BList 2. Best Maryland Mom Blogs.

Yeeaaaah Boyeeee Dumb Mom is channeling Flavor Flav back on the scene with another edition of the BList!*

While everyone has been waiting with baited breath to see who was gonna make the next installment of the BList that rocks, I have been partying like a rockstar with meticulously collecting research on many of the moms on this list.

My way of ensuring that the ladies who write these awesome little web logs are all they’re cracked up to be or not because who even really cares anyway? unless you want to just take my word for it that they are the awesomest?!

So here you have it, Dumb Mom’s BList of Maryland Mom Blogs that ROCK!** In order of people who actually talked to me at the aforementioned rockstar parties random order of course! (P.S. When you are done reading my praise for lady bloggers I heart, please take a moment to go check out my feature at Blogger Body Calendar where I will soon be workin’ my money maker for the masses!)

1.  Teachmama.  Smartest blogger on the Internets.  Need I say more?  Fine.  She has the best child-centered-smarter-kid-making type activities around.  None of which I can even attempt to duplicate or imitate with The Dudes.

2.  Chief Nugget in Charge from Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom.  Workin’ it.  That’s what I think of when I see Chicken (and yes, she’s fine with me calling her Chicken).  She works it at home (although she’s never INVITED ME OVER so I can’t be certain) and at all of the fancy schmansy Momz Share parties she puts together with our pal Mamma Mania.

3.  A Parent in Silver Spring.  All about Silver Spring, but not all the time.  Jessica is the go-to-gal for everything Silver Spring (and DC Metro really), but she writes about other stuff too.  Which makes her cool.  That, and the fact that she’s super fun to hang around too.  I’m not braggin’, I’m just sayin’ (and, yes, I took this!).

4.  Mama Mania.  Not much mania going on over on her blog (although she is the MOST busy person I’ve ever known.  EVER.) from what I can see because it’s all about motivation (she’s running like 2 marathons this year!), and inspiration (she writes all these go-get-‘em-tiger type posts), and other stuff that ends in –tion.

5.  Tech Savvy Mama.  Everyone needs a tech savvy mama to flatter when you need a new hard drive put into your laptop in their life.  Especially one who is as friendly and knowledgeable and not at all nerdy!

  • Need some online security  assistance? Ask her because she’s also Chief BitMom which is code for she knows her Internet security stuff: Bit Moms

6.  I’m Not the freaky sex chick you think I am Nanny.  Seriously, she’s not.  I mean I’ve never actually been in her bedroom or anything, but I know she’s a pretty nice lady and despite certain prominent physical characteristics her cute as a button kiddos really do actually look like her.

  • She’s sexy, creative, and she knows her stuff when it comes to coffee: Morning Cuppa

7.  Sunday from Adventures in Extreme Parenthood.  She’s the masked lady behind the green haired screaming banshee?!  And her blog is heartfelt, and informative, and funny, and comfortable.  That’s what I like most about Sunday and her blog, she makes you feel all comfy and stuff.  Like a fuzzy warm blanket.  That’s what’ she’s like a blanket.

  • Looking for some informative and awe inspiring posts about raising autistic boys?  Check out Sunday’s autism posts: Raising Autistic Boys

8.  Nic from My Bottle’s Up.  She is a wino survivor.  And, she has one of the most all encompassing ‘About’  pages I’ve ever read.  Just go there.  You’ll know by the second paragraph if she’ your type or not.  Clearly I know she’s mine.

9.  Lolli from Better in Bulk.  Normally I’m a bitter jealous freak I wouldn’t want to spotlight another photographer on my own site.  You know, we arteests are very particular about our art and sharing the spotlight and all that.  Okay, so maybe that’s just me, but whatever, I’m getting over it right?  I mean I’m introducing the world to a mom bloggin photog who is an amazing artist both on and offline.  Check out her work and then go ahead and check out mine see if it doesn’t make you smile!

10.  Mom-In-A-Million. Who made the BList because she let me photograph her in the buff her blog has come a long way in a little time.  Best part about her is her milkshake brings on the boys to the yard that she is seriously as witty and funny and smart and confident in person as she comes across online.  I’m really not even sure why she talks to me.

  • Check out her Twilight posts to get an opinion from a nonobsessed person who might actually know what she’s talking about even if I can’t agree with her mockery 100%MIM on Twilight

Thanks for checking out each of these bloggers and telling them I sent you.  It will make them like me better and that’s the whole point, right?! 

*Please don’t take your exclusion from this installment of the BList seriously.  The BList comes out whenever I feel like it periodically and pretty much just include people who a) smile pretty, b)make me laugh so hard I pee a little, c)flatter me shamelessly, or d)even bother to talk to me at parties!

**Also, please note.  No one is awesome enough to appear on the BList more than once so if they were on the last installment AND they are DCMetro dwelling mamas they are not here.  Just ‘cause I said so.


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    OH. MY. GOSH. I made THE list??!!
    Seriously?! I never saw it comin’ and (shhhhhh!) I’m so not the ‘smartest blogger on the internets’ but I’ll SO take it from wherever it comes, my friend, so keep it comin’. . .

    I’m dancing! I’m happy! I cannot believe I made the list!!

  4. says

    Another reason I should not have moved from Maryland. But thanks for the list, will definitely check out some of these ladies!

  5. says

    Congrats to all the winners.

    Oh, and you’re featured on The Travel Mommy today too. Don’t forget about that one!

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    Let the record reflect that Dumb Mom has a standing invite to visit the land o’ Nuggets, the magical land where all the awesome happens (cha right), ANYTIME! That includes stopping by whenever she is down this way and seeing just how much work I don’t do (in the house that is).

    You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words? So um like what does it say about Jessica that she is rockin’ the tiara, givin’ us a teenie bit o’ boob action all whilst sipping beer from a wine glass and throwing out the horns baby? It says “THAT IS MY KIND O’ MAMA!”.

    Great list Amanda! I can’t wait to see your lady lumps.. um is that awkward?

    • says

      Thanks for the props! I had no idea about my peep show and I’m only responding now b/c I’ve been in VacationBibleSchool heckdom all week.

      It’s a study in contrasts ’round here.

      Hope the unofficial MomzShare pool partay is awesome! Can’t wait to see pics! xoxo J

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    aw hun!!! i’m so honored. thank you!!! you’re so my kinda gal too and i’m so stoked to be working on the blogger body calendar project with you. thanks for rocking my face off with the sweet props!!! xoxo!!!

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    Dang Girl! I am seriously honored to be included with so many amazing bloggers.
    You rock my socks off. (not that I am actually wearing socks considering its already 82 degrees at 6:20 am, but you know what I mean.)
    Thank you so much!

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    Dude! No way! I’m so totally excited that I made your BList because I come across as friendly, knowledgeable, and not at all nerdy! To be honest, I’m really just a huge dork inside but it is good to know I don’t act like one…At least not all the time! :)

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    Is it kinda weird that I can not wait to see your pictures in the Bloggy Body Calendar. Really it is because I think it is one of the coolest ideas ever and the charity it is raising money for is awesome and I am ALL about the girl power.

    I think it is so cool that you have so many great bloggers in your area. We have a lot in Texas too, but it is so big that you really can’t get together for events and meet ups like you guys do.