Wordful Wednesday. My Kid is a Rock Star.

The Dudes are all pretty spectacular in their own ways.

We have the quiet, reserved, nice guy of the bunch in #1.

We have the intense, emotional, go-get-em, tough guy in #2.

And then there is #3…


And there is really only one way to accurately describe the kid: he’s a friggin’ rock star.  Hard core.  All day.  Every day.  Full tilt.  100%.  Baby-gangsta-rock-star…

photo (3)

Every single thing about him is a party, and he makes it a point to rock the socks offa life every moment he gets.

photo (5)

It’s sorta insane to be his mama, actually, and I often wonder about other rock star moms.

Like, Steven Tyler’s mama for example?

Did she know when he was a kid that he was gonna grow up and rule the world a little bit one day?  I mean, I know rock stars aren’t world leaders or anything, but he did lead an influential, well-known, international rock band to greatness and not everyone can do that.

photo (4)

But, I’m relatively certain that, while #3 spends at least 3 nights a week break dancing in nuthin’ but socks and singing every single word to Rolling in the Deep, one day he is gonna grow up and be famously awesome.

Maybe not in the music industry, but in some industry, doing something. The kid was born to rock.  Literally.


I can just feel it.

He just has something that you don’t see in a ton of other kids.

Something that makes him so spectacular and exciting and attractive and fun to be around.

I know.  I sound like some ridiculous, annoying mom-brag, but don’t hate it’s totally true!  Swear it.


The Dude is just not an every day three year old.  He spoke his first word at 10 months (book) and he hasn’t stopped since.  He’s even gotten sarcasm down at this point and his sense of humor is well beyond his years.  The evil laugh that he likes to pull out when he sees girls in swimsuits at the pool may not be the best way to win women over, but it’s totally inappropriate ridiculously funny; like the three year old version of Tosh.0.

Even when the kid is bad, he’s good and he makes my life so over-the-top crazy sometimes I really do think that he was switched at birth.


I mean, I go hard, and I live awesome, but this Dude is so much more rock star than I can ever hope to be.  His three-year-old pinky finger has more charisma in it than I have in my entire body.


Imagine him at 16!

Look out world, my chain-saw-toting, booty smakin’, trash-talking, evil-laughing, naked-dancing, boogie-down-productions of a child will be starring in your life soon and I’m not sure I can stop him.

Probably no one can!

photo (6)

Ready to rock with #3?!  Here’s his rendition of Rolling in the Deep, by Adele.  No one said he had to get the actual words right!


Have some rock star shots of your own to share this week?!  Link them up here and then be sure to head over to my pal and co-host Angie’s Circus to see what she’s all Wordful about this week!

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  1. I just love your kids.

  2. Stop pulling our legs. I still think he’s your Russell Brand love child. ;)

  3. Loved the “Rolling In The Deep” singing. And his hair is totally rockstar!

  4. Whoops, computer went wonky…#123 is from a while ago…#124 is the most recent!

  5. You are not kidding about your boy, he is something else! And I totally know what you mean about the kid having something special inside him that just IS. Not to go around quoting Lady Gaga, but it seems to me some kids are just born this way. Good luck with those teenage years!

  6. Your boys are soo cute! Boys are soo much fun, crazy,dirty,gross but fun. I’m scared to have a little girl now. haha

    I have IG too. Isn’t it the best thing ever. :)

  7. A definite rock star! One day, you’ll be blogging as the MOM of a rockstar .. or all of them. Your kids should be on magazines, they’re so darn good looking. Beautiful. They must get their good looks from you Mama!

  8. He is really a rock star. I am sure that he will rule the world one day. So glad that you are prepared!

    I just adore his curls too! He is going to be a lady killer when he gets older. You are in so much trouble. With all 3 boys too!

  9. He is absolutely adorable!

  10. GREAT rendition of Rolling in the Deep…absolutely a rockstar. He’s already got the hair goin’ for him!

  11. Ha! I love kids who sing non-kid songs (approriate ones, of course). Video is priceless. I’ve got a similar one (interestingly enough, to Adele as well) of the girls singing their hearts out and the boy in the middle dancing. #3 looks like the funnest three year old around.

  12. That first photo is awesome! Ha!

  13. What an awesome group of pics and what an amazing lil boy you have! So full of life & spunk! The pics really capture that

  14. Okay, that video? PRICELESS. He is one awesome little guy!

  15. I don’t know if I would be scared (of the teenage years to come) or proud. At least he will always keep life entertaining.

    Bud will not sing what he deems to be “guhl” songs, and if I or Baby Girl try to sing a “boy” song he gets seriously peeved.

  16. NIKKI P says:

    Ok, there’s a commercial on TV right now. With a little dude that I swear is one of your lost kids. He is totally rocking out in the living room. That’s the whole commercial. I can’t think of what it was for now but I’ll pop back in when I see it again :-)

    (Meant to email you as soon ass I saw it last night but though “no, I’ll SURELY remember the product and you tube it. WHY do I always do that???)

  17. Awesome! I have a “rock star” (professional musician) brother, and he was very colorful even as a preschooler.

  18. Okay, so now that I’ve listened to the rock awesomeness, I had to comment again. I swear we need to get our 3 yr olds together, cause they may be secret twins.

  19. he rocks! love his look!

  20. I love the second one the best. He reminds me of my middle child that LOVES having his photo taken!

  21. I can tell just by the pictures that he is so full of personality. I love it! I hope it leads to big things someday. I can look and say “I knew him when…”.

  22. Total, 100% rockstar…pretty sure he gets it from his mom!

  23. Those are great!

  24. You got such an awesome rock star. ;)

  25. I would love to get #3 and Buster together. I just know they would tear it up and leave us gasping for air.

    He’s such a cutie!! I mean, rock star. ;-)

  26. I am not sure those photos could show any more personality…too cute! (In a super cool rock star kinda way!)

  27. Love him! What a personality!

  28. love the sassy-ness of him!!

  29. Oh my word. LOL Such charisma!

  30. For some reason the first shot reminds me of Lenny Kravitz with a guitar :)

    Look out world! He is so adorable!

    I wonder what my 3rd will be like :)

  31. You can tell by the pictures that he has a lot of spunk and personality. Too cute.

  32. I love these. He is soooo cute.

  33. I totally forgot to mention that he’s so stinkin’ cute. I wouldn’t doubt if this kid is famous someday. Seriously.

  34. “Even when the kid is bad, he’s good…” Love it. He reminds me a lot of my 8-year old. Funniest kid I’ve ever given birth to. Totally original. Unapologetically honest. And too uninterested to care if you like her style or not.

  35. My #3 has many of the same traits as your #3 but we think of him more as an anti-super hero. We call him the Spasm!

    That first shot…I don’t even have words for how funny it is….

  36. Ok I so can’t wait to see him at 16….and YOU, See if you have any hair left! haha

  37. That’s one awesome cute and cool dude you have. Can’t wait to see how he turns out to be when he becomes a teenager.

  38. Tabitha Blue says:

    He totally looks like a rock star!! I believe it :)

    haha! Awesome!

  39. There is just so much awesome radiating from these photos! Can’t wait to see where he is 20 years from now!

  40. I love those pics! Laughing that my 3yr old has those same swim shorts. Paul Frank rocks!

  41. Mine is more Broadway bound than rock star : )

  42. I have a feeling one day we’re going to look back on this post and say “YEP! Mama was right!” He is SO freaking cute and that smile…..melts my heart!

  43. What a character! Love that first photo. It totally cracks me up.

  44. Love this! I am a firm believer in the fact that we see things in our kids that will probably be huge parts of who they are when they are older. And from your pics and all of your other stories, he is definitely a rock star! OOh and just think of all the great rock star get ups and opportunities that you will get to take pictures of! :)

  45. It will definitely be interesting to see what he ends up doing as an adult. He certainly seems to have some TRUE rock star potential. And, well… he’s just SO DANG CUTE!!! :D

  46. What amazing shots and sounds like you have a one of a kind little guy. Can’t wait until you are blogging as the mom of a rock star.

  47. I was not expecting that first shot at all. LOL


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  2. […] am linking up Wordless(ish) Wednesday with The Paper Mama, 5 Minutes for Mom, Parenting by Dummies, Project Alicia, Supermom, and Live and Love Outloud.  you should […]