Arguably Awesome: Spring Things

Because, Winter, I hate you good and hard right now.

After nearly a week soaking up the sunny warm sun in Florida, coming back to blustery-snowy-freezy-icky Maryland and a snow storm that dumped 10 inches of snow on us makes me feel all of the sadness.

I’m certain that I will never appreciate these long winter days and, if I didn’t have a house and a family and a husband with a job tying me to this land, I would leave it in a heartbeat.


Let’s cheer ourselves up with pretty things for spring.

Arguably Awesome: Light and Bright Spring Things

awesome spring

Bright blue mini tote bag. For toting things while you walk in the sunshine, $39.

Stripey flats for long walks sitting at outdoor cafes people watching and eating cupcakes, $17.

Light pink jeans. I love snagging affordable jeans from Old Navy. I get mine short and size down (they’re stretchy, maybe too stretchy), $30.

You can choose from a ton of different colors, or get more than one. They’re a spring style staple so it’s not like you can have too many floral blouses for ringing in spring (awesome to layer under a cardigan or light jacket), $22.

A cool and warm, light cargo jacket, $49.

Bring the buds (grow buds, grow!) inside in these cute, hand stamped bud vases, $24.

Flowy peplum top, perfect with leggings and sandals, $30.

I’ve never been able to pull of this style of maxi dress (too short, too thick in the middle, too wide thru the back), but I’ve always wished I could. It screams warm weather, $26.

Floral pleated skirt with just the right amount of flare, $18.

Bonus awesome because this full sized taupe tote comes with a cute wristlet, $49.

Possibly the best spring thing I already own is my infuser water bottle from Rove. I jam strawberries, oranges, lemons, all kinds of fruit in there and instantly have flavored water to carry around, $14.99.

Buy the water bottle, y’all. It’s amazing.

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