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hearing loss in kids

Hearing Loss in Kids: When Your Child Fails A Hearing Test

Dude 3 failed his first hearing test shortly after his fourth birthday. We’d gone in for a routine physical –height and weight, blood pressure, reflexes, mobility. He could touch his toes, stand on one foot, spell his name –everything they want a kid who just turned four to be able to do, and a few extra things to keep life interesting. They checked his vision,

school lunch ideas for kids

School Lunch Ideas to Make Back to…

The Dudes went back to school today. In some ways I’m that mom jumping for joy while her kids frown at the bus stop. In most ways, though, I’m sad. I miss them. And I hate homework. On a positive note, I did make a pretty smash hit lunch for Dude 3 today! He is the only one left packing lunch daily so I figured

shopping at aldi

I Finally Went to Aldi Supermarket and…

Earlier this spring, over on my Facebook page, we chatted a ton about grocery bills. How much we all spend, what we all buy, how we all save, etc. It was so enlightening to see what families all over America really spend to feed their families and it gave me something to think about. As you know, I have been working super hard to provide

booties feature

Summer Booties You Should Buy Now…

Summer boots. They are a thing. I bought a pair recently, and in classic DudeMom fashion, I wore them immediately. Never mind that we are in a heat wave. Never mind that I had to stand outside for hours watching my children do outside-y type things. Never mind that I wanted to be in a swimsuit with flip flops beneath a waterfall trying not to

bacon cheese potato feature

Bacon Cheddar Fried Potatoes…

Every summer I tell myself I am going to cook light and eat light and be all summery in the kitchen. I know it’s what’s best. For health and general comfort. However, real life. Real life is making a wonderful hearty salad for your family only to have them pick all of the bacon off and then come back 12 minutes into you cleaning the

back to school essentials

Back to School Essentials Your Kids Need…

Or just, like, wants. Whatever. Honestly, I hate back to school season. Seriously. As much as I love my work from home days where I can eat cookies for lunch without anyone judging me and play OITNB in the background while I write, I miss my babies. Not the fighting or the I’m-boreds or the constant hunt for something to eat, but them. Just being.

best Instagram Accounts moms

Best Instagram Accounts: 10 Stylish…

Dude 3 is, hands down, the most stylish member of this family. He certainly slays clothing and posing, but he is also the most intentional when it comes to designing his daily outfits –he thinks about everything, down to the socks and coordinates what to wear and when based on how he’s feeling that day and the statement he wants to make. Example… Because he