Best Community Bloggers. A BList.

A while back I went to Bloggy Boot Camp Boston and stood up in front of an awesome group of women to talk to them about my secrets for building a community.

I’m not really entirely sure why they let me do it, but I think it was because I was available and someone else pulled out at the last minute am a little bit of an expert on such.

Totally lying.

I think I do a pretty mediocre job of sharing this space with others, but I try and I succeed enough to not look like a complete moron in front of a group of people when talking about how you can do it too.

Which basically means I’m the overlord proud leader of a mediocre fairly vibrant community of blog readers and blog writers.

I may not have perfected the make-your-blog-mmunity-thrive formula yet, but what I do know is an awesome community when I see one.

They all have three things in common that make them awesome:

  1. A connected, committed, conscientious leader.  Someone who knows their stuff, is reachable and interactive, and concerned with the needs and wants of the community members.  Accept for when they are not.
  2. Good content; whether it’s written or photos or both.  They can make you laugh and cry and smile and nod and on the days they suck a little you forgive them and come read me instead because you know they’ll be back to awesome before you know it.
  3. Awesomeness.  Everything comes back to this in the end, right?!  Matter of fact, it’s pretty much the only thing that matters anyway.  As I always say, success is based on one’s ability to harness their awesomeness and force it onto others.  Learn how to do that and you will be, um, awesome!

So, what bloggers out there do I think do a pretty spectacular job of building community? 

I’m not talking about the ones who have sucky blogs themselves just spend all of their time ignoring their real lives commenting on 100s of blogs a day and following people they will never really read or connect with again all over the place.

I’m talking about the ones that you meet at a conference because you want to.  And, when you do, you two will actually have something to talk about, because she’s real and so are you.

Those are the kind of community building bloggers I like to roll wit.

And who are these community blogging big dawgs I’m striving to be a part of?

How about a BList to introduce you!

Community Bloggers BList: The You Talk They Listen and Talk Back BList

Best Supportive Blogs for Women/Moms:

  • Scary Mommy: Anonymous Confessionals for people who want to say crazy things about themselves, their life, their children, their spouse, or pretty much anyone and/or anything that drives you batty and makes you say things that might get you tossed in jail or sent to Hell, or both.
  • Shell: Pour Your Heart Out Linky is not anonymous so if you say it and link it up, be ready to defend it.
  • Theta Mom: She has her own community to help bloggers connect with one another.  I mean you really can’t get more community than that.

Best Support for New Bloggers:

  • SITS: Your blog is not alive until it’s had its SITS day.  Okay, that’s just what I say because I’m so the SITS Girls groupie.
  • Blog Conference Newbie: Blog Conference Guide for the (Un)Experienced
  • Eli Rose: For small businesses and bloggers to get some guidance about how to “take their sites to the next level”.  Wherever that is sounds awesome and their site does a great job of explaining all sorts of blogger tools and tricks for those who need to (or really just want to) know.

Best Bloggers Who Showcase Other Bloggers

Best Bloggers with Meme’s to Inspire Your Posts

  • Proud Mommy Moments with Kmama & Emmy Mom for when your kid finally does something awesome that you can actually attribute to your own great parenting, go ahead and write about it and link it up here.
  • Writer’s Workshop with Mama Kat helps when your brain takes a hiatus and leaves you with nothing more fascinating to blog about that your toe gout.  Believe me when I say, no one wants to hear about your toe gout.  Ever.
  • Wordful Wednesday with Seven Clown Circus (she invented it and pretty much inspired everything like it, I just co-host it with her because she thinks I’m pretty we’re pals) to share awesome photos of mediocre moments, or mediocre photos of awesome moments, or whatever you want as along as there is a photo and a couple of words involved.
  • Stream of Consciousness Sunday with All Things Fadra for people whose minds ramble more than their mouths who just wanna blog like they talk.  Write for 5 minutes and let the awesome flow freely!
  • Sundays in My City with Unknown Mami, stop by Sunday and share your city.  Photos and words and fun.

Categoryless and Just Plain Awesome Community

  • The Mommyologist.  I have to give it to this lady because not only has her blog exploded into pure awesomeness, but she also does so much to build up the ladies that read her blog.  I’d be lying if I didn’t say she has a fantastic following because she makes you feel a part of something sexy, I mean cool.  And, while I’m over here being Mom Awesome when I feel like it every day, she’s over there bringing the Mom Sexy, a look I can only pull off with a team of celebrity stylists and professional make-up artists at my disposal for a week on my best days.
  • Mommy Shorts.  Totally awesome in various was that are pretty and funny and quirky and cool.  And, I’m not just saying that because I met her once and thought she looked a whole heck of a lot like her avatar, which is so not true of many people so don’t get mad at me if I can’t recognize you at conferences.  She accepts “shorts” (funny little submissions in various forms to share on her blog about your parenting mishaps or accomplishments or whatever) and she does baby profiles and photo caption contests.  Oh, and also, she rocks socks offa regular people daily.  Truly committed to living life awesome.  Or at least that’s how it looks online.

Know of a blogger that makes you feel welcome every time you stop by?!  Someone who writes well and inspires and connects and lives in an awesome neck of the blogosphere with nannies and maids and tons of disposal income for shoes creates interactive blog magic?

Share them with us please!


  1. Emmy says

    What a great post. Shell truly is awesome. And I am so honored to have made your list! Truly made my day.

  2. says

    I am so very, very honored.

    Thank you for this.

    I do try hard to make sure that the bloggers I find are seen by others.

    They’re so good and they should be getting some good old new traffic (you can so have new and old together)

    THANK YOU, again…I have always enjoyed your blog, and your style, and your commitment to growing with each post.

    It shows.

    I still remember reading your first post that drew me to you, it was on how to get you to come back to a blog

    It was so funny and CLEVER!

    And, I am partial to mommy of boys women.



  3. says

    Dang it! I was totally going to start a new meme called Toe Gout Tuesday, but now you’ve got me second-guessing myself.

    Thank you, Thoughtful!

  4. says

    Thanks for the great list and suggestions…I would love to take my blog to the “next” level…I’m not even sure what that means! LOL. except that I would like to post more consistently and expand my community, but often am not sure how to do that…it can all seem a bit intimidating sometimes…but, at the end of the day I think the real goal is to just keep on keeping on…being honest, being yourself, and speaking your honest mind…that’s what I love about the posts I’ve read here! Thanks again for the suggestions…I plan to re-visit them!

  5. says

    Wow! I am so honored to be included in that list with Proud Mommy Moments! Thank you so much! There are some amazing people/blogs on there!

  6. says

    This is an outstanding list! And not just because I’m on it ;-) Well written! Makes me want to write my own version of this B-List but I think it would look pretty much identical. :-)

  7. says

    Thank you for including me! I have been blessed with hilarious readers and I am constantly trying to come up with new and fun ways to incorporate them into my posts. For me, blogging is so much more fun when it’s not just me spouting off about myself.

    Great list!

  8. says

    Great list. And I love how you point out that community is really about participating and not just following without commenting or building a relationship.