Win Slim Fast & Free Clothes to Look Pretty In.

It’s been ages since I’ve posted on a Saturday.

Don’t judge; I’m tired yo!

And busy.

It’s family photo shoot season in my neck of the woods so I’ve been a busy little photo-snapping, photo-shopping mama!

Between driving all around the DC Metro area to take the photos, and spending hours straining my eyes in my basement office to up their awesome I’ve been swamped.


So, thanks to all these pretty people, my blog diggity has suffered a bit.

And so have you with my lack of finding-cool-stuff-to-give-you-because-you’re-pretty-and-smart-and-all-full-of-love-for-Dumb-Mom.

But don’t despair.

Because I’m back with a vengeance!

And a delicious, fit-making snack to help you look all skinny and stuff for the summer!

And cash.

Because everyone looks prettier with a little cash on their side!

So, a while back I went to this super, maybe-even-a-tiny-bit-world-famous event.

Maybe you’ve heard of it?

It’s called the Running of the Brides?!

They are held at Filene’s Basement stores all over the country and they are a fun way for brides-to-be to hip check, pump fake, and pick-and-roll their way around the other shoppers to get a beautiful, expensive gown at bargain basement prices.

It was insane interesting


And totally fun, even if I did have to stop, drop, and roll to not get bum rushed by a bride.

I got to mingle with the dress-hunting ladies and I met the awesome PR group for the big sponsor of the event, Slim Fast!

I talked to them about making a cupcake flavored weight loss beverage.

You know, something amazing this Dumb Mom could get behind.

They talked to me about their New Face of Slim Fast contest (which I shoulda won without even entering because I seriously have the perfect desperately-in-need-of-Slim-Fast face, ya know?!) and their tasty meal bars and  between meal snacks.

I didn’t enter the contest.

But, I did get all up in the meal bars and snacks!.

And, while the snack bars are small (you know because they are meant to help you lose weight, not to be eaten a box at a time), they are pretty delish.

So surprising because diet lifestyle change foods sometimes just aren’t.

So I have some for you to win!

A whole mess of them in fact in all sorts of different flavors (like Chocolate Peanut Caramel, Fruit & Yogurt Trail Mix, Sweet & Salty Chocolate Almond, Mint Chocolate).

And if the deal isn’t sweet enough already, my new buds at Slim Fast have thrown in a $100 gift card to Filene’s Basement.

I know, some of us in the great US of A don’t live anywhere near a Filene’s Basement.

And that’s too sad because they have some great deals in store.

But, for those of you who do (you can find out here: Filene’s Basement Locations) you should enter my contest.

Because I say so.

Let me make you happy.

It’s sorta my thing you know.

So how does one win a whole yummy pack of Slim Fast bars and a $100 Filene’s Basement gift card?*

All you have to do is…

1.  Leave me a comment telling me that I’m obviously workin’ it at my perfect weight so Slim Fast isn’t necessary which Filene’s Basement location you live closest to.

2.  Follow this here blog (or @thenagainphoto on Twitter because that’s me too).

3.  Live in the USA.

4.  Remember to leave your comment and follow my blog by Friday, May 27, 2011 at midnight Eastern time.

That’s it.

But, if you wanted to like pop over to the Slim Fast Facebook page and say hi, I’m guessing they’d be a-ok with that!

*Winners selected by Dumb Mom using the awesomeness of  I was not at all compensated for hosting this giveaway, but when Slim Fast finally takes my advice and makes that cupcake flavored beverage you better believe I’m gonna get me some!

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  1. Fujiko D. says:

    The store closest to me is the one in Watertown, MA, but I like visiting the one in Boston. I follow via RSS (yahoo) and facebook.

    Thanks for having this give away!

  2. I live closest to the Chicago locations. Although Mid-Missouri isn’t really close to anything, i could make it close enough! :)

  3. I’m following you on twitter! I live closest the Chicago locations! :)

  4. April RickMan says:

    I live closest to the washington dc area. Hope I win!

  5. Christie says:

    Closet to DC! Been following your blog since I saw you on What Not To Wear, and encouraging everyone I know to do the same! :)

  6. I live closest to two stores in Chicago (lucky me!). I follow via twitter (LuckyDuckyToo)

  7. Gail White says:

    There is one in the Springfield shopping center in PA. near me I live in Philly I started Slim Fast a month ago and have done well lost 14 lbs my 1st goal was to lose 10 for my vacation in Miami I leave on 5/28 !!! I did it But my life health goal is to lose 35 I believe I will do it Yay!! Slim Fast.!!!!

  8. Katherine Willis says:

    There’s not one in Texas, so I guess the one in Florida. Good thing I like to travel :o).

  9. Courtney says:

    I live closest to the Filene’s in Cleveland!

  10. Lyndsay says:

    I live closet to the Chicago Stores.

  11. Sheri McRae says:

    What a great contest! I have been on SlimFast for a week now (doing a pre-op diet for lap band surgery). It would would be soooo awesome to be able to buy something pretty (and in a small size) after losing weight and having a supply of slimfast to help me there would be great. The closest one to me is Atlanta, GA. Thanks!
    Sheri from Alabama

  12. alicia ferdula says:

    I would love to win this. 4 years ago I weighed 175 pounds and deceided to give slimfast a chance well I ended up losing 40 pounds on it. Well sadly I gained 15 pounds since then and I have high cholestrol so I desperatly need to win this.

  13. Ebonee Andrews says:

    I am new to this but a huge fan of slim fast. i am turning 40 in less than 2 months and it changed my life. i live 35 minutes from one of F Basement stores located at the waterfront in pittsburgh.

  14. nancy thomas says:

    I would love to win this.I’ve gained so much these past few months & I’m totaly miserable.I can’t wear any of my cute cloths any more I’ve been wear sweats & t-shirts cause notheing fits rite any more.(WAY TO TIGHT OR WON’T GO PAST MY THIGHS) Id love to be able to loose July of this year….I have no idea where one of those stores would be at around here.I live in south coffeyville ok.

  15. Sheri K. says:

    I live closest to the Filene’s Basement in Chicago… ya, Chi-Town. : )
    A few slim-fast bars and $100 gift card would make for a perfect afternoon! I will be satisfied, full of energy, and ready to shop. I totally agree, a cupcake flavored weight loss beverage would be yummy!! Love reading your articles….you’re the best. : ) Sheri K.

  16. kimberly tillery says:

    I would like to enter the contest .I’ve been on Slim fast for the last pass 6 months and i have lost 24 to 25 pounds .I’m thankful for Slim fast it’s the best and the cheapest diet on the market and it’s simple and easy if you folow the plan you do just fine. I can lose the weight and look good and feel good about myself thanks to Slim Fast

  17. Machell says:

    i think Chicago

  18. I live closest to the Rockville Pike Filene’s. And, sister, you know you look awesome!!

  19. Melissa says:

    Hello! Just started following your blog! I saw about the contest on the Filenes basement facebook page. LOVE your blog, very humorous! im going to follow you on twitter as well!(just starting to understand that site…sort of…) The closet Filenes basement to me is in NYC. Im actually going there June 2-3 to hopefully find my dream wedding dress at Running of the Brides!!! Im soooooooo excited!!! And Slim-Fast…YUMMMY!!!!! Look forward to reading more blog posts :)

  20. I live closest to the Filene’s Basment(s) in Chicago! Following on Twitter :)

  21. I live close to D.C. I used to live in Boston and have shopped the original Filenes.

  22. Steph S says:

    I live closest to Filene’s Basement in Columbus, OH.

  23. The closest Filene’s Basement location to me is Atlanta. You know I follow.

  24. The nearest one for me is several states away in Ohio.
    I’m a follower
    copperllama at yahoo dot com

  25. My closest is friendship heights. I follow you in my reader. Thanks!

  26. Robin (noteverstill) says:

    Rockville is closest to me, too. I follow you on twitter and you’re in my reader.

  27. The one closest to me is Rockville. I follow you on twitter.

  28. knitsandknacks says:

    running of the brides = pretty awesome. my best friend wanted me to do that, but… it was a no – go. i love filene’s basement! good place for cute dresses & accessories. we live close to the one in westbury (nassau county on long island). obviously i’m already following your blog. . . and starting to learn more about twitter. not sure why i can’t get a handle on it?!?! lol

  29. I guess any of the three in DC would be the closest to me, unless I wanted to make a little trip out to B’more.

    I’m happy to say that you’re in my Google Reader, too, since I had the pleasure of meeting you at the Blue Man Group show!

  30. Jennifer R says:

    I would love to win this prize, recently started working out & slim fast would help out big time. I also have a Filenes Basement near me ( yay), it’s in Hartford, Ct!! I hope I’m the lucky one!

  31. i live closest to the westchester location and i follow pbd via gfc


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