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bacon egg cheese salad

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Salad with Ranch Dressing

Real talk, the Dude Family is not a salad loving family. I find them pleasing personally, but when it comes to The Dudes, old and young, they are hungrier than that. And not as much into roughage. The Dudes see salads as an appetizer I force them to eat so they can poop regular. They don’t understand salad as an entree, and they don’t care

The UnbakedCookies feature

The Unbaked Cookies: A Story of Dreams…

It was a rare weekend recently when we woke up late and had nothing to do. All of our sporting activities canceled because of days and days upon days of rain, we were forced home together, languishing under the covers, window cracked to enjoy the soft sounds of the steady downpour. Everyone was on my bed, including the dog, and everyone was happy –save a

budget travel feature

Choice Privileges Makes Budget Travel…

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Choice Hotels We love to travel. We don’t love road trips. I’m sure it’s me. I’m scarred. From childhood. As people are when their parents subject them to things that turn out to be horrific. And by horrific I mean seriously uncomfortable and humiliating because generally my parents were pretty good at not being horrific. But, everyone

perfect fried pork chop

How to Make the Perfect Fried Pork Chops…

Growing up, my parents had a way of ruining things for you. Not big things, not fun things, mostly just edible things. They were wonderful, supportive, loving parents, but when it came to food there was beef. Literally. My dad was addicted to ground beef. Nearly every night of the week that occurred between 1994 and 1996, we had a meal created with the stuff

Dear Morning2

Every Mom’s Morning Routine In 25…

Morning routine or not, mornings are hard. via GIPHY Not some mornings, all of the mornings. Somehow, as we approach summer they seem to get even more challenging to muddle through and I find myself reheating my coffee multiple times while running around my house in various states of undress, yelling random instructions to my children who can’t be bothered to give many cares about

xfinity feature

Xfinity for Comcast is it Better Than…

If only the answer were a simple one! We were satellite TV customers for years, more than ten in fact, and then, a year ago, we switched to Xfinity with Comcast Cable. People constantly ask us why and honestly, the reason is simple –in today’s market, of streaming from Netflix and other providers, it’s about more than just TV. TV can be gotten anywhere. For

29 Things feature

29 Things I Know for Sure on my…

Today is my birthday. All week I’ve been feeling the pressure of this day. Not because I’m turning 29 again or whatever, I am good with that. If nothing else, as I’ve done it multiple times already, I am comfortable with it. I’m fortunate to have found an age that works for me and I’m comfortable with my commitment to stick to it until it