Moms in the Middle: Teen Acne & Things That Happen Because You’re Old

Just as a warning, today’s post may be TMI for some readers.

It falls under the category of Things That Happen to You When You’re Old.

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend Expo East. If you’re not in the selling organic goods game you may not know that it is an organic expo showcasing natural products on the market. It’s not really for consumers. It’s for retail buyers and members of the press.

So much to see. So much to learn. So many things to taste and test!

Including some great, natural products designed to combat teen acne, an issue I have been dealing with in my personal life as of late.

But first, I had to get there.

I set up meetings with a number of product reps so that I could speak with them about the benefits of their products and how they may be of use to families like yours and mine.

I downloaded the app. I checked out the map. I forgot that my spatial awareness is virtually nonexistent.  When I arrived on site, I was shocked to discover the overall hugeness of the halls in the center.

I skipped breakfast an got there plenty early hoping to eat my way through the expo hall orient myself and sample some items for research purposes, but as I set out across the convention center in search of my first meeting location, it became increasingly clear that I was probably going to be late.

I hate being late.

There are few things in this world that throw me off my game like tardiness.

So, in a desperate effort to not be “that lady” I turned on the jets. No, I did not sprint through the convention hall in my blouse, and skirt, and heels. But I powerwalked it, like a boss.

I skidded to a stop in front of the Rainbow Light booth at precisely my expected arrival time.

Sure, I was huffing, and puffing, but whatever, I was on time!

Handshakes and intros and smiles all around.

I dug out my list of questions, eager to dive right in (I had a second meeting shortly after this), and then I realized I was really, awkwardly sweaty.

Like pits soggy, forehead shiny, upper lip beading up with sweat, sweaty.

The realization of this, of course, only made me sweat more. Because they had to have noticed how sweaty I was. And they were probably wondering if I’d run there. And possibly imagining me doing so. And mocking me and my sweaty skirt and heels in their minds.

Or not.

I don’t know.

I’m crazy. And my crazy makes me sweaty which makes me feel even more crazy thereby making me sweatier still. It’s a vicious cycle of sweat crazed craziness.

Within moments of our initial meeting I had sweat dripping down my back. I felt it racing down my legs. And pooling in my shoes.  MY FEET WERE SQUEAKING IN MY SHOES EVERY TIME I MOVED. My shirt was plastered to my chest. My hair was plastered to my forehead. My fingers were leaving sweaty prints on my notepad!

This amount of sweat can’t possibly be normal. Something most definitely is wrong. When did my white top get wet enough to be deemed wet t-shirt contest ready officially see through?

And also, what must I look like?!

This man is standing here, engaged in a passionate, largely one-sided discussion about the benefits of balanced eating on skin care and overall health while I freak out.

Smile and wave. That’s what I’ll do. Smile and wave.

Only, he’s still talking. And I’m waving. Why am I waving at him while he still talks?!

And now he’s staring and blinking.

And I’m further drenched in sweat.

Stage 4 awkwardness sets in. Cue sweat glands that have been dormant since my track meet days. My cheeks get red. My scalp gets tingly. And then, as if the horror of it all isn’t already enough, a small bead of sweat dripped from my chin and landed inches from his foot.



I don’t know if he noticed. I don’t know if it matters. I do know that I made a random comment about one of their formulations dealing with sweaty backed women and their rampant hormones.  Then everyone chuckled as the conversation turned to perimenopause.

I continued to sweat. Even though they weren’t talking about me BECAUSE I’M NOT OLD ENOUGH FOR MENOPAUSE OR IT’S COUSINS.

Eventually I was able to excuse myself from the conversation and bid them farewell, siting another meeting across the convention center (which was code for go into the bathroom, get naked and fan myself with the brochures they gave me).

Fortunately, I learned some valuable info before I went.

5 Things to Know About Teens & Acne

1. Teen skin is a complex animal. It’s not just about keeping it clean on the outside (although, yes, please do), it’s also about keeping the body clean and balanced on the inside.

2. What your teen eats and drinks may be largely to blame for the issues he is facing with acne. If he has pizza belly, don’t be surprised if he also has pizza face! Getting teens valuable nutrients can be hard, so using a well made, nutrient rich supplement formulated specifically for the needs of the teen body is a good way to help support your teen’s overall health and skin needs too.

3. Harsh chemicals in many acne treatments may wind up doing more harm than good. My Dude has crazy sensitive skin and many of the face washes, creams, and treatments he has tried have been fails. When your face swells up like a chimpanzee you can rest assured that acne is the least of your worries.

4. A supplement might help. But remember, all supplements are not created equal. Those packed with artificial ingredients may be more harmful than they are helpful.

5. Rainbow Light’s Active Health™ Teen Multivitamins are a natural alternative. This line of supplements are food based and made with nutrients and botanicals that support clear skin, immune health, bone growth, energy balance, and overall body wellness. They’re packed with vegetables, plus they’re sugar free, gluten free, lactose free, and made with natural ingredients. We love that they aren’t gummies (when you wear braces gummy things are a no-go), but we do wish they had a chewable option (swallowing a pill the size of your pinky nail is no easy task).

P.S. I spent about 38 seconds on the Women’s Health page checking out their wares. I may look into something from that line to help with the, er, glandular issue.

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