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Motherhood Truths: 10 More Things I Know For Sure

This year will mark my 16th in the mom game. Most of the time I feel like Beyonce -all of this winning, but I can fully admit I have my crash-and-burn Lindsay Lohan moments too. Balance. And the nature of the beast. Other than being my parents’ child, I can’t think of a single thing I have been so committed to in my life. Not

things to do in frederick

15 Cheap or Free Things to Do in…

If only money grew on trees! And not just so that I could buy adorable shoes and cute handbags. I’m about more than cute things! In fact, when it comes to my kids, I am not even about that life -I believe in living experience rich. That’s not to say I don’t buy my children things -of course I do. But it is to say

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Go See Cars 3 in Your New Disney Shoes…

Summer is for days at the pool, BBQs, and movies. We have a huge list of summer movies we are hoping to get to this year and we were fortunate to enough to get a sneak peek of Cars 3 this past week to jump start our summer movie viewing list. Cars 3: A Disney Pixar Film for the Entire Family If you have Cars

celebrate father's day

20 Free and Cheap Father’s Day…

Father’s Day is fast approaching so time to get your celebration ideas squared away. And that doesn’t have to mean buying a gift that will break your monthly budget is required to celebrate Father’s Day. There are so many fun and cheap Father’s Day ideas to help you celebrate the great dads in your life know you care. And no one is saying you have

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Sam’s Club Scan and Go: Giving…

THIS IS A SPONSORED POST ON BEHALF OF SAM’S CLUB Finding ways to simplify life and streamline basic activities is something I have never been great at. I overthink things. I strive for perfection. And, I lack the ability to just move on when things aren’t up to my standards. But not when it comes to mothering. I’ll be the first to admit that I

Instagram changes 2017

Instagram Changes: Love Them or Leave…

Dear Instagram, We need to have a conversation. And by conversation, I realize that means I will speak, you won’t listen, and things will carry on as per usual. But still, I feel like I need to have these words. I have been a major fan of yours since I discovered you back in 2010. I was an early adopter -falling instantly in love with

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Take Your Teen to the Movies with AMC…

*This is a sponsored post in partnership with AMC Theatres and Coca-Cola As my kids get older, it is harder and harder to find family time together. You know how teenagers work – often times, they would rather be sitting in their rooms alone than hanging out somewhere they used to think was fun with you. Dude 1 is actually pretty awesome this way. He