Apparently It’s Quitting Time…

Recently, so many of the blogs I’ve known and loved for ages are closing up shop.  Like this one, and sigh, this one too.

Moving on from blogging to new things, saying goodbye to online life and hours behind their computers, saying hello to new adventures and experiences, and probably like more Vitamin D as the spend their time frolicking in the sunshine.  Or, whatever people who don’t blog for a living anymore do.

There was a time when the idea, the simple passing suggestion that I would-gasp-give up my blog???, would make me sputter and flail.

Give? Up? parenting By dummies DudeMom?



These days, never seems way more like I don’t know, and as every mom can tell you, I don’t know is the same thing as possibly.

When The Dudes were 1 and 4 and 7, this space was full to bursting of stories.  Anecdotes about our days, photos of our adventures, moments of weakness when toddler life was winning and mom life was crazy, fewer and farther between moments of triumph when mom life was winning and toddler life meant peeing in the potty, arms crossed over the chest in defiance.

dudes 2008

So much to tell, not enough time.

It quickly ran away from me.

And now this…

photo 5(4)

You’ve watched the Dudes grow and with that journey this space has changed.

You, as readers, used to be so connected and engaged and involved and entertained.  You cared about whether or not Dude 3 peed on the floor at Ikea because he escaped from the bathroom waving the diaper over his head helicopter style while I helped is brother get lingonberries out of his hair.

Now, you care less (although if my 6 year old ran naked from the Ikea bathroom, I’m sure you’d have words for me), you feel less connected, everyone can eat lingonberries without incident, and we aren’t two moms, in the trenches of motherhood, finding comfort in each other’s horror stories.

Because the stories are different now.

Please note, horror stories still exist.  But, I’ve come to the conclusion, as The Dudes have gotten older, and the mothers of their friends have found this space and shared it with their children (aka my boys’ friends), that these stories are less mine to share.

And, I’m terrible at censoring myself once I get going.  And I never have the forethought to ask them first.  And, I’m pretty sure that Dude 1’s puberty chronicles are not something he would agree to me sharing (as much as HOLY CRAP ON A CRACKER PUBERTY screams through my mind daily).

Only, there are some things that haven’t changed at all: how much I love writing, how connecting with people makes me feel joy, how awesome it is to discover something new and share it with all of you (I went to Expo East yesterday and my face is still hurting from smiling at all of the organic awesome I want to share with you!), and chocolate chip cookies.  Always and forever, chocolate chip cookies.

Probably I knew this day was coming and, like all things involving the growing up of my children, I’ve avoided it, continued to live in denial, and hoped, desperately, that the day would never ever come.

But, denial is dumb.

Because it leaves you unprepared.  And when you’re unprepared you’ve got no direction.  And when you’ve got no direction you suck a little.  And, sucking is for losers, not people who have proclaimed their awesomeness online since 2008!

I get why some of you have ditched me and my snore-worthy tales devoid of the humor and emotion and AWESOMENESS this blog was founded upon.

And I MISSSSSS YOU!  ***wipes snotty nose and tear stained face***

So, a change is in order.

Now, don’t get excited, I’m not heading off to die just yet.

I remain in denial refuse to believe that blogs are just for DudeMoms with babies.  There has to be a place for DudeMoms of sort of grown up-ish Dudes.  I’ve just got to find it.  And muscle my way into it.

So I’m asking you to bare with me as I make this change.  To share your thoughts (I know you have them), and your suggestions, and your chocolate chip cookies (I’ll give you my address, you send them along), so this space can be a space you enjoy again.

As with all change, it will be hard (probably just for me, but maybe teeeny bit for you too).

But, expect DudeMom to be different: different looking, different content, different voices (like lots of DudeMoms instead of just me!)*, different good, different better, different different.

It will take time, and twerking tweaking, and you responding to this survey that I am happy to bribe you to fill out.

For every 10 people who respond (it’s 8 questions y’all, come on) another $10 gift card (Amazon) will be added (up to 5, hello, I’m not made of money!), so the more the merrier (aka share it with your friends).

And then the process of discovery and rebirth will begin.

Get those chocolate chip cookies in the mail, I’m gonna need them.

*If you’re interested in contributing to DudeMom, let me know on the form!

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