TGIPinterest. Using Pinterest to Grow Your Blog.

You guys know I’m a total Pinterest-aholic.

And, now that I’m even being paid to pin (like it’s part of my job!), I’m spending even more time on the site!  Which, contrary to popular belief, is humanly possible!

I know, some people don’t get Pinterest because they are nuts, but I’ve found that it’s not only a great way to waste a day get inspired, but it’s also a good way to connect with more influencers, AND grow your own blog.

Now that I’ve seen how amazing Pinterest can be at increasing blog traffic, helping me find inspiration for posts, and feeding my Ryan Gosling obsession introducing me to new bloggers,  I’ve come to appreciate and utilize it even more.

It’s also changed the way I post on my own site a bit.

Pinterest seems to work best for sites that are rich with imagery; there has to be something there for people to pin, and I’m not just talking about cute pictures of The Dudes (pinning people’s children without good reason is sorta frowned upon and weird).

I use image titles a lot more now…

And I try to include pictures of things instead of just people.

That’s the type of stuff that’s perfectly pinnable (feel free to go at it!).

And, whenever possible I like to add the Pin It! button right next to things I think people will want to pin; because subliminal messaging works (is it working on you?!).

Sure it’s more time consuming to create graphics and capture images of things when I really just want to take photos of my Dudes looking adorable all day, but it’s totally worth it.


The goal is to use this great platform to get your posts in front of people who aren’t really coming to your blog every day, but maybe would if they knew how freakin’ amazing it was!

And, that’s why I’m starting a Dude Awesome (term used loosely here to include any mama with a son) group board!

So I can easily pin, Tweet, share, and see stuff from my Dude Mommying, blog pals!  It’s seriously gonna up the awesome of Dude Mom Monday (which should be making a much needed return shortly)!  And ensure that all of you sharing awesome Dude stories, fun Dude photos, and products Dudes love on your sites, will have more opportunities to be featured on mine.

Which you know I LOVE doing!  Connecting my blog buddies is like one of the main reasons I even keep this blog up.

I’d love to add all of you Dude Moms to the board even if you don’t have any Dude posts to pin at the moment because maybe you’ll get inspired, or maybe you’ll find something you can connect with and share on your own blog, or maybe I just want to make sure you see all of MY Dude Mom posts.

Either way.  I want you involved.  So, leave your Pinterest profile URL in the comments section if you want to be added so we can start pimping each others posts pinning away!

In the meantime, how about I share a few of my current favorite boards with you?

5 Pin Boards You Should Follow Today

1.  (a) Musing Foodie’s Ford Porn Board. Because I like porn. Food porn at least. And there are plenty of tasty treats I’d rub all over my face if I had the talent, time, or disposition to create them. That porn-y enough for ya?!


2.  Papermama’s For My Barbie Dream Home Board.  Because seriously, who doesn’t want to live in a Barbie dream house?!  And, it’s like the most comprehensive board for home style and décor I’ve ever seen!  I could look at it all day.  Only I don’t, because doing so would make me want to set my own house on fire with hopes that the insurance money would cover a lighted, walk-in shoe closet!


Or, a walk through pantry with a serving table…


3.  The #ToyotaWomen All Things Toyota! Group Board. Great example of a well functioning, entertaining, always growing group board. I love it because it allows me to stay connected to all of the women who are in this amazing group with me, and it provides an amazing resource for those interested in the Toyota brand. Best part?! It’s not brand run or initiated. They didn’t ask us to do it and they don’t monitor it! We just do it because it’s a great community builder. Which is exactly what I’m hoping the Dude Mamas Group Board will be!


4.  The Top Mom Bloggers Board from Circle of Moms.  This board is all over the place.  But in a good way.  The board is a group board contributed to by nearly 300 of the Top Mom bloggers from the Circle of Moms site, and me.  I like it because I find someone new to follow or read daily.  And I get to see awesome craft and education type posts that I normally wouldn’t give a second look to (because I don’t like to craft or educate people).  I don’t like that I had take myself off the email notification list for group boards because of all the action this board gets.  But, now that we got that squared away, it’s pretty fantastic.

Source: via Type-A on Pinterest


5.  Type A Con’s Conference Chic Group Board.  Because conference season is starting up and everyone knows that the most important part of going to a conference is figuring out what the heck you’re gonna wear!  With so many great outfit ideas from Kelby Carr and a group of super fresh, stylin’ ladies, you don’t have to even think about it!

Want to be a part of the Dude Awesome Pin Board?  Don’t forget to share your Pinterest link with me in the comments!

*pBd Admits She Knows The People: I am a member of TWIN (Toyota’s Women Influencer Network) and was added to the Pinterest group board because of it.  I didn’t get paid any cash to share their program with you, or the posts on that group board, or Pinterest.  As obsessed as I am with that platform, I think everyone knows that already!


  1. says

    You are so right! I love the way photos are there forever, with their provenance (I started pinning because there were photos of my driftwood headboard all over the internet and people obviously didn’t know where they were from. Hey ladies, it’s my bed!)

    It is the easiest way to collate all the things which interest you – Pin away and suddenly realise you have a theme, so create a new board. Also I now have an inside track on people who share my love of Japanese boro, so I’m collecting lovely images from them, and sharing my own. Pictures from my website are up there too, I can let people know where they came from and keep Rough Linen images under my watchful eye. I can even see what grabs people’s imagination – market research!

    Best of all, it is pleasurable. We Love Pinterest!

  2. says

    There are so many things on pinterest one can get completely sucked in. Whoosh! Two hours just went by checking out the boards. It’s like a big black hole full of eye candy. I’m just trying to figure it all out (usually late on the social media train woot woot)
    If you wanna follow me:

  3. Heidi Friesen says

    I LOVE pinterest but I am kind of new to it. I know how to pin things from your blog, but don’t know how to “follow” you. Parenting By Dummies just brings me to pictures other people have pinned of your logo. Do I need a URL or your pinterest name or what the…?

  4. says

    I’ve never got the whole Pinterest thing… I haven’t taken the time to explore… but if it can feed my Ryan Gosling obsession then I’m all in!! Now I’m off to figure this out… and figure out how to add a Pin It button to my blog!

  5. says

    That shoe closet is amazing and now I am hungry for some cake. :) Love pinterest and what it can inspire. Thanks for the new boards to stalk.