Paint You Can Eat. Maybe. Natural Paint for Kids.

I haven’t listed giveaway winners in a while because I’m lazy I’ve been soooo busy.

Lying on the beach with The Dudes…


Going on dolphin cruises


Teaching watching Dumb Dad teach The Dudes about boogie boarding…


Visiting board walks…


Burying Dudes in the sand (told ya I was gonna do it, only #1 was SO not having it. Ergo, #3)…


And a whole butt load of other, obligatory and grossly cliché, but still pretty funny vacation related activities…


Seriously.  These things take time people, like tons.  And effort, like a lot.  So forgive me if I’ve gotten a lot little behind lately.

My bad.

But, since I’m stuck in a really big car that seems really small when filled with noisy, disgruntled, little people who are prone to motion sickness, on my way back to the Casa from our fun-filled Myrtle Beach vacation, I thought I’d hook you up.

Winner of: Books for People WAY Smarter than me… Anjie from Loving My Panda Bear

Winner of: Body Shaping Package… Helena from A Gal Needs…

And now, just because I’m such a selfless, arguably philanthropic blogger sweet heart, I’ve decided to go ahead and launch another giveaway!

It’s something special for all of you moms looking for something to do with your little person once your big person/people heads back to school.

Because, I don’t know about you, but me?  I’m a little afraid of how this whole thing is gonna work out.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m way excited.

Excited to spend some one-on-one time with #3.  Getting to know him for just him, not the him he is when surrounded by the more developed, more demanding personalities and schedules of #1 and #2.

Excited to do some of those mommy-baby things I used to do with #1.

Excited to have nap time mean complete and utter kid-silence with no interruption from someone asking me to beat the hard parts on his DS.

But I’m also worried.

Because, what if #3’s less developed, less demanding personality and schedule sucks is difficult?

What if he can’t figure out how to entertain himself, leaving me to bear the brunt of the task normally taken on by the television his brothers?

That would be crap difficult.  And exhausting.  And crap difficult.

We all know how Dumb Mom feels about being exhausted.

So, this better not happen.

But, to ensure a smooth transition (following the first 3 days during which I fully expect both he and I to be racked with mind blowing sobs because #2 is headed to big kid school this year too) I have discovered* a few neat things to occupy his time that are easy enough to manage so that instead of doing them with him I can read my book  watch DVRed episodes of True Blood  Tweet to my heart’s content  watch him do them while I catch up on work.

Sadly, despite my attempts to steer him towards less messy options I have found two things (other than watching Dora and Shrek) that he really enjoys: Play-Doh and painting.

I know.  Painting blows.

But, as he seems to be a bit of a fan of the dumb old stuff, I’ve at least been fortunate enough to find one that is washable, vibrant in color, and COMPLETELY NATURAL!  (Yes!  He can lick the stuff right offa his fingers without risking the growth of an eye in his hip.)**

 Clementine Art, makers of a line of fresh, chemical free, natural art products, was kind enough to share some of their product with us and I have to say, to be natural, they sure are purdy!

Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes I feel like, when I buy natural stuff (like toilet paper, or writing paper, or peanut butter) I’m sacrificing something. 

But not with the Clementine Art Paint.

It is really the best washable paint I’ve ever used (didn’t bleed or smear or look all watery).

Plus, I can’t stress this enough…it’s NATURAL!  A must for a two year old who likes to eat pretty much all things.

And, it’s fun too, I guess.

If you’re into painting.

Like he is.

So, want to win some?  Along with a copy of Shrek 3 on DVD (his FAVORITE non-mess-making activity) because seriously, do we need one in the house AND one in the car?  Because I really don’t think so and as cute as Puss in Boots is, I kinda want to drop kick his little cat a$% right outta the TV because I am so effing sick of hearing his…

Never mind.  Carried away. 

Think I’m suffering ShrekDonkey Related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Should come out of it when I know there is no chance of him discovering that I have an unopened copy of his favorite DVD just sitting on my dining room table.

Because I’m giving it to you if you…

A)  Follow pBd via Google Friend Connect (Facebook doesn’t count because I’m not trying to get in trouble) or Twitter.

2) Leave a comment telling me a) what your toddler enjoys doing INDEPENDENTLY or ii) an alternative DVD that doesn’t feature Shrek, Donkey, Princess Fiona, or that sexy Cat, but is still funny enough that I won’t want to burst my ear drums with a paint brush after the first watching.  The kid sorta has an addictive personality and easily gets hooked on things that suck books/movies/songs, which means I need something that I can stomach everyday for the next 4 weeks or so.

So have at it!  Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours!  Or something.

*Pretty much anytime I use the word “discovered” I basically just mean that someone from some company told me about it and let me try it out for free with the understanding that it better not suck or so help me…  I think we’ve established previously that Dumb Mom is too dumb to conduct research to find innovative kid products.  Plus I don’t care.  Plus I’m too busy finding innovative grown-up products so I don’t have time for other stuff.  Except fashion.  I will spend at least 20 minutes searching the Internet to find a cool shirt for The Dudes.  I just will.

**Please note also that Clementine Art didn’t tell me to say your kid could eat the stuff.  That was all me.  Now, if your kid eats the stuff and winds up with an eyeball on his hip, that’s on you.  You should be watching the little heathen.  Plus, there’s no proof the paint caused the eyeball-hip.  I mean, we’ve already established that you don’t watch the him so for all we know he’s also ingested some non-natural-toxic-lead-filled paint previously, thereby causing eyeball-hip.  Or not.  Either way, I will vehemently deny aforementioned statement in the event that you try to blame me, and delete this post so fast your kid’s little eyeball-hip will spin.  Please believe me.


  1. Brenna says

    My toddler loves to play in the backyard independently. I can sit out there with my laptop or a magazine and she will explore, run, and climb to her heart’s content.

  2. Melissa R says

    My son loves to watch and has the same addictive personality. I would suggest Toy Story DVD. Of course over time you’ll probably get sick of it but at least it will add some variety. Also my son loves Monsters Inc. Very funny movie

  3. Amanda C says

    My toddler likes to play outside. He would much rather play with rocks, sticks and dirt than any toys he has in his room.

  4. says

    My 3 year old can spend a lot of time working on a puzzle. He loves puzzles and he can do the same one over and over again.

  5. Laura W. says

    I can get my toddler to spend at least twenty minutes banging on his dad’s snare drum. I put it on the floor and hand him a drumstick, although he usually tosses it aside and uses his hand.

  6. says

    B) Scooby will play all day by himself with his cars and trucks. He will sneak his 2 sided crayons too and play Picasso on my wall. I really should start watching him better, eh? ;)

  7. says

    What an awesome summer you are having!! I’ve missed you. I’ve been busy too, but I am glad that things are slowing down. I also fear what is going to happen once Jellybean returns to school. Scooby’s not going to be very happy. *sigh*

    I am already a follower of yours through GFC and twitter.

  8. says

    My girls memorized the first Shrek in four (4) viewings. At age…four (4). They would recite it at dinner. Until we went insane.

    Yeah, looking forward to finding out who wins this fabulous giveaway. Because paints are better than Play-doh.

  9. says

    Of course I follow you. Duh.

    So. Is whining considered INDEPENDENT play? No? Hmmm. Ok. Then his second favorite thing to do is crafts. He could sit as his craft table for like, I don’t know, at least 90 seconds and just play, play, play.

  10. says

    Shoo likes to play with any sort of cars. When he was still a toddler, his favorites were the shake and go’s ’cause he liked shaking the crap out of things. ;o)

    Backyardigans were a favorite around here. (Now all he wants is Star Wars, which I don’t recommend for a toddler – do as I say, not as I do LOL)

  11. says

    Fabulous post and so imformative, Ive beenb following you and your dudes for the last year and love your blog.

    My youngling adores painting but his two other favourite activities are washing hands, washing mummy nd washing any toy he can find, though the cat isnt too fond of this past-time!

    Then at any other given time he can be found dancing around in circles and clapping. At 18 months old I think he is so entertaining I cant wait to see how he grows.

    His fav DVD is the madagasca boxset. It must be the vibrant colours and rhythmically tune catching music, well thats what does it for me lol.

    Take care,
    Kate Collings