Hello America, we love you! And, not many things proclaim that more strongly than The Flag Shirt. Side story, I moved to Germany in the early 90s with my parents.  I was like 13.  The Berlin Wall had recently fallen, the first Gulf War as underway, and a variety of other random countries had a […]

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Dude Mom Life: Dude House Sounds, Vol.3


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Homemade Ice Cream with YayLabs!


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Baby Baking. A New Series for Expectant Moms.


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