Real Talk on Preventing the Flu: Did You Get Your Flu Shot?

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Vaccines are a strange topic.

People are very opinionated about them; whether they should get them, whether they shouldn’t, whether other people should make them, whether it’s safe to go to Disneyland because MEASLES.

Here at DudeMom’s house, we are a vaccinating family.

I am not going to spend this pots trying to convince those who are not or justifying my choice. I don’t feel like I have the authority or the responsibility to do that.

I mean really, if you won’t listen to a medical professional who has spent years educating themselves and researching the topic, one who now earns hundreds of thousands of dollars to give you this sort of advice, you’re not going to listen to me (although, if you don’t trust them on the vaccine issue, what would you do if a cancer diagnosis came your child’s way? Curing cancer isn’t really an exact science either is it?).

Also, I don’t need to.

My choices, jut like yours are the ones you have to live with. And, as mine aren’t the ones that will potentially sicken or kill another person’s child or allow harm to befall my own, my ability to sleep at night is only disrupted by the fact that my donkey kicking kid keeps creeping into my bed.

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It’s Not a Onesie.


It is a jumpsuit. And, I know they’re not for everyone, but I love them. They’re like the winter version of a dress. You don’t have to worry about a top and a bottom. Because it’s all there for you. Sewn together in the middle, forever married as one happy outfit. You can make them […]

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Hungry Family, Healthy Recipes: Week 4


It’s the fourth and final week of the Hungry Family, Healthy Menu series with Dinnerella. If you want to keep getting her tasty, healthful, family friendly recipes, you’re gonna have to subscribe to her meal planning service. Or beg her to become a regular contributor to DudeMom so we can have her creative recipes delivered […]

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Arguably Awesome: Pole Dancing, Kid Stuff & What NOT to Wear, Again


We started the week with a 7 year old birthday party. Very awesome to have your birthday on a school-free holiday and to celebrate we held a football party at this indoor sport center. It cost me an arm and 2/3 of a leg, but it was so, so worth it since they provided a […]

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Saying Thanks: Teaching Your Kids About Expressing Gratitude


When I was 10 months pregnant with my first son, I remember waddling onto the Metro in DC after meeting my mom for lunch. It was a bazillion degrees, because I had a coat and a bag and a hat and gloves and a massive belly and 60 extra pounds of a weight. And it […]

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Raising Boys: Things My Sons Must Do


When it comes to being bossy, I’m woman enough to admit that I excel at that. I call it “maintaining high expectations for those I care about to encourage and inspire success.” But, you can call it bossy if you must. Especially when it comes to awesome infusing my Dudes. I just want to make […]

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Every Single Thing You Need to Know About Medifast


As many of you know I am in the process of a life redo. And, for those of you who know me (via this blog or via the football field), you know that I am the master of disaster when it comes to those. I makeover my life often (I love makeovers and also, I […]

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Hungry Family Healthy Recipes: Week 3


My parents gifted me some whole chickens recently. They order a ton of their meet farm fresh, like straight from the actual farmers. They go there, scope out the goods, and choose what they want. While I 100% appreciate fresh, free meat, something about making eye contact with my meal just makes me uneasy. So, […]

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Arguably Awesome: I’m Changing My Name to The Lorax


Because every single person in my real life is probably sick of hearing about it and because I need to say this so I can put it out into the universe where it can burn up and sizzle away, I’m going share the thing that has been zapping my joy with all of you. This […]

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