Our Kind of Love. High-fives and Happiness.

Yesterday I had a big ole fashion love fest over here and shared what “Love Is” in the blogosphere.  You should really go check out that post.  It’s sweet and filled with a bunch of pretty people you probably know and the pretty people they like to love on (that you probably don’t know quite as well).

It was all about how Dumb Dad & I keep the romance alive-ish.  Think dozing on the couch to Storage Wars while our children try to pile drive the dog as they jump off of the toy box in the playroom.  Or something.

But really, love is all up in Casa de Dummies.

We just have what I like to call a, um, sportier way of expressing it.

What’s that mean exactly?

Well, basically it means that we’re pretty committed to keeping the high-five in business.  Along with it’s even more awesome friend, the double high five, or what The Dudes like to refer to as the high-ten.

Score a point in a game: high five.

Bring home a good report card: high five.

Polish off your whole Chipotle burrito (and yes, my 10 year old can really do this): high five.

Clean your room without crying, take out the trash without crying, rare occasion that you actually remember to wear deodorant without crying: high five, high five, high, five!

There is even a good amount of high-five envy amongst The Dude ranks.

As in, one gets a high five for filling up the dog’s water dish without being told, another one is in my face telling me about the awesome thing they just did to earn a high five as well.

The high-five tally is a little bit sacred even.

It’s pretty much like living in a locker room (or, what I imagine a locker room to be like since I’m pretty sure everyone can tell that the amount of time I’ve personally spent inside of an actual locker room is laughable): high fives, loud voices, nakedness (just them, silly, not me), pep talks, and stank dudes.

We’re just not otherwise a very touchy-feely family.  And we score pretty low in the verbally expressiveness department as well (there are a lot of huh’s and grunts here, a lot).

Don’t get me wrong though, I still enjoy a good old fashioned cuddle from time to time too; even if it is obtained under duress.

Sometimes you just have to make a Dude cuddle you (see ladies, I’m training these boys up right)!  Not by acting whiney or needy; by putting your foot down and saying, “Get on over here and give your mama/wife a hug, fool.  And make it a good one!”

IMG_0232 IMG_0243

IMG_0229 photo(6)

Followed by a high five for completion of course.

What does love look like at your house?

Feel free to share with Seven Clown Circus and me in this week’s Wordful Wednesday.

Or link up something else entirely.   It’s all good! Just remember…



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  1. says

    I LOVE THIS. High fives to you for a great post!
    We do the occasional fistbump over here. Either way, I think the act of a sporty salute like that really says “team”, which is what families are supposed to be, right?

  2. says

    Aww, I miss when high-fives would do it for my kids. Now, love at my house is when I give my kids gas money and they do the dishes for me.
    I’m so glad I found you again! I used to read you all the time, then I got away from blogging due to some stuff going on, and now I’m back. I’m a little late to the party for your Not so Wordless Wednesday post, but I linked up and I’ll be back next week. So, so glad I found you again!

  3. says

    Awwww…That post gets a double high-five from me. How cute!

    Oh and I spotted my button in your sidebar. You ROCK, mama! You get two snaps and a round the world high-five from me. xox

  4. says

    We’re huggers and snugglers… most of us, anyway. The 17- and 21-yo boys are over that, and my 10-yo boy is to the point where he won’t let me kiss him goodbye when I drop him off at school (in comes the shoulder hug). I’m gonna hang on to the snuggles as long as I can!

  5. says

    I’m a huge fan of the high five and it is alive and well at our house. My kids are just going to have to love it whether they like it or not.

  6. says

    With 3 boys, we also do a lot of high fiving, but truthfully, we’re a family of snugglers. I don’t know why we’re so affectionate, bc I sure didn’t grow up that way. But I luuuv it, and I figure I’m doing a public service…good to their momma, good to their wives. lol…

  7. says

    High fives lasted about an hour with the divas, then they were like, “Mother, Please. I am not fooled. It is nothing at all to have you pat my hand.” Mickey and Small Fry on the other hand… Mickey and I high five when irony and “what went around;comes back around”. Small Fry has it right. He knows it means we have scored one for the team.

    Love in our house is standing together in the current storm.

  8. says

    Strangely enough my 2.5 yo daughter loves high fives too, with a twist…she follows-up with one “on the backside” Her grandma taught her that one. She’s a kisses and hugs girl too, but the high fives rule!

  9. says

    We love the high fives here at the Bungalow too. Although they are probably much daintier. Just saw the mustache photos on your sidebar. We took a page out of your book this Valentines. It was fun.

  10. says

    I live in a man house so I’ve adapted to the high fives…ya know…you peed IN the toilet…high five…you didn’t paint my walls with spaghetti…high five…you didn’t poke the dog in his anus with a hockey stick…high five.
    But we also do plenty of snuggles. Best part of my day ;)

  11. says

    Oh we are all about the ^5’s in our place. And knuckles…and then grandpa taught them elbows and ears and I drew the line at eyeballs.

  12. says

    High fives are a fab way to show love–especially among a family with so many dudes :) Our house is full of….huggers, shocking I know. :) Principessa especially craves hugs, and bed time is never complete unless there have been a zillion hugs to her and her American Girl doll. xo