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Billionaire Perspective: Money Saving Tips to Help You Live Like a Billionaire

Truth: Money can’t buy you happiness Additional truth: money can buy you some next level awesome that can make you pretty darn joyful at the end of the day. Also true: I’m pretty sure the universe screwed up because I was born to be a billionaire. via GIPHY Apparently, if you’re a billionaire, you can buy your way into a Broadway musical role (hello, I’d


Say Goodbye to Sleepless Nights: How To…

Sleep has been scarce around these parts for at least the past 15 years. From what I can tell, it is a by product of motherhood –because there are few moms I’ve encountered who tell me they get all of the rest they need and want. No-one can explain the pain of sleep deprivation. And if you get used to it again then lose it


Halloween Costume Squad Goals with…

Today’s post is being sponsored by Nickelodeon. Halloween is coming! Halloween is coming! It’s the chant that starts in my house towards the end of September and doesn’t let up until we’ve walked the streets and collected as much sugary sweet goodness as the little arms in this here can carry. I’d find it exhausting but really, I only have myself to blame. I created


5 Fall Trends Real Moms Are Wearing…

Moms consistently get a bad rap when it comes to style. Only I’m really not sure why, because the moms I know are fire. Absolute, fire. Maybe not looking runway ready on a daily basis, or ever really because for real, moms don’t have time for that on the daily. But, they’re certainly taking fall trends and making them functional for day to day mom


Thank You, Donald Trump, For Making Me…

Words I never thought I’d say, yet so filled with truth. In this life, there are few things that I am certain of –the deliciousness of tacos, my love for my Dudes, and the fact that only the threat of death to my child could make me cast a vote for Donald Trump in this year’s presidential election. My reasons are varied, and who my


Networking for Introverts: How to…

I’ve always been sort of awkward. Endearing, but awkward. via GIPHY I’m basically young Harry Potter before he became a wizarding bad ass. Just the older, brown lady version of the blogging world. Which, for the record, is no where near as cool as the wizarding world. It does have its perks, however. Sometimes you have the most enlightening, engaging, exciting opportunities to do things


10 Things I Love About Fall (Not…

I love fall. I mean, sure, pumpkins and the spice people think is made from them ruins things, but otherwise, I am so a fall weather girl. And fall colors and smells (NOT PUMPKIN, THE OTHER ONES) and just, so many things. I honestly wish it could go on forever and ever and ever. And that every person just got a free trip to a