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watermelon salad feature

My Favorite Watermelon Salad & 10 Creative Watermelon Recipes

This family consumes one to two full watermelons every week in the summer. And I’m not talking about those mini organic ones you get from like Whole Foods. I’m talking those big mama jamma’s from Costco. The ones I have to bend at the knee to get in my car from under the cart. Those. They are cheap and delicious and healthy (seriously, they have

perfect parenting feature

Perfect Parenting: 15 Things I Tell…

Parenting is hard. Good Parenting is even harder. Perfect parenting is downright impossible. Remind yourself of that every day. I try to. But just like every single other wannabe awesome and basically perfect for their kids parent out there, sometimes I forget. And then when I’m sitting on the couch, rocking yesterday’s shower and screaming for them to find their uniforms/take the dog out/put the

dude summer

DudeMomLife: Dude Moms on Instagram You…

Instagram has really become my favorite social media platform. It’s the photos –I love getting such an intimate glimpse at people’s lives. And you know I love sharing all of our daily adventures. Everything from days in the pool… A photo posted by Amanda Rodriguez (@thedudemom) on Jul 1, 2016 at 2:48pm PDT To crime fighting at Target makes it into our feed… A photo

future president feature

5 Things My Son Wants The Person Who…

I am not a very political person. I believe in what I believe in, I love America, and usually I just cross my fingers and hope for the best. In most years, my exposure to politics via the media is quite low –I rarely watch network TV and unless you count laughing through the beginning part of the Daily Show “exposure to politics” I really

roasted potates kale

Roasted Potatoes and Kale…

The dinner dish my children refuse to eat. Only, really, I can’t care. I love, love, love kale. Just like I love, love, love roasted potatoes. And, in fairness, they like those things too. Just not together. Not touching. Kale on one side, potatoes on the other, that they’re cool with. But, mix it together, put one atop the other, and it’s too gross for

target onesie

I Wore a Bodysuit All Day and…

Saturday evening I found myself inside of the women’s section of Target all by my lonesome. I was feeling invigorated by my unplanned “me” time and decided to try on a bunch of clothes, including a long sleeved onesie that I randomly stumbled across! Honestly, I’ve struggled to make sense of why they exist. Like why on earth would grown up ladies want to hunch

pokemon mom

11 Things Moms Who Play Pokemon Go…

Okay guys, we need to discuss Pokémon Go?! Seriously, I literally just found out it was a thing like two days ago and already it has totally infiltrated my daily life. I hear about it everywhere I go. Sitting in the Wegman’s food court yesterday I overheard three separate Pokémon Go related conversations. People don’t talk about the Kardashians this much, people don’t talk about