Happy Thanksgiving! Eat Turkey, Win a $50 GameStop Gift Card.

Gifting season is upon us.

Dude 3 spent his snow day composing his always compelling letter to Santa where he asked yet again for actual magic to occur in our home.

His letter went something like, Dear Santa, blah blah blah I’m a good boy. Please bring me a robot that can do anything I ask including all of my homework. I also want it to be my very best friend.

We are a fortunate family this and every holiday season and, to enjoy free labor celebrate that, we ask The Dudes to clean out the playroom and purge the toys they no longer need in their lives.

This is a multipurpose activity really; it helps them appreciate the things they have by forcing them to rediscover items they’ve put aside, it gets our playroom cleaned up, and it helps inspire the spirit of giving and charity during the holidays. It also staves off hoarderistic tendencies, allows me to spend a good two hours alone, and quite frequently results in the creation of a new game (this year they used the plastic handheld shopping baskets, tied to their heads with old karate belts, to catch flying mini soldiers).

Now that the place is in order and there is room to accept new items (and life has been breathed into some old ones) Dude Dad and I will be employing our Black Friday survival skills (aka shopping online) this week in search of some joyful items to bring some much deserved cheer to the little humans we are raising.

Every single one of The Dudes (including the one I married) enjoys playing video games to some extent. They each have a preferred system (we have a PS3, a PS4, and an XBox here) and they each have games on their list they’d like to acquire.

Fortunately, GameStop, our go to shop for games and gaming supplies, is offering a ton of sweet deals on the top games of the season.

If you have a gamer on your shopping list this season, here are some things you should look out for…

5 Things to Know About Black Friday Deals at Game Stop

1. If you do your Black Friday shopping online, everything gets free shipping.

2. GameStop has a bunch of gaming bundles on sale. If you’re in the market for an Xbox One (save $70) or a PS4 (save $100) you can enjoy significant savings by buying on Black Friday.

3. Their stores will open bright and early, or, ummmm, in the middle of the night when it’s dark and late at 12am Friday morning. So basically, take a little nap after you jam yourself with goodness on Thursday and then head to Game Stop to snag your dudes their holiday goodness. Personally I don’t have the energy, but I know some of you do.

4. Tons of games (including a number of newer titels) will be $30 off on Black Friday. When you’re me and you’re looking at buying 4 games this Christmas (one for each of the gamers in your home) at about $60 a piece, $30 off is something to get excited about.

5. I am giving away a $50 GameStop gift card to one lucky person! Scrolllll down!

Dudes at your crib not much into gaming (although I have yet to meet a boy that doesn’t enjoy a little Minecraft from time to time)?

Here are our not-at-all-related-to-gaming gift picks for boys…

best gifts for boys 2014

1. Zoomer Dino. Perfect for little dino lovers.

2. Pull Apart and Talkin’ Olaf. If Frozen won your Dudes over, here is a gift that isn’t Elsa they might enjoy.

3. Shoot Again Basketball. This seems a little bit lazy to me, but The Dudes think it’s exactly what they need.

4. Spy Gear – Door Alarm. Because apparently kids actually think moms want to hang out in their rooms all day. Or that an alarm would stop us if we did.

5. Teeter Popper – Green. I’m not entirely sure what this is for or why they need it, but they encountered one at a friend’s house and have been asking for one ever since.

6. Vtech Innotab Max. We shared our thoughts on the Innotab 3S earlier this year and we think this product is pretty fantastic for youngsters not quite ready (or not quite able to afford) an iPad.

7. WowWee MIP Robot. I don’t know if it can actually do everything a BFF can do, but we have high hopes. Other than the surveillance camera he asked for so that he can watch our house and keep us safe, this is the only thing on Dude 3’s list that he’s super passionate about.

8. National Geographic Books. The Dudes love these. They are constantly checking them out from the school library, reading them cover to cover, and then telling me all of the things. This is a good pick for younger ones, National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Why , and this is a great one for the older set, National Geographic Kids Weird but True! 6: 300 Outrageous Facts.

iTunes gift cards. So they can actually make an in app purchase from time to time. Or buy a movie for their next road trip. Or upgrade the puzzle app to the paid version because the free one has been beaten twice already (Dude 3 has a thing for puzzles, real and app).

Minecraft socks. For kids who dig tall socks and don’t want to imagine a life without a pick axe.

And about 80 more gift ideas for boys of all ages!

If all you care about is winning that GameStop gift card, here’s your chance…

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