So NOT Dumb Saturday. Win a Truck.

Busy week for mail over here at Casa de Dummies.

Which is good (I like getting mail) and bad because I’m not good about making choices.

Yeah, I’m the chick who gets the sampler every time we go to a new restaurant just because I can’t narrow it down to one single thing.

It’s a sickness.

Since I haven’t gotten time to thoroughly test out everything in my things-I’m-reviewing cue yet (lengthy post about certain exercise equipment that I may or may not be willing to use forthcoming), this decision wasn’t super hard.

So, super cool Tonka truck it is!


For obvious reasons, The Dudes were pretty pumped about “helping” me review the Tonka Strong Arm toy.

Only you know what?  They weren’t helpful at all!

Because fighting incessantly over who was gonna work the dumping lever on the thing is just not helpful.

Nor is fighting over who was gonna get to push the thing around the house.

Nor is fighting over who was going to get to rev its engine and interrupt Glee.

I accepted this product review because I thought it would be right up their alley.  Dudes like trucks, and one little dude in particular is obsessed with trash trucks.  And, trash men.  And, um, trash.

But, what I didn’t count on was the fact that every Dude in this house, small, medium, and large would be clamoring (and, by clamoring I really just mean punching and pushing) to get a turn with the thing.

That there would be tears involved.

And whining-tattling-full-blown-crying interruptions of my Tweeting time dinner preparation.

Annoying type interruptions requiring my intervention.

The Strong Arm Garbage Truck has been a member of our family for less than a full week and already it has spent almost as much time on top of the refrigerator (where we place toys in need of a time out) as it has on the ground in battle (aka the playroom).

Which means the thing is simultaneously the best and the worst item I’ve reviewed in, um, forever!

I just wish they would have sent me three of the things because now “Santa” has to bring two more.

The cool thing is that Tonka offers a dump truck, a bulldozer, and two different fire engines in their Strong Arm series so we could actually get one of each and have the whole line.

And then they’d probably fight over having to be the trash man when there are other, more prestigious, options!

Maybe we’ll just get two more garbage trucks and call it a day?!

Want to get a Tonka Strong Arm for your little people to fight over?

You can pick up any of the five models from Funrise Toys.

Or, you could just mess around and win one from me!

Three simple steps to Tonka torture happiness…

1.  Follow Dumb Mom’s blog.  I only give stuff to people who like me.

2.  Leave a comment declaring me a mom-spiration.  I mean, putting toys on the fridge to break up fights is sorta innovative, right?! sharing the toy your little person/people are most in love with at the moment.  “Santa” could use some inspiration.

3.  Comment here, follow me, live in America, and be a full fledged human adult by October 22, 2010 at midnight Maryland time.

That’s it!

And, just to get you in the entering mood, let me share with you why I really, truly am in love with the Tonka Strong Arm line of toys.  It’s not the sounds (please, like I can’t do without that), it’s not the color (I’m not sure that #1 isn’t colorblind anyway.  That would explain his inability to match his shirt to his pants.), and it’s definitely not the size (playroom is already so crowded, anything bigger than a sheet of notebook paper sorta ticks me off).  So what is the most awesome element of the Tonka toys???

The packaging!


I was sooo over those twisty-ties from Hell that make toys so ridiculously hard to open.  You need to be an actual rocket scientist to dislodge some of those toys from their boxes.  Ergo, The Dudes actually have some toys with pieces of box still attached to them because I ripped them out in sheer frustration.

These aren’t like that.

They are different.  And better. And that makes me happy, and willing to listen to them fight over it so much they interrupt my favorite television show.

Well, almost:)

*Want to know if you won the Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail from last week?  5 of you did!  The rest of you didn’t.  There’s still plenty of time to get your house all cleaned up though: Munchkin House Cleaning Contest Winners:  Linda Stewart, Bobbi Jo, Emilie P, Roo, and Erica!



  1. Natalie J. Vandenberghe says

    1. Following GFC
    2. I’m afraid I don’t have many suggestions for you as far as Santa’s list; however, I will say that we still have all of the Tonka toys that my 12yo son played with. Now that I’m a grandma, I’d love to win this Tonka Strong Arm for my grandson.
    3. Following on Networked Blogs, also. and I “Like” you on Facebook.
    I live in America (PST) and am human. I’m glad I found you because you make me laugh :)
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. says

    My kids are asking for all kinds of Wii games this year, but they are also in LOVE with Star Wars legos (well Star Wars anything really).

  3. Heather says

    My little nephew is OBSESSED with any kind of ball, baseball, football, basketball, he has at least 20 differents ones!

  4. Kerrie Mayans says

    I follow you as degood with gfc and right now my son who is four is loving his green toys recycling truck and my daughter who is 23 months is loving a pink zhu zhu pet that her older sister “had to have” last christmas but played with it for about 7 minutes and threw it in a toy box. But it has kept the baby occupied for about three weeks now, especally when it goes under the couch. She seems to think that is the funniest thing ever!

  5. April P says

    I follow you on gfc
    My son LOVES his Magna Doodle, and it has helped him learn to write and not get frustrated!

  6. says

    I would assume all 3 parts of the entry go in one post? If so, here you go ^_^

    I follow you on GFC through the name Charleene

    My 3 1/2 year old sons favorite toy at the moment is my 6 month old daughters ball that also comes apart and stacks like cups and also makes like 5 seperate little balls.

    I live in America, I commented, I follow, and last time I checked I was a full fledge human so hopefully it stays that way at least until the giveaway is over!

  7. says

    I’m now following you with GFC :) (LMC502)
    My little one is on the way, so no favorite toy right now – but Daddy is very excited to play trucks when they get here!
    I live in America (which I’m thankful for!).
    And I try to be a full-fledged human adult :) Sometimes the adult part fails, though.
    Thanks for hosting!

  8. Katrina Southwick says

    I follow, live in america and this would be a great toy for my son for either his birthday or christmas. (They are three days apart from each other)

  9. Katrina Southwick says

    My daughter really loves the princess barbie dolls and my son loves his chuck trucks

  10. Candace says

    I follow now and am excited bout it!!
    My kids favorite toy right now is their nintendo DS!!
    Live in America!
    win win win!!!

  11. Julie L says

    I follow-jelaws5
    I live in America
    I am and will remain a full fledged adult by midnight time 10/22 10
    favorite toys anything with Dora

  12. says

    I am a new follower. And you are hilarious so I have a lot of reading to catch up on. :) My little girl is into toy cars, and her talking toy dog that says her name. Oh yeah, and Elmo. So. Much. ELMO. *shudders* And I am totally a full fledged adult type humanoid. Nifty.

  13. pixie13 says

    GFC follower.
    My daughter loves anything you can put together. Legos are great, and she has several sets of those waffle blocks.

  14. says

    I follow with google friend connect.
    I asked my son what his favorite toy was and he pointed at the computer screen and said “the garbage truck”. So then I asked him what favorite toy that he actually has…and he gave me a rather long list of cars, trucks, and his thomas the train things.

    littledeadmommy at

  15. says

    My 19 month old daughter is just getting into those big Duplo blocks and the wooden train set we have. I can’t really think of anything I am planning on getting her for Christmas. My 3.5yo son is loving his Melissa & Doug Castle (like a dollhouse for boys!) and his VTech MobiGo. I am getting him a Kids Digital Camera for Christmas, and possibly a scooter.

    Thanks for the chance!

  16. says

    My boys would shit a brick over this truck (and we send toys to time out on top of the fridge, too!). I’m a new follower, first time commenter. Pick me, pick me, pick me- HA!!!!!

  17. says

    I follow via google friend connect. My daughter is foaming at the mouth like a rabid child for an American Girl doll, she promptly got the catalog today and circled everything she wants. Of course, I still hear that she wants a cell phone of her own to start 4th grade next year as well. My toddler grandson is a little simpler, get him something that has wheels, that he can push around, and he is totally happy.

  18. april yedinak says

    I follow via GFC, live in America and (unfortunately) am well beyond the adulthood mark.
    My 12 year old girl loves dragons.
    My 10 year old son loves anything to do with WWII, guns, army men, Call of Duty.
    My 6 year old daughter is very into play food and tea sets.
    Yes, we are odd.

  19. Debbie says

    My grandson would LOVE this truck!! His dad had a whole convoy of tonka trucks when he was little (too bad I didn’t hold on to them!!)

  20. AutumH says

    Follow you through GFC as well as on facebook-Autum H.
    Right now the favorite toy in our household is a model shark-otherwise referred to as “Jaws” and a stuffed turtle that is lovingly toted everywhere called “Gamera”. They both make for fun “attack” time when my boys just want an excuse to bash stuff together.

  21. says

    I follow you.

    OK, on our list this year.
    5 yo boy is Legos and the Batcave with accessories of course.
    2 yo girl, The Beast doll from Beauty and the Beast and an Ariel umbrella. She is, and I quote “Sick of getting wet in the rain.”

  22. susan says

    My little one loves, loves any moving vehicle. I think at this moment it is anything big and noisy! Plus, I follow and live in America.

  23. Lisa Martin says

    I’m following your blog. I know the perfect little boy who’s the lone boy so the truck won’t have to go into time out, well unless one of his 2 sisters take a liking to the truck. Any truck is his favorite, however this summer when staying here he was freaking over the garbage truck, I heard him yell Grandma it’s a garbage truck. He’s always pointing the trucks out to me…

  24. Alejandra Sarmiento says

    Boys and trucks sounds all way too familiar! I would love another truck for them to fight over or for it to spend some time on top of my refrigerator!

  25. says

    I follow and the toy most loved and fought over in my house it the Tonka Fire Truck. I actually found it for really cheap at a yard sale. It looked brand new and had all the parts so I took it home. The boys LOVE it. It’s big enough for Lil Bit to ride on and Lil Man loves pushing him around the house on it. If I had to go with a second favorite it would be Buzz Lightyear but he’s no where near as much fun as the Fire Truck.

  26. says

    I’m a follower but no help with toy suggestions-my little guy is too young to ask for anything but pretty much loves anything with wheels-he’d love this dump truck! Don’t think you’d be interested in what my girls want :)

  27. lauren says

    I am following on GFC and subscribed via google reader. My daughter is currently loving her new vtech laptop we scored for 18$ at Walmart for an awesome birthday present! Learning and fun!!!

  28. says

    i follow your blog via google friend connect

    we have several toys that our 3 little people love – our 4 year old loves all things cars/trucks/trains and his step 2 train table, our 2 year old loves his rescue heroes and our 1 year old loves his fisher price laugh and learn play house

    i live in america and i am an adult although sometimes i wish i didn’t have the “adult responsibilites”

  29. says

    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping by and commenting on my blog post about staying at home with my children. Your comment was invaluable and just the type of information I needed to hear. I still haven’t made up my mind and won’t for a few months, but you’ve given me some really great information that gives me even more to think about. Thanks again!

    You can definitely swing by my blog at any time. :) Thanks again.

  30. says

    I followed right after we met! Love your voice. I never enter giveaways, but now that I read you, I couldn’t resist this one, my little boy loves trucks and, hey, I do qualify and all, being an adult in these here States.

  31. Heidi McMahon says

    Following via gfc! :)
    My lil’ guy likes anything with wheels. Tractors are cool around here. Fun giveaway – thank you for the chance to win.
    Oh, and I’m a fully fledged adult & American :)
    tyson 2468 (at) charter (dot) net

  32. Celia says

    My daughter loves cars; she gets a small car every time we go to the doctor or she gets a vaccine.

  33. Lauren H. says

    I’m a follower now!!

    I have no great inspiration for you because a unicorn pillow pet is at the top of Addy’s list. I’m not thinking the dudes would be to happy if Santa showed up with that!!

  34. Jessica says

    K.. I follow, actually, not being a kiss a.. or anything but you are my new favorite blog!
    When in doubt I always get my son Legos! Been a fav. for a while, and you can never have enough.

  35. Shannon says

    I subscribe. I stalk, er, I mean follow.

    My dude likes anything with wheels — and really any toy that some other toddler is playing with at that moment. Ah, toddlers.

    I like the toy time-out idea. Might have to try that.

  36. Emilie Peters says

    I see that I won the Arm & Hammer diaper pail. Do I need to email you or will you email me? Never won anything through here yet, so not sure how this all works :)


    Oh and would love to win this giveaway! Right now the favorite toys are baby dolls!

  37. says

    I totally need one of those fire trucks. Bud wants one so bad.

    When toys are in time out at my house they are high enough to where the kids can’t reach them, but low enough for them to see and be constantly reminded. I’m mean like that.