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coping tips for anxious child

Our Anxious Child: How We Cope with Anxiety and OCD

For parents of an anxious child, finding ways to cope can be major. Whether your child suffers with general anxiety or a diagnosed anxiety disorder like Dude 3’s finding a pathway to relief can truly make your life and that of your child so much more livable. But there is a lot of uncertainty. We have been on this journey for about 4 years and

anxiety in kids

Anxiety in Kids: What Our OCD Looks Like…

I read a blog post this weekend written by a mom with a toddler who has OCD. I ran across the post on Facebook and was immediately intrigued. For those unaware, Dude 3 was diagnosed with OCD shortly after his 5th birthday. You can read about our experience here: Dude 3’s illness and diagnosis. Naturally, when I encounter other families living the struggle, I like

alex 9 happy

Happy Quotes for a Happy Life According…

Dude 3 turned 9 today! It’s sort of a big deal. For him, for me, for the entire world if you let him tell it. He loves birthdays. He thinks they are a wonderful opportunity to celebrate people you love. And, his birthday party is a major event for him. It is something he plans all year. He picks the venue, determines the theme, meticulously


The Gift of Confidence: How We Build…

I don’t know about you, but I can say for sure that I wasn’t one of those confident kids. I was shy, and quiet, and a warrior in my mind, but timid deer-in-headlights in real life. I wasn’t unhappy about it and I wound up being a pretty successful individual in most elements of life (graduate college with honors, scored hot husband, had three kids,

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Netflix Wins Weird with A Series of…

Let’s talk about A Series of Unfortunate Events. For those under rock dwellers, let me catch you up: Based on the children’s novel series by Lemony Snicket (nope, not his real name even though that would be awesome), the first season of the Netflix adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events includes the first four books of the series (season 2 has already been announced

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What’s For Dinner? Crock Pot Pot…

Growing up, I remember thinking pot roast was old people’s food. It was like this big lump of meat in a big pot with wet potatoes and wet carrots and just wet stuff. And I hated it. My parents thought it was fancy, special dinner food. I thought it was gross, wet, old people’s food. And I swore I’d never serve my kids old lady


Positive Parenting: Powerful Words to…

I have been blogging for eight years now. Almost as long as Dude 3 has been on this planet. I started this blog (formerly parenting BY dummies) as a way to connect with other moms who felt overwhelmed, under informed, ill-equipped, or otherwise not entirely up to the task of slaying mom life while their offspring outsmarted them repeatedly. I was at that hardcore mommying