On Upping Your Awesome. ifriend Friday with Nice Girl Notes.

Welcome to another edition of ifriend Friday’s, Director’s Cut with Dumb Mom.  This week’s special guest blogger is Roo, from Nice Girl Notes.

I discovered her blog because she stalked me mercilessly when doing research (aka checking for weirdos) prior to attending Bloggy Boot Camp, Philadelphia.

I quickly determined that Nice Girl Notes is an oxymoron (way different from a regular moron), and a pretty fanfriggintastic blogger/illustrator/bass playing mama too.

You will like her, because I say so do.  Oh, and because she is an authority on stuff that is awesome.  Just.  Like.  Me!

Enjoy! (Remember, black is the guest, red is the best, aka me!)

Nice Girl Notes on How to Be Awesomer…

Dumb Mom’s pretty awesome. (Please meet my successfully brainwashed friend, Roo.  She’s pretty special.)

I like her. (Of course you do, silly!)

She’s not one of those socially awkward bloggers in real life, either. (You know, dynamite on their blogs and a lot of uhs, ums, blank stares, and nervous twitches when you see them in person.) (That’s because I was totally drunk when we met, oh, and because I really am cool and severe social awkwardness is for losers.)

She’s cool.

If we lived in the some neighborhood, we’d hit up Target together and maybe grab a chili dog or something. (Hells yeah we would.  I freakin’ love me some chili dogs and Target.)

As awesome as Dumb Mom is, she called me one night – in tears. And between the sobs and the hiccups, one question came forth. “How do I be more awesome… like you?” (That’s right, friends, we all need an inspiration.  I’m her’s; I’m yours.  Don’t mess around and forget that.)

If I had a quarter for every time I heard that, well… I’d probably be having a really good time at a gumball machine.

Dumb Mom, this is for you…

How to Up Your Awesome, a Nice Girl’s User’s Guide.

1) Wear proper (and simultaneously awesome) underwear. Bedazzled ninjas, plaid, boyshorts, an anthropomorphized cartoon burger, argyle, extra stretch, pink lace? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, heck yes, and yes. But never, ever let me see it. Improper underwear? Anything ill-fitting or made by the big-headed lady on Designing Women. (And/or anything that sticks up out of your jeans and barely covers your tramp stamp strategically placed, lower back body art, when you bend down to tie your kid’s shoe.)

2) Make references to 90s television shows. One I refer to all the time? Saved By the Bell. “I haven’t felt this anxious since watching Jessie overdose on caffeine pills on the night she was supposed to perform with Hot Sundae.” Refer your prepubescent children to the “No Hope with Dope” infomercial on youtube BEFORE they enter junior high. You get bonus points for buying me a Bayside t-shirt. I’m an adult size small. (Teach your kids the lyrics to Reading Rainbow & make them sing it with a deep, black man voice? Yeah, ‘cause that’s how I do.)

3) Make a playlist of 90s pop songs, including MMMbop and anything by Nsync. Play on repeat in car. Dance accordingly. (I’m listening to N’Sync right now, but super glad Justin has moved well beyond the ugly years.)

4) Shower daily. I have not met one awesome person with poor hygiene. There’s a reason for that. Don’t overdo the perfume, either. Some women have love affairs with those sickeningly sweet body sprays from Victoria’s Secret. When you wear them all at the same time, you smell like a bunch of strippers and old ladies hanging out in an elevator. (Translation = no bueno.) (But smelling like teen spirit is okay in your book, right? Sure as heck hope so.)

5) Be nice to people. :) No one likes the mean kid. (But you have to admit, the mean kid plays a role in society.  Just like the dumb kid, the ugly kid, and the really sickeningly fat kid.  Makes your own kid look less like an annoying brat, and more like an angel.)

Got five more? Let’s hear ’em. (We love comments.)

Didn’t like this post? Blame Dumb Mom. (Don’t you dare.)

Loved it? Come visit me over at NiceGirlNotes. (And then come back and thank Dumb Mom for setting you up with this miracle blogger.  I make people, you know?  It’s what I do.)

I’ve got a tutorial on How to Dance in Polite Social Situations, a story about my Only Blind Date, and even crafty stuff like making dollhouses or alphabet magnets, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Dumb Mom, thanks for letting me hang out! ♥ Roo (And thanks for stopping by!  Make sure you clean the place up before you let yourself out, XOXO!)


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  3. says

    Nice to meet you , Roo! Loved the post! Learned something- I had no idea Target had chili dogs (!!!). And I will be over to your blog to check it out next!

  4. Paulina J! says

    Ok, so I already stalk Roo and now I will be stalking you too!! Love the blog and the sense of humor. And if you are wondering that exclamation mark after my name means I’m awesome… just saying.

    • Dumb Mom says

      Well, I already knew that the ! means you were awesome, because that is really the only thing it could mean. I like that when I see it I want to shout JAY! That. Is. Awe. Some! Just like blog stalking. It’s a special job only special people do.

    • Dumb Mom says

      But I helped, right? I mean, maybe not like a lot, but like a little for sure, right?! RIGHT??? And yes, I’m an obsessive compulsive personality who needs constant reassurance and legitimization. But, it’s part of my charm!

  5. says

    Target and chili dogs? Hells yeah (woop.woop.woop, that’s supposed to be the Arsenio Hall dog pound, 90’s enough for you?)

    I read that line about the blind date and was instantly taken back to this date I was guilted into taking in high school. I knew the guy so it wasn’t exactly “blind” per se, but I still didn’t really want to do it. We stopped for gas (or something) at the convenience store where I met another guy inside. I convinced the yucky guy to take me home by faking a headache and had the cute, cool guy come pick me up after he left. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t awesome in the best sense of the word.

  6. says

    Roo – there you are. I tracked you down. ‘sup Dumb Mom? I’m a stranger, but I’m a nice stranger. Mind if I take a snoop around your blog? I won’t touch anything.

    I think most people try to up their awesome; we all want to be our best self. My five simple rules of awesome are as follows:
    1. Believe in something
    2. Know who matters
    3. Love (and accept) yourself, but (see number 4)
    4. Don’t take yourself too seriously
    5. Practice empathy
    6. Don’t try to make yourself look better, funnier, smarter by making someone else look bad. If your awesomeness can’t stand on its own merit, it’s a fraud. I’ve been faux awesome before and it kinda sucks.

    You asked for five, but I gave an extra. :) Under promise and over deliver. That’s how I roll.

    • Dumb Mom says

      Uh-oh. I seriously hope you didn’t snoop around my blog until AFTER you wrote this comment. Otherwise, it’s about me and how I brainwash my readers into thinking I’m awesome. You seem pretty awesome yourself (all over achieving on your rules o’ awesome and stuff), and I want a chance to brainwash you too! So, don’t read yesterday’s post! It’s one of those woe-is-fat-me-my-self-image-is-cracked-out type posts that are SO not the norm around Casa de Dummies. I’m pretty sure on the daily I am good on rules 1,2, and 5 of yours. The others, I think are hit or miss. I make Dumb Dad look bad all the time so that I can look more awesome:)

      • says

        I wrote the comment first, and then I embarked on the snoop. I just now read your yesterday post and girl, I’m totally feeling my number 5 right now. And on my number 3, just to clarify, my idea of loving myself doesn’t mean I’m always “in love” with myself. Sometimes I have a love/hate relationship and I am often self-deprecating. But I TRY to be self-accepting even as I’m cognizant of the fact that I have some areas (ahem, okay maybe MANY areas) that need improvement. Just trying to be all the awesome I can be.

        Okay, back to snooping . . .

        P.S. Looking forward to reading about Dumb Dad.

    • Dumb Mom says

      Yes!!! Because I’ve been smelling like teen spirit since the very early 90s and I don’t intend to stop ever. Why? Because the moment I do I’ll start smelling like elderly undies and that, friends, is SO not cool! Thanks for peeping over!

    • Dumb Mom says

      She’s kinda great, right?! And to think, just a few short months ago the world at large was without her awesome. How did we even get up everyday? I have to admit, some days, I just didn’t!

  7. says

    Roo! Great post. It was fun reading back and forth between you too. ;)
    I especially like the underwear section – can I humbly add that there should be a rule against thongs on Sundays? Hard to concentrate while having to stare at the bright red thong peeking out in the row in front of you. Ack.
    Maybe that’s only a California thing. I don’t know. But it’s wrong.

    • Dumb Mom says

      I’m a California native and no, it’s not limited to a left coast thing. It’s a universal crime and a universal no-no.