Invisalign Teen Blog Hop Sweepstakes. Win a Free Invisalign Treatment!

Today I’m talking about my Mom Awesome braces?

That’s right.  Braces.

For grown-ups?

You betcha.

But, because they are fancy-schmansy, new fangled, and clear we call them teeth straighteners, made by Invisalign.

And, this Dumb Mom is wearin’ ‘em!

In an effort to up my Mom Awesome and address some cosmetic issues (I have baby teeth still, and at 29Again I am not anything close to being a baby!)  that have sorta been bugging me for a while, I’ve joined the Invisalign Mom Advisory Board and volunteered myself, test rat style, to try out the product to tell all of my bestes blog readers how it works.


Actually, Invisalign has been in the making teeth pretty business for quite sometime and they have some seriously mind blowingly awesome technology for getting your teeth to move quickly, easily, and pretty-darn-close-to painlessly into the position they need to be in.

For people like myself, who spent FIVE LONG EVIL years in braces as a teen, Invisalign treatment can help get you back to where you were when you stopped wearing that retainer your parents paid for 15 years or so ago.

This is what they have planned for me…


Looks fast, right?!  Well, it is, but not quite as fast as this video makes it appear; I have to wear them for nine whole months!

Not horrible, but still a little ridiculous for someone who experienced her first dance, prom, high school graduation, and freshman year of college in braces!

Somebody should worn that stupid retainer I guess!

Fortunately, my grill is not nearly as wrecked as it could be and the work is not extremely labor intensive.

But, contrary to popular belief, Invisalign is not just for the relatively uninvolved cases such as mine.

As a matter of fact, Invisalign and Invisalign Teen are being used to treat “a broad range of cases, from overly crowded teeth and under bites to jaw problems and tooth misalignment”.

So, how do you know if Invisalign is a good fit for you or your teenager?

I asked my orthodontist, Dr. Thabet of Thabet Orthodontics in Germantown, who had this to share…


And then, I checked out the Invisalign website just to be sure he was, um, right.

Of course he was!

I wouldn’t let just any old body be in charge making Dumb Mom look Mom Awesome!

So, if you’re just here for the Invisalign Teen Contest to win a FREE INVISALIGN TREATMENT (go back to the beginning post at Free Anissa to get the full scoop!) and want to collect your next answer, here ya go…

Linda’s question: How do I know if I or my teen is a good candidate for Invisalign?

My pretty-much-perfect answer to keep you in the running for the big prize: Since Invisalign is now able to treat a broad range of cases, you should visit the Invisalign Self Assessment Tool online to see if you are a candidate.  Once you do, you can then use the site to locate a preferred provider in your area to visit for a complete assessment.

Next step in the Win an Invisalign Teen Treatment Blog Hop-a-palooza?

Go check out Sugar Jones @ Sugar in the Raw to collect the answer to this question: What types of cases can Invisalign treat? Will Invisalign work for me?

Good luck!

*Invisalign Teen Blog Hop Sweepstakes Official Rules

Contest Overview :
Invisalign is proud to sponsor the Invisalign Teen Blog Hop Sweepstakes, hosted by the Invisalign Teen Mom Advisory Board (MAB) bloggers.  The Blog Hop takes place from April 11, 2001 thru April 30, 2011, across 5 MAB blogger sites.  During the Blog Hop, each of the bloggers will post the answer to one of the top questions asked about Invisalign.  To participate, visit each blogger’s site to review the question, and then go to the next blogger’s site to collect the answer.  Enter the sweepstakes by completing an official entry form for a chance to win the Grand Prize of Invisalign or Invisalign Teen treatment or two runner-up prizes of a $100 American Express Gift Card.  Winners will be randomly selected on or before April 30, 2011 from all valid entries received.
The blog posting schedule for this contest is as follows:
4/11/11 Anissa @ Free Anissa (
): What is Invisalign and how does it work?
4/13/11 Elizabeth @ Busy Mom (
): Is Invisalign covered by insurance?
4/15/11 Linda @ Welcome to Linneyville (
): How do I know if I or my teen is a candidate for Invisalign?
4/18/11 Amanda @ Parenting by Dummies ( What types of cases can Invisalign treat? Will Invisalign work for me?
4/20/11 Sugar @ Sugar in the Raw ( How much does Invisalign cost?
4/22/11 Anissa @ Free Anissa ( Final conclusion
How to Enter:

  1. Visit all 5 participating blogs, and read the 6 posts listed above, to collect answers to the 5 Questions About Invisalign.
  2. Insert the 5 answers into the entry form located here:    (

1. Send a stamped 3” x 5” postcard with the 5 answers and your name, address, and contact phone number to:  INVISALIGN TEEN MAB BLOG HOP SWEEPSTAKES, PO Box 1093 Chino Hills, CA  91709.
Optional Additional Entries:
1. Tweet: “I just entered to win FREE #Invisalign treatment at Name of Blog (insert blog link to Blog Hop post)!” – then insert a link to your tweet in the entry form.
2. Take the Invisalign Teen Self Assessment ( then insert the answer you received from the assessment on the entry form.
For official rules, visit:

*I am a member of the Invisalign Teen Mom Advisory Board. I have received complimentary treatment from Invisalign, but all opinions expressed are my own.


  1. says

    The video definitely makes invisalign look like it works fast… but I guess when you think about having straight teeth for the rest of your life, 9 months doesn’t seem half bad! Awesome post.

  2. says

    The invisalign uses detachable clear aligners that aids in straightening the teeth slowly and this can be accomplished over the weeks. The invisalign aligners are somewhat like the same with the tooth trays that you often seen at the local grocery.

  3. shantel oliver says

    i need brances but i think i would look different with them . so i want well nedd invisalign cause my teeth are wrose then ever one elses. so please help me .i would do any thing for my teeth to get fix. all my friends and others tell me i need them really bad and plus i dont have the money for any thing or any one to fix my teeth so please.i dont get on my email but i do got a facebook and my name is Shantel Alexis Oliver. if you want to see how bad my teeth are then look me up.plz help. THANKS

  4. says

    Undoubted Invisalign is the best Choice! But the fact is its a costly treatment than other brace treatment like metal braces. It’ll be a great achievement to win a Free Invisalign. I’ll be crazy for that :)

  5. says

    Are your readers wondering where the heck Sugar’s post is?

    I just posted it. Because I am a procrastinator and didn’t get it done until just this morning.

    You gotta love a good procrastinator. Don’t you??

  6. Lila says

    I never had braces but had crowded teeth that bothered me. I started invisilign a few months ago and I love it!


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