TGIPinterest. Pin This!: On the Menu.

Lately I’ve fallen behind a bit on my menu planning.

That is bad.

So, so bad.

Which is why I am pumped about seeing all of your Pin This! Challenge links this week for your yummiest edible ideas found on Pinterest.

Because when Dumb Mom is uninspired culinaryily (apparently that’s not a word, but I’m gonna go with it), bad things happen.

Well, bad things that taste amazing.

Like this…


Were I to give up my conscientious eating entirely, I would be welcoming back all 4 inches and 3lbs I’ve lost in January.  Somehow eating an entire loaf of baked sweetness for breakfast does that to a girl. 

As does a lunch chaser of this (both of them, maybe a third one if it’s Friday)…


and a dinnertime follow up of this little dirty (and all 12 of his sliced homies too)…


I know.

Probably you think I’m exaggerating; that I don’t mean I will polish off a whole loaf of bread or an entire ice cream cake.

But, I am was a totally dysfunctional eater.

I make up for leading a pretty normal, straight-laced life in other areas, by eating like a pothead.

And, dude, I do NOT smoke weed.

However, had you popped over unannounced (never do that, kay, seriously, you will be frightened by my ratty pjs, my make-up less face, and an un-flushed guest toilet that The Dudes like to pretend is a bus station) at any point in 2011 you woulda been sniffing the air suspiciously.

I once (or maybe like 5 times) made an apple crisp in the morning and finished it all-the-way-gone by 3:35pm (to beat the bus) on the same day.

And, it’s never my intention to behave that way.

It just happens.

As I overeat my dessert to the point that Dumb Dad (who thankfully doesn’t read this smut) would be gaping at me to see it 75% devoured when he gets home, I find myself, desperate to hide my gluttony, finishing the whole thing, washing up the dishes, and discarding the evidence.

It was a sick, sick way to live.  I think I needed a 12 step program.

But I’ve given it up cold turkey.  I swear.

No more smashing apple crisps and trays of brownies or rolls of chocolate chip cookie dough for me!

Just like people with a drinking problem can’t have even just one drink without falling off the wagon, I can’t have even just one cupcake without eating 6. 

At least not in the beginning.  I have to detox first, get through the withdraw, before I can dabble in sensibly-portioned deliciousness.

I’ve missed it, not the eating like a pot smoker bit, but the deliciousness and joy only found in the smell of baking chocolate and a lick of a batter bowl.

And, The Dudes and Dumb Dad have missed it a bunch.

So, I came up with a semi-solution.

One that will leave them happy and me not so chunky.

I’ve taken to making fruit filled cookies.

I hate fruit filled cookies passionately.

I’m of the belief that nothing ruins a tasty-baked cookie worse than adding fruit to it.

But, the guys around here aren’t so picky.  So, they get these…


Oatmeal Cranberry White Chocolate Chip Cookies, from the Ocean Spray website.

They love them.  I hate them. 

They’re happy.  I’m miserable.

All is once again right with the world.

And I can go back to menu planning sensibly.  And pinning the heck out of tasty treats on Pinterest, with the hope that it keeps me from getting cracked out putting a hurtin’ on something calorie filled.

I’m planning a mini Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookie (look, I need me some treats, yo!) to distract myself between Super Bowl commercials (because I don’t give a care about the game) this weekend.  But I swear to share it with my family members.

None of the above items actually made it onto my On the Menu Pin Board.

But this did…


And, though it’s not chocolaty, or baked, it has bacon which is also pretty amazing.

What made it onto your On the Menu boards this week?

Link them up below so I can steal repin some ideas!

Ready for next week’s TGIPinterest Pin This! Challenge?!

Here it is: Pin This!: Feeling Red (completely and totally up for your interpretation, but in honor of Valentine’s Day and the sweet red trench coat I want for um, Thursday, we’re gonna roll with it!)


  1. says

    Your addiction sounds like mine. I mean. Seriously, I could have written every word here. It’s kind of sad that when looking at me no one would know I have a problem. But, I do. I think it’s great that you’re changing the way you’re eating. And, I think those fruit filled cookies actually look kind of good.

  2. says

    Dude, I could come over in my pajamas and makeupless face and help you eat some of that stuff. It would be my pleasure, really. I’d be helping you get rid of the evidence and you’d be feeding me. Win-win. :P

    Can we skip those white chocolate chip cookies though? If you don’t like them, then I probably won’t.

  3. says

    Totally need to do this. The Menu planning is lacking in my house as well. Very fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants these days :-) Which is why I’m eating rotels & velveeta for lunch….SO healthy.

  4. says

    I am always pinning all of the sweet stuff and I swear I gain weight just by doing it! And I agree with you, bacon is pretty amazing!

  5. says

    Oh yumm-o! What is that bread-like thing oozing out of the pan? I totally need to check that out!

    Ummm…o.k. Like I’m a total loser, because I didn’t follow directions. See, I kind of combined your challenge with Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop prompt. I guess I got a little over creative. lol

    Anyway, I linked up and I promise (kind of, sort of) to follow directions next week.

  6. says

    Mmmm!!! All of that looks so good! I am on Weight Watchers, so I get what you mean! I’m not on Pinterest yet. That’s bad, right?

  7. says

    Hey, I thought I was the only one that made cookies I absolutely detest so that I will not eat them, but it keeps the kiddos happy. Been meaning to comment on your blog, you always make me laugh when I read your posts, I love your sense of humor. :-)

  8. says

    I eat the exact same way. Can I just tell you – I haven’t had McDonald’s since 2011?? Sad, but this is a huge accomplishment. HUGE. So now I drool on Pinterest – my pin won’t help you behave, but it looks good!!

  9. says

    umm so did I write this post….because that sounds just like me. seriously. me and food have issues. If it’s sweet and in the house…it’s in my mouth. And I hate myself with each bite…but can’t stop. I feel like you get me. good luck changing habits…I’ve started that mission too.

  10. says

    Hope you find a few things the Dudes will love to munch on my board! Now with the Feeling Red Theme I can’t just steal from my current arsenal, so I’d better get busy pinning! Later : )