Awesomeness: DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

I recently discovered the magic of gold paint.

Probably it’s been here all of my life, but for sure I’ve been ignoring it.

Foolishly perhaps.

Because, sparkly!

In an effort to save cash make life more meaningful, we’ve decided to do some diy Mother’s Day gifts this year.

Lower your expectations, y’all know how I DIY.

I went to INSERT LOCAL CRAFT STORE HERE YOU CAN FIND THESE ANYWHERE.  They cost a dollar a piece.  I brought them home and goldified them, glitterfied them, and added a photo to the inside of them.  Then I handed them to The Dudes to put something special in for the grands.

So far only #3 has been proactive with his box filling and he discovered that they don’t fit much, but if you’re creative they will fit exactly everything a grandma needs to have a happy Mother’s Day…

mothers day gifts

A little sparkle, smiling faces, a cool rock, a 25 cent piece, and a Hershey’s Kiss is all you need to have a Happy Mother’s Day.

If you’re a grown up, go ahead an pop one of these inside instead…

mothers day gift ideas

Bracelet, PiperlimeEarrings, AnthropologieNecklace, Stella and Dot.

Not down with the DIY?  Cool, cool, cool, I get that.  Here are some not-gonna-break-the-bank-ideas your mama is sure to love…

mother's day gift ideas

Top, left to right… Happy journal, for mama’s who like to keep one, the old fashion kind.  Vintage Tea Works, for wine loving, tea loving mamas.  For the bathing mom who likes to smell amazing, Soaptopia has a ton of lathering fun.  If your mom is into mini gardening consider making her a terrarium.  You can buy fancy terrarium glass if you want, but this fun idea can be accomplished using recycled glass (like jelly and salsa jars).  Just choose one with a wide mouth and then soak it in rubbing alcohol to get the label and the stick bits all the way off.  This rechargeable phone case from uNu is possibly the best gift DudeDad has ever purchased me.  My phone died for the first time since Christmas just today!

Awesomeness to read online…

For people with little ones who need help focusing on, um, focusing.  And getting ready or school.  And routines and such.  This daily routines for parents post from my girl Roo might help.

Also for those in the parenting game, a Happy Human Hacks post for making parenting easier was posted here last weekend.  There’s a giveaway that ends like any moment attached to it. So go on.

Need help getting organized for spring, or life, or like Tuesday?  Jen’s post is filled with all manner of great tips I plan to do, will likely ignore, but hope will help you!

Finally, on the looking like a million bucks front, check out this post from the homegirl Mandey, owner of some of the dopest hairs in the blogosphere on caring for and styling short hair that is epic.

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