T-Shirt Tuesday. The Flag Shirt. #giveaway

Hello America, we love you!

And, not many things proclaim that more strongly than The Flag Shirt.

usa shirt

Side story, I moved to Germany in the early 90s with my parents.  I was like 13.  The Berlin Wall had recently fallen, the first Gulf War as underway, and a variety of other random countries had a variety of other random reasons to not feel all warm and fuzzy towards Americans.

I don’t remember much about our arrival into the country other than the fact that it was super cold (we went in December), and the instructions they gave my family in culture training was to not look “too American”; no cowboy hats, no being loud and obnoxious in public, and no American flag shirts.

We’re not in Germany anymore so, booyah…

patriotic tee

Patriotism looks so good on The Dudes!

Also, holy summer tans, Batman.  And so much hair.  And skinny arms.  And why is he like a foot taller than them?  And the handsome, I’m dying.  Plus, in case you were wondering, that sign is legit.  My parents really have a Route 66 road sign tacked to their garage.  They’re American like that.

kid shirts

Because we heart the US of A and T-shirt Tuesdays, we’re giving away a flag tee from The Flag Shirt to one of our all-American readers.

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