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Adulting Felt Good: Carrabbas Wine Dinner Date Night

Last night DudeDad and I went on a date. I know. On a Tuesday? We are crazy people. via GIPHY It is rare for us to be able to escape for a night away, especially during the week when the hustle and bustle of family life with youngish kids is in full swing. But, now that Dude 1 is 15 and Dude 3 is 9,

talking about porn feature

A Really Uncomfortable Discussion on…

I know. You don’t want to think about talking about porn and your kids. Because… via GIPHY Totally with you. TOTALLY. However, while I reserve the right to call my 15 year old my baby, dead eye middle school girls when they giggle towards my 12 year old, and allow my 9 year old to sleep in my bed on the weekends, I also live

happy birthday dude 2

Happy Birthday Dude 2: This Is 12…

Dude 2 has the most uneventful birth story of all of my three children. No near death experiences. No 3am trips to the emergency room. Just a c-section, scheduled months in advance on St. Patrick’s Day, 2005. We got up at some ungodly hour, kissed our sleeping 3 year-old goodbye, and headed off to the hospital where he was promptly removed from my belly. Our

how to take photos feature

Take Better Photos: Equipment, Tips, and…

I have been a professional photographer for almost 10 years now. It started from desire to take better photos of my kids, and as a hobby, like so many creative things do. It just got bigger and developed into this thing that was more. There are so many things I love about it -capturing beautiful images, editing them, seeing the families I photograph so happy,

take me fishing disney world

Take Me Fishing: A Disney World Fishing…

We are huge Disney family. Uuuge. We love going and always have. People constantly ask us if we get tired of it and, you know what? We totally don’t. Partly it’s because we just love the magic of it all, but also because Disney World is one of these places you can visit repeatedly and still never see it all. Disney is also always in

snapchat mom

Keep Teens Safe Online: 10 Things…

Diligent is not a word many would use to describe me. I like naps and snacks and am easily sidetracked by pretty things. I know myself well enough to anticipate and admit that. But, when it comes to my children and and keeping them safe, I am diligent. Maybe even relentless. I endeavor to keep them safe in all situations, including those they encounter online.

castawau cay feature

Castaway Cay: 20 Things to Do on…

We travel a lot. We are fortunate to have the luxury to do so at this point in our lives. Years ago, when The Dudes were little and I was full time living that SAHM life, we rarely had the opportunity to getaway. The kids were a lot, money was tighter, and making the effort to travel was hardly worth it. Now that I have