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booking a disney cruise

Booking a Disney Cruise: 20 Things We Learned From Our 1st Trip

Because the process can be daunting. For me, as an invitee of the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, booking a Disney cruise was a breeze. They handled everything and I did nothing and my life was a breeze. Just how I like it. But, for those thinking about booking a Disney cruise for the first time on their own, there are a bunch of things

allure beauty box

Beauty Box Review: What To Know Before…

You guys now how much I enjoy my surprise monthly boxes. I do Stitch Fix. I do Wantable Accessories. And I have tried countless others over the course of the past year. Most recently, I decided that I needed to try a beauty box. I explored a bunch of different options and finally settled on the Allure Beauty Box. I loved that it was full

face shaving

Face Shaving for Women: I Did It and…

Yep. I did it. Like the carny hopeful I never dreamed I’d be. Now, to be fair, I wasn’t really rocking that bearded lady life. Despite what my 9-year-old is telling people on Facebook, I just had what I would consider an average, totally-not-at-all-weird, amount of facial hair. Enough that I have to manage my eyebrows to prevent Frida Kahlo-ism and discourage the lady doing

disney world 2017

Visit Disney: Here’s What’s…

People are always asking us if we get tired of Disney. If our kids are too old. If we get sick of the parks. If we wouldn’t rather vacation somewhere else. The answer is always, unequivocally no! Okay, mostly no. Based on our time constraints, location, and budget requirements, Disney is a great fit for us since a trip to Greece every year is just

how to be romantic(1)

The Most Unapologetically Un-Romantic…

We aren’t huge celebrators of the Valentine’s Day. I recall our first one together back when we were dating. I was so excited because it was our first. I was naive 20 and I actually thought big teddy bears and heart shaped balloons and long stemmed roses and copious amounts of chocolates meant someone loved you. Of course I now know that only chocolate matters,

flu prevention tips

The Flu is Coming to Get You! Flu…

According to the CDC, the flu is going to be worse this year than it was in 2016. What exactly does that mean? It means that if you didn’t get that flu shot and you catch that flu you’re about to be sick AF. In more sciencey terms it means that the CDC is currently reporting more people seeking medical care for the flu at

blog-katwe feature

Passion to Paycheck: How to Create a…

That title makes me sound super smart. Like I planned it all out, and knew it would happen. Like fear wasn’t a factor. Like failures weren’t a part of it. Like there weren’t countless risks, and leaps of faith, and moments of crying in the shower so my husband and my kids wouldn’t hear. There was all of that. Years upon years of all of