Eating Healthy for Kids. Horizon Dairy Live Chat!

You guys know I’ve been doing the whole eat-healthy-and-stop-being-lazy cooking from home thing this month, right?!

Well, I’ve also been proudly leading the Horizon Dairy Healthy Families Community with a bunch of other seasoned healthy eaters.

Yep, trying the whole learning by doing approach to healthy living.

I used to be really good about blaming my inability to eat healthy on my kids along with everything else I did that was lame, but what I’ve sorta discovered since I set out on this whole journey is that, again, it’s not them, it’s me!

I’m the one with an unhealthy cupcake obsession.

I’m the one who sneaks candy in my garage.

I’m the one who goes to McDonalds for smoothies 3 times a week!

I expected this huge rebellion to eating better from them but, you know what?  They LOVE it!

Every night they get so excited to see what new thing I’m going to present to them.  And, Dumb Dad is all hyped up about it too!

Seriously, I served a salad for dinner last night.

Sure, it was a very dressed up salad featuring bacon, but still!

A main course salad!

At Casa de Dummies.

Shut.  Up.

I’m trying here people. for reals.

And, even getting into the whole organic thing.

I’m not gonna lie and say that we “eat organic” now.  But, I will say that we choose organic whenever humanely possible and fiscally appropriate.

What about you?

Are you living healthier in 2012 (I’m not saying you have to give up cupcakes, just cut back a bit!)?  How do you teach your kids to choose healthy food options?  Are you an organic eater?!

All of this and more will be discussed at the Horizon Dairy Tips for Healthy Kids live chat, this Wednesday (1/25) at 10pm EST!

Come join me (the chat will actually be hosted right here on my site!) why don’t you?!


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    I try to keep things healthy at my house. We do the organic yogurts (which both boys LOVE), lots of fruits and veggies and preparing all the meals. Our biggest downfall and love is eating out on the weekends. We typically spend way too much money on a meal out that doesn’t taste as good as a meal we could cook at home. Sometimes we are just too darn tired or lazy by the end of the week. Oh we are pretty obsessed with Chick Filet around here!

  2. says

    I have one that is totally into all things salad, and one that just kind of likes them. As for me, I’m not a huge salad fan. I can eat them every once in awhile, but not all the time.

    As long as the little people get McDonald’s at least once a week they don’t rebel too much.