Easy Canvas Prints Photo Canvas Giveaway.

One of my blogging pals recently told me that I was a little obsessed with baby dog daughter my puppy.

Actually, I think her exact words were something more like, I’m two steps away from mouth kissing my dog.

Or something.

I don’t really quote people because I have a bad habit of not listening hearing what I want to anyway.

Point is, she might be right.

A little bit anyway.

I mean, I have no plans to make human-dog babies with my little Dumb Dog (which would be impossible anyway because we’re both girls), but I do have to admit I’m a little bit in love with her.

Not when she’s peeing on the floor or chewing on my door jamb or ripping a bloody chunk outta #3’s ear, maybe.

But other times.

When she is acting cute and adorable and lazy by sitting quietly on her side of the room having a chew on one of her officially recognized dog toys.

Or when she’s sleeping.

Stuff I can enjoy with my laptop on my lap and a latte in my hand.

And that’s why when Easy Canvas Prints reached out to me about reviewing their product, I said heck, yes!

Because I knew I needed a canvas of my baby dog daughter our new family member to hang on the wall alongside her brothers with the rest.

I never thought I’d be a hang-up-a-picture-of-your-dog type person.

But, I also never thought I’d be a look-at-a-picture-of-my-cute-puppy-on-my-iPhone person either and I am shamelessly guilty of doing that too.

I reviewed and gave away an Easy Canvas Prints canvas to one lucky reader over on She {hearts} It, the awesome collabo-review site I write for, like a week or so ago.

Yeah, it sucks, ‘cause you missed it.

And, if you don’t read that site like everyday you will miss all kinds of cool stuff in the future too.

Like the sweet Sugar Booger Kiddie Play Pack from O.R.E I’m giving away over there right now!

It’s fun, and cute, and perfectly sized for the backs of Dudes who rock people’s socks daily…

So, even though you’re probably all sad and mopey because you missed the canvas, you can still go win the bag: She {hearts} It!

And, just because Easy Canvas Prints is super generous I’m such an awesome blog reader lover, and I hate making people sad, I’m gonna go ahead and give you another shot at an 8×10 canvas print too!

Yep, I’m sorta sweet like that!

So how do you get in on this photo memory makin’ action?

I think a photo linky would be best!

Just post a link to an awesome photo that you think would make a great canvas and you’re in (provided you live in the USA)!

Winner will be selected randomly (not based on how great your photo is) and you don’t have to link to a blog or a dog (or at all, really, you can also enter by leaving a comment if online photo sharing ain’t your thang)!

You can link to any photo you want, new or old, so long as it’s yours.

And, the photo can be hosted any place online, so long as it’s public.  And I can see it.  And it’s not porn.  Because that would really tick me off.  Not because I have anything against porn, just because I don’t like it sprung on me via my linkies, that’s all (and yeah, I’m speaking from experience!).

Contest closes next Friday (7/1/11) at midnight so be sure to link your photos before then!


*pBd Admits It’s Free: Easy Canvas Prints provided me with a canvas of Baby Dog Daughter in exchange for this review.  They didn’t tell me to say I loved it, but really how could I not when she is just so stinkin’ cute?!

**I will feature some of my favorite links next Saturday when the winner is announced so please note that your photos and your links could be shared with the public should you enter this contest!

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  1. Ruby Wilson says:

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  2. junjames00 says:

    Man’s best friend is part of our family. We really love dogs. Not just our family to be in the photo but also our super cute dog.

    junjames00 Photos Canvas Printing

  3. We’ve been talking about getting a dog forever, and I have a strong hunch that I’ll be the one who will love her the most, too! Your baby is adorable.

  4. Michele W says:

    I left a link of a photo of my daughter the week she was born.

  5. I left a link for my photo blog. I’ve been wanting to do one of these canvas prints forever.

  6. So cool! The post I linked has multiple pictures, but I think the one of the boys together is the photo I’d choose.

  7. Kathy Nguyen says:

    I’d love to Canvas my daughter’s first time meeting grandpa.
    Nguyenhkathy at gmail dot com

  8. I linked a photo of my daughter and son on her Homecoming night. I like how the two of them look together. Thanks.

  9. I linked to my favorite picture of my oldest daughter. It is 2 yrs old now, but always makes me smile!

  10. Love that picture of daughter dog! Super cute!

  11. This is my favorite favorite of my son, at 6 months with our chihuahua. My grandmother has this picture framed and everytime he visits he runs to the picture and holds and hugs it.

  12. have no idea how to link but i lost one of my girls at the start of this year and would love it

  13. I’ve been wanting one of these for awhile.

  14. ** smooched!

    Yeesh… that could be taken so wrong!

  15. My daughter’s grandmother kept her puppies baby teeth, and I always thought that was… odd…

    I think I’d prefer it if she smoothed him in private.

  16. my little sister has a bunny that’s like her baby…that’s way crazier than a dog baby…so you’re in the clear

  17. The Mommy Household is actually in the beginning stages of adopting a dog. There were 600 pets displaced because of the Joplin tornado so shelters in our area are flooded with animals needing homes.

  18. One of my favorite macro shots. An amaryllis in our front yard.

  19. I wish I could be like you- my whole family loves our dog (we adopted last September) and she hasn’t grown on me. While I would never wish harm on her, I do wish I could go back in time and stand my ground and not get her in the first place.

  20. Ericka T says:

    I love my fur babies so much. This is the best picture I have with most of them on them. I’ve lost 3 this year. I’d love to have a picture for my blank walls.

    Thank you

  21. Wait . . . you don’t give your dog(s) kisses on the mouth?

    . . . so I guess that’s “weird” to do, huh?

    . . .



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