Best Holiday Gifts for Teen Boys.

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Deepbreath. Deepbreath. Super-big-deep-breath-probably-I’m-hyperventilating-now-OMG.

It’s hard to even think about the fact that I am the mom to an official teenager.

So many feelings. Okay, I’ll just say it, ALL OF THE FEELINGS.

I’m sad and excited and anxious and proud.

And having a really hard time figuring out what Santa is going to bring him this year (he’s over it, but he’s still “believing” for my his little brothers’ sakes).

Teen boys are just so hard to shop for.

They don’t play with toys anymore, they don’t care that much about clothing, and everything else is expensive.

And they are so unhelpful about it.

When you ask them what they want they say really unhelpful stuff like, “Ummmmm, a video game or something.”

A video game? Which video game? And, something? What exactly do you mean by “something”? I need details, dude, DETAILS!


So it requires creativity.

And research.

And, lucky for you all of you have me because, thanks to Microsoft, I have the inside scoop on something hot for teen techies.


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marriage advice

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