Dumb Mom Unplugged

Dumb Mom’s Guide to Surviving the Day Your Computer Self Destructs and Leaves you to Battle Intense Heat and Stir Crazy Children Alone

Please note.

This is a true story.  None of the events described herein have been made up, embellished, or withheld for the purposes of making the story more intense, engaging, or true. 

This is the E True Hollywood Story people. 

Brace yourself.

My laptop decided to implode today.

I’m like 68% certain that there was a timer installed inside of it to ensure that within 45 days of the warranty expiring it would inform me that “failure is imminent” and my “hard drive will need to be replaced immediately to ensure system operation” (or something like that, as I can not be expected to recall the exact quote when I was freaking the hell out while reading these doomsday warnings).

Today is day 43. 

My warranty expired on May 16, 2010.

And today, June 28, 2010, Laptop met his maker by taking his own life.

I’m not sure why Laptop decided to end things this way.  He seemed so happy.

He had a life mission (to keep me entertained to help me work) about which he seemed so passionate.

But, you know, people always wonder when things like this happen.  You can’t help it, you know?  Is it something I did?  Were there signs?  Why?  WHY?!  W-H-Y?!

I was informed that this occurred, in large part, because Laptop got “moved around” (despite the fact that I was continuing to freak the hell out while making this “support” call I recall this conversation perfectly and can tell you that this is, in fact, a direct quote).


Then perhaps it was me.  Perhaps I did cause this.  It actually was something I did.  For future reference, Dumb Mom will remember to not move her laptop, despite the fact that it was purchased specifically because of its ease of portability.  Dumb Mom promises to remember that moving her sweet baby laptop around is what caused him to have suicidal ideations that he chose to act upon while under the intense stress of rebooting.  Dumb Mom never wants this to happen again.

Suicide hurts everyone, Laptop. EVERYONE.

Particularly The Dudes who suffered the wrath of a Dumb Mom scorned by her technological boyfriend.

Let’s just say Dumb Mom was tense (like crack head in jail without access to crack tense).

So, how exactly did Dumb Mom and her Dudes make it through the day computer free?

Allow me to use photos to demonstrate (because I like photos and they are much easier to manage with my shaky computer-withdraw hands)…

1.  Today, to avoid the oppressive heat wave that is actually killing people (KILLING. PEOPLE.)  we did something we rarely do at Casa de Dummies: Craftivities…


2.  We also partook in a number of so-very-bad-for-you-but-oh-so-tasty Snacktivities…


3.  A few of us took unexpected, extended naptivities…


4.  And then we headed outdoors for some wettivities…

_MG_6668 _MG_6705

5.  Followed closely by more of #2 (we sorta specialize in snacks)…


Looks like fun, right?

I thought so.

I mean, I actually had a pretty not horrible awesome day avoiding the rain and trying to beat the heat inside with The Dudes. 

I have to admit that not being able to check my email and respond to requests from work immediately was a bit liberating.

I’d be grateful for this forced unplugged day were it not for one thing…

The $364 laptop fix “tech support” (that was wholly unsupportive because I didn’t want to pay the “tech support” fee) quoted me provided I’d ever like to see my sweet one year old baby Laptop again.

Conversely, I could pay them $180 and they will kindly send me what I need to fix the bloody mother-effing-thing by installing a brand new not-to-be-moved hard drive myself.

Thinking I might just take my buddies over at Litl up on the sweet deal they are currently offering.

What, you’ve not heard of the cutest little webbooks on the planet?

Well, now you have (leave it to Dumb Mom to share all the coolest poop with you guys).  And, I’m telling you that, if I could convince Dumb Dad, I would 100% get one of these for myself because they cost less ($299 with the discount code: http://litl.com/momdeal) than my laptop resurrection is supposed to.

Who know?  Maybe Dumb Dad will be able to work a miracle. 

Fingers crossed.

Have a mom tip to share?

Be my guest…


  1. says

    Ummm… #1- Laptop is so selfish. Suicide is selfish. #2- WTH about moving laptop? umm.. yeah.. that’s pretty much WHY I have a laptop… and I have a Macbook… that I’ve had for three years now and never had a problem.. just sayin’. #3 At least your Dudes like water play. Mine apparently would rather have heat strokes. We are on vacation and went to an amusement part with a small water park… including a little spray park… both my kids spent the entire time in the water park crying/complaining. It’s ridiculous, really.

  2. says

    Thanks for visiting me today. So sorry to hear about your laptop woes – it’s always sad when a piece of tech decides to do itself in. My own has gone deaf – no sound, and I can’t quite figure it out! Oh well, it’s a mystery I guess. Love your blog. Peace, ;)

  3. says

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I’m so happy you thought my post would be a great addition to your link list! I hope people find it helpful!

    I’m a new follower of yours now! I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  4. says

    Wow, you guys were making like Laura Ingalls Wilder…majorly roughing it without a computer! Glad to see that you found a way to survive!

    Thank for visiting my blog! Love yours!!

  5. says

    Get out of here! That sounds so crazy. I love your fun day though. FABULOUS! Those boys are so flipping cute I can’t really take it. Just the sweetest!

    Would love you forever if you linked to communal global in your post. You don’t have to use the button if you don’t want to : ) Just a little link would be fabulous. Thanks a zillion!

    and GOOD LUCK with the laptop. I have to get a new one soon and I am already nervous about how much it will cost… : (

  6. says

    This is by far the most useful list yet…I am going to list the -tivities. And do one every day with the Divas(what? the rudiments of a schedule? NO!!!) adjusted for age and interests of course. We are going to the dairy tour, though…(free ice cream cone at the end. Rumor has it, the scoop is as big as a baby’s head.)

    My (4 yo) computer is never gonna die. It is a desktop, but from your excellent tips, I figure the best way to get a litl is to start moving the big bad from room to room.

  7. says

    It looks like you had loads of fun despite the demise of said laptop. And really, you’re NOT supposed to move a laptop? What’s the point of having one then?

  8. says

    So enjoyed looking at all those -vities! Looks like tons of fun… Glad you had some despite Laptop’s suicide.

    Thanks for linking up at Communal Global. :)

  9. says

    You guys ended up having a blast, maybe baby laptop’s plan all along? Not so much a suicide but a “mercy suicide”? But still over the top to go all hara-kiri on you.

  10. says

    I’m pretty sure I would have a heart attack. And I hate the TECH guys or HELP DESK guys are whatever they want to call themselves. And I really, really hate it when they tell me something stupid like I’m an idiot that doesn’t even know how to turn the machine on. I know a guy locally that I would have taken mine too and begged him to wave his magic wand over it and recite some incantations or something. You should totally get a local guy.

  11. says

    taking kids to the bookstore and end up buying them all something , so you could just be in a bookstore and talk to other adults about books coming out this week or december. Summer is just plain expensive with all monkeys home.

  12. Rachel {at} Mommy Needs a Vacation says

    Oh no! Bummer about your computer! You are Super Mom doing all of those activities!

  13. says

    looks like ya’lllhad a ball.. my son is loving his new sprinkler we got him for here at home.. it has been miserable hot here too. unbearable..