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Subscription Box Gift List: 10 Best Boxes to Gift or Get

Holiday gift giving season is upon us! And it is so exciting! For those of you who follow me on Facebook and tune in every Wednesday for my Facebook live chats, you’ve probably seen my unboxings. Because I am addicted to unboxing things –especially things that are for me. But, things for other people too. Because surprises! I love surprises! Recently, I have been on


Elf on the Shelf Mannequin Challenge and…

It’s Elf on the Shelf Day! I know, collective groan. But, you know what? I love it! I guess that is the product of having only one real believer left in the house. And two older Dudes who are happy to help keep the magic alive. Plus, aside from a few probing questions here and there, my kid is not too concerned with the logistics


Cute Puppy Photo and Some Stuff About…

DudeDog (aka Maya), our American Bulldog/Boxer mix joined our family five years ago. The Dudes had been begging for a dog, and I really wanted a baby, so we compromised, and this little 6lb ball of fire came home to us by way of an IKEA parking lot (no, we didn’t find her, the guy who gave her to us met us there for the


Cyber Monday Style: Gift Ideas for Mom…

You guys know I love a stylish good find. And, today being Cyber Monday and all, I feel like it’s a great time to find all of the stylish, pretty things I want to gift my lady friends and myself this holiday season. If you’re hunting for something to give the fashion loving mama in your life, these are my top ten gift ideas for

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What to Binge Watch on Netflix: 10 Shows…

Not interested in elbowing your way through Wal-Mart today and need someplace to hide from the family members you’re actually wishing lived close enough to drive home? Netflix to the rescue! It has gotten us happily through snowstorms, sicknesses, surgery recovery, rainy days, uninvited guests, awkward family disagreements, infuriating political discussions, and more. They are so here for you. And you deserve a binge watch


Holiday Gift Guide: Dude Approved…

Every year Christmas shopping for the Dudes gets harder and harder. They want less, and what they do want is usually not super cheap, and I find myself going all over town (and by town I mean the Internet) trying to make holiday wishes come true. This year is no different. Dude 1 wants tickets to Comicon in 2017, Dude 2 wants a new iPhone


Gifts That Give: Thanks and Giving…

The holidays are officially upon us and it is time to get those gift lists in order. Personally, come this time next week I plan to be 100% done with my holiday shopping. I can’t stand the stress of that last minute life and I don’t anticipate that I am going to get better deals on anything I really want if I wait until the