Wordful Wednesday. Cupcakes for Dogs & Humans.

This week two of my babies celebrated a birthday.

#2 turned 7…


and, Baby Dog Daughter, turned 12 1…


and celebrated by climbing her face into the trash can to celebrate because she’s naughty like that.

#2 decided that dumpster diving for tasty treats isn’t really his idea of a good time, so instead, he rang in his 7th year by having a friend and family over to enjoy the uncharacteristically wonderful weather outside…


#3 complained vehemently about a variety of things while the rest of us ate cupcakes, had BBQ, and had a friendly game of basketball on his brand new hoop.

I truly can not believe how much he’s grown and changed and enhanced every single little bit of my life since he came into this world via a small incision that hurt like a mofo in my abdomen 7 years ago…


And Baby Dog Daughter?

Her too.

She started off as a wee little shoe-chewing-house-pooping-kid-biting baby thing…


All fun and games unless she was playing dead sleeping…


And, she’s grown into this massive hunk of a shoe-chewing-better-not-ever-poop-in-this-house-or-so-help-me woman…

A massive hunk of a woman that I love in spite of her remarkable ability to piss me off royally with her badness pretty much every day of life.

So, in true crazy dog owner lady fashion, I baked her a doggie cake…

And, even though she acted entirely ungrateful…

she loved it and unceremoniously ate the heck out of it.

Because she’s chronically hungry like that.  And she appreciates a good cupcake just like her mama.

And because I know that you dog lovin’ mamas out there like me want to make happy birthday doggie cakes for your hairy beasts I’m gonna hook you up with my recipe now.

It may not appeal to the more discerning doggie palate, but to the eat anything breeds of the world, it will taste like butta (actually, it wasn’t completely horrible, and yes, I tasted it myself)

Your hairy beast can thank me later…

dog cupcake

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  1. Your dog is ALMOST as cute as your boys! :) That’s saying a lot because I’m not too much of a dog person.

  2. Happy Birthday to both and thanks for sharing that recipe! :)

  3. You are a great Doggy Mommy. When it’s my dog’s birthday, I’ll say, “Oh, hey! The dog’s [enter age here] today!” Then I’ll give the dog a smile and go about my business.

    Oopsy! Should I be doing more?… ;-)

  4. Dude, i thought that I was the only one who did this for her dog on their birthday. My friends make fun of me. jerks. Dogs are people too dang it…even if they do eat linoleum floors and roll around in dead animal carcasses…

  5. We had two birthdays around here too. One of ours goes on all fours, but is nowhere near as hairy as baby dog daughter!

  6. happy birthday to 2.
    happy birthday to poo.
    happy birthday in the casa.
    happy birthday to you

  7. I can’t wait to make birthday cupcakes for our dog! Thanks for the recipe and thanks for hosting!

  8. OMG love it!! You dog is so sweet, not to mention your boys :)

  9. Okay that photo of your doggie girl in the party hat is totally classic and full of AWESOME!!! HA HA HA!!

    Happy Birthday to both your boy and your girl… :)


  10. Happy Birthday to both of them!!! My son turns 7 in May, yikes!! I love how you posted the dog treat recipe.

  11. She looks so, so sad with that hat on.

    Happy birthday eve’y body!

  12. I cannot believe you made Big Miss a cake for her birthday.

    Wish #2 a Happy Birthday for me, you hear?

    LOVED your pictures.

  13. Happy Birthday #2 and to your cute dog. She really is a gorgeous hunk of doghood.

  14. I remember baking a cake for my dog. And then I had babies. Hats off to you for continuing to make your dog baby feel special. Mine’s just happy that my kids are such messy eaters. And I’m glad for a “vacuum cleaner” that takes no effort on my part :)

  15. Happy belated birthday. Love the doggie pictures too! Too funny I have never heard of dog cake. Somehow I don’t think there is such thing as cat cake.

  16. Happy Birthday to all! I so need to layout my recipes like you do. I love the way it looks!

  17. Aw, Happy Birthday to all your kids, human and fury. :-)

  18. Torie@Twenty Five Design says:

    Happy Birthday to your baby and fur baby. What an adorable dog you have! I am in fact a dog lover and can’t get enough of those mangy mutts :)

  19. That last pic of Baby Dog Daughter has me cracking up! She looks so ashamed to be wearing that hat!

    Happy birthday to #2. What a handsome boy he is!

  20. Happy happy birthday!!! I am totally going to try this recipe for my pooches!!

  21. Happy Birthday #2!!

    And to you too lucky cupcake eating dog!

  22. Happy Birthday to Dude #2 and your dog! I’ll definitely have to make that cake for my hairy beasts. :)

  23. Happy birthday to all!

    We just lost our dog. Be warned before you visit my WW post. :-(

  24. Happy bday to your second child and furbaby. Although, that huge mass of dog is hardly a baby anymore

  25. BWAHAHAH — that last photo of her in the hat is HILARIOUS!

    Happy Birthday to everyone at your house!

  26. Well, your words were fabulous; your child is fabulous (and oh that baby picture!); your dog is fabulous – I thoroughly enjoyed this post!

  27. Aww, happy, happy birthdays!! I’ll have to share your recipe with my In Laws. Their german shepherd would LOVE a new tasty treat! :)

  28. Happy Birthday #2 and Baby Dog Daughter!! Is #2 a St. Paddy’s baby? Seems like a good day for a birthday ;)

    Thanks for the love on my breastfeeding post!

  29. I love this! The pictures are sweet!

  30. It’s birthday season at our house, too!

    So very many cupcakes and BBQ to be had – but I think your’s wins!

    Happy birthdays all the way around!

  31. Awww! Happy birthday to both your cuties!

  32. Happy birthdayS! Looks like a fun week.

  33. Awww, happy birthday to both your cute babies! So funny that you actually baked something to feed your dog! My dog now wants to come live at your house. Can I send her over?

  34. Happy birthday to both of them! Wow, how they’ve grown. Those baby pictures are so cute!

  35. Happy birthday to your babies! I am cracking up over the dog-in-party-hat pic. You are such a great dog mama (dogma?) to bake a doggie cupcake for your pooch. Feeling guilty now that my dog got squat on her BD in January :(

  36. So cute! Your dog is adorable as well… And I’m so not a dog person ;) allergies hinder it

  37. Happy Birthday #2, and to dumb dog, she’s still adorable!
    And #2? He gets cuter and cuter!

  38. Happy birthday to the dude and the dog:)

  39. wow wow!! I can’t wait to try this treat for my dog! thanks!


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