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Ranch Chicken Wraps

This weekend we are heading to King’s Dominion for the first time with The Dudes and I am so, so excited about checking out some of the food options! I know. I. Know. King’s Dominion is an amusement park, people go there for the rides. And also, I’m losing weight. I can’t over do it. I can’t smash my face in a bucket of tacos

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Life Lessons You Can Learn From the 8…

Life with kids is always interesting. They have a refreshing, innocent, and sometimes, downright hilarious way of looking at the world. And you. That is a drawing Dude 3 made for DudeDad and me on our anniversary. Apparently I am quite brown, and DudeDad spends too much time in the sun. He enjoys working out (wearing a Spartan Race shirt) and I enjoy cheering for

Parenting Teens feature

Parenting Teens: How to Prepare for the…

We have two weeks left in the school year. Which means, in two weeks I will be the proud but super weepy mom owner of a high school freshman. My mind… via GIPHY I don’t know why I didn’t anticipate feeling all of the feelings, but here they are smashing me in my chest and hitting me all upside my face basically every day of

Summer Style off shoulder

Summer Style Inspo Week 1: Off the…

Listen guys. Today is the first day of summer. As excited as I was for this day, I feel unprepared and like, chaotic. The Dudes are all home, my house is in shambles, and my life suddenly got flipped-turned upside down. And not in that awesome Fresh Prince of Bel Air way where I am going to move into my rich uncle’s mansion with my

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Delicious Banana Bread Coffee Cake…

Real talk time. Since we returned from our trip to Disney last month, my cooking game has been in the trash can. A few surprise dinner magic moments, and the rest has been how about grilled cheese and salad, or grilled cheese and tortilla chips, or dude, can you just eat like a couple of grilled cheese’s please?! I did do a nice bacon, egg,

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Make Father’s Day Great Again:…

Father’s Day is Sunday. Four days. I know I’m not the only person who woke up this morning and was like, “Holy sh*$@*%! Father’s Day is Sunday!?” I spent all morning Googling “gifts for dad” and scrambling to find a decent perfect Father’s Day gift for DudeDad because he deserves it, ya know? We moms are all waaaaah about Mother’s Day every year and, while

orlando love

Talking to Your Kids About Orlando…

For whatever reason, humanity has not figured out how to live on this land peacefully together. People hurt other people, for reasons many of us will never understand. And, sadly, it’s a reality we have to face with our children. It is a scary truth for all parents, but one that is uniquely challenging when it comes to kids like Dude 3 who suffers from