BList: Best Bloggers for Good.

I have only just recently begun to realize the power of blogging for good.

Sure, I dabbled in the occasional PSA in the past in which I ranted a bit about something I thought was annoying or unjust in an effort to convince you that you should agree with me always.

But, before Moments in Frames came to me and we decided to host the #Frames4Good contest, I’d never really actually thought about devoting a good chunk of blog space to helping other people.

I know, when I write it out like that it sounds pretty lame.

And, when I think about it now, I realize that’s because it sorta is!

I mean here I have this space, millions thousands okay probably just a hundred people come to every day to connect and learn and, um, why do you guys come here again?

Anyway, here I have this space, that has a captive audience (because I am SO not letting you leave), that is relatively interested in what I am saying. 

Why not take this opportunity to share on the for-good causes that I am passionate about?

Don’t get crazy, it’s not like I’m going to do it every day; we all know I’m not that good.

But, from time to time, when the mood strikes me?  Sure!  Why the heck not?

If there is even the slightest chance that you might learn and start to care about a mom needing a kidney transplant, or a kid who doesn’t have food, or even a young girl who is doing amazing things, I’m down for that.

Just don’t expect me to give up my meaningless Dumb Mom’s Guides, or my weekly photo shares in which I try to convince you I’m a whiz with a camera, or even my you-should-dress-better-because-it’s-easy-and-fun fashion posts, because they’re staying too.

I know how much you’d miss all of that drivel if it just went away.

But every now and then I’m going to just have to remind you that using your voice (or allowing me to use mine without you getting turned off or inspired to never read me again) is a beautiful thing.

When I spot good cause awesomeness on the Internets that I KNOW you will want to support (no pressure, but like, if you have time) I’m going to share.

Because I know that, deep down, you would want me to!

Case in point.

Remember when I talked about Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good thingy?

Well, the finalist have been chosen which means it’s nearly time to vote on the finalists to help determine which in-need non-profits are going to be the smiley owners of a new car (don’t worry, I’ll remind you when it’s time to vote!)!

Or, when I spy other do-good-ish bloggers out there committed to causes designed to help, I feel like I owe it to you to let you know about it.

Because I’m just good people like that.

Sounds like we need a BList!

BList: Best Doing Goodnes Bloggers

Charitable Influence.  Started by Heidi Oran and one of my all time fave bloggin’ peeps, Fadra Nally, this amazing site seeks to bridge the gap between bloggers and causes.  In an effort to help non-profits and other charities gain much needed exposure, Charitable Influence connects bloggers who care to causes that need them.  Because we bloggers know a little somethin-somethin about being hear.  And making sure people notice us, right?  Charitable Influence encourages us to use that for more than speedy appliance maintenance! 

Mommy Niri Cares.  Social media for social good is what Mommy Niri is all about.  She uses her blogging platform to rally support from like minded bloggers and social mediaists (totally not a word, but it fits and I like it, so go with me here) around some of her favorite charities.  I know I can spare an RT for a good cause, how about you?!

Scary Mommy Nation.  You all know Jill and the amazing things she’s working on these days.  But, she’s more than just a power blogger and a famous author moms love, she’s also using her well known site for good.  After last year’s success with her A Thanksgiving for Everyone Food Drive, she has decided to create Scary Mommy Nation, the goal being getting mothers to help other mothers feed their families.  Hungry kids is more than just a tiny bit scary, it’s downright frightening. 

Adventures in Extreme Parenthood.  Sunday uses her humorous parenting blog about life with two boys on the autism spectrum for raising awareness about autism.  She teaches us with her Team Extreme posts featuring other parents in similar situations.  She makes us laugh with her awesome Special Needs Ryan Gosling posts (seriously, looking to laugh, visit her every Friday; so, so funny), and she reminds us to be respectful and informed with her support of the Spread the Word to End the Word campaign.  What I love most about Sunday is that she reminds us that no matter what life tosses your way, you don’t have to let it be sucktastic; awesomeness can be found in the most unexpected of places.

#Bloggers4Haiti.  This is the hashtag created by a group of bloggers who traveled to Haiti earlier this year to gather knowledge about what the country still needs 2 years post quake.  But, they are sharing more than what the country doesn’t have with their readers; they are sharing all of the beautiful things the people of Haiti o have to offer as well.  Follow bloggers Tech Savvy Mama, Ciao Mom, Justice Jonesie, Blogs de Mamas, and Spanglish Baby, to stay up to date on ways you can get involved on this and future initiatives. 

And, don’t forget to lend your support to me and the other six amazing, doing-good-cause-they-like-it bloggers entered into my #Frames4Good contest.  The contest entry period closes today (in case you still want to try to win the $25) but comments can continue until 5/6/12.

1. Four Plus an Angel.

Cause: March of Dimes

2.  Perspicacity.

Cause: Autism Speaks

3.  Musings of a Marfan Mom

Cause: The National Marfan Foundation

4.  Desert Deals Diva

Cause: Diaper Bank

5.  FiND iT FREDERiCK Magazine

Cause: Frederick County Humane Society

6.  A Grande Life.

Cause: March of Dimes March for Babies

7.  Me!

Cause: National Kidney Foundation

pBd Admits She Know These People: I am a member of TWIN (the Toyota Women’s Influencer Network) with basically just means I am privy to Toyota related awesomeness before some of you may be.  They don’t pay me and they still haven’t given me the car I want.  I share information I get from them as I see fit and only because I think you’ll enjoy it.  I’m a pleaser like that.  What can I say?!


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    I think it is awesome that you will be Blogging with a cause from time to time. But don’t discount the good that you do on a regular. We are often the most helpful when we are not even trying and are just being ourselves. I am not a mom but I’m sure you dumb mom approach has made a lot of other moms feel they are not alone in their struggles, ups, and downs. Personally you have been invaluable to me as a blog role model. When I saw you on WNTW I was like “wait, this girl blogs. Other black people are blogging?. She goes to blog conferences. I did not know there were blog conferences”… Yeah I thought all of that. Keep on doing what you’re doing and I look forward to your blog for a cause type of posts.

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    It really is amazing, bloggers doing good – bloggers voices can be loud and heard and can make amazing change, you know? Thanks for this post, showcasing all this awesome! I’ll be working together with the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario in May, and I’m so excited to be using my blog for good! :)

  3. says

    I really appreciate the opportunity to share about Autism Speaks with your readers. Everyone listed is incredible; wish we could meet over coffee!! Thank you and Moments in Frames again for giving me this opportunity to shamelessly beg my friends and anyone else with a pulse to fight through Blogger’s weird commenting idiosyncracies to try to help me out!!! #frames4good #frames4good #frames4good :-)

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    Thank you so much for the mention but now I’m scared that I’m up against you too in the comment competition?? I’m totally going to start walking the streets with a sign and my laptop.

  5. says

    I didn’t even know bloggers were actively doing stuff like this until I saw Fadra’s new site. I think it is great that there are people out there focusing on this type of thing.