Wordful Wednesday.Going Medieval.

I live in a house filled with heroes.

Type, not always determined.

Sometimes they’re ninjas.  Sometimes they’re pirates (the good kind).  Sometimes they’re Power Rangers, or super heroes, or just plain old good guys.

No matter the physical appearance, or the costume they’ve chosen to don for the afternoon, The Dudes have a thing for playing the white knight in this life.

So, when we got the opportunity to spend an evening of their spring break checking out the new show at Medieval Times, Baltimore, they were beyond excited.

#1 and #2 have had the opportunity to experience the fighting knights before; 2 years ago #1 celebrated his 8th birthday in the medieval ring.

But, since 2 years ago #3 was not physically capable of sitting still for more than 5 minutes without body bucking himself to the floor, he’d never had the unique pleasure of seeing the king and his knights do their thing.

Suffice to say, he.  Was.  EXCITED.  When we broke the news to him about where he would be dining, this is pretty much what we got…


His enthusiasm remained until about an hour before we were allowed into the arena, at which point is stomach took over and he strangely regressed into that 2 year old we talked about earlier.

Note to parents of 4 year old Dudes ruled by their seemingly insatiable appetites: DON’T arrive at Medieval Times super early because your kids are driving you mad with their are-we-there-yet-when-are-we-gonna-be-there-are-we-there-yet antics.  You will hate your face.  And probably that of the old dude giving you the stink eye because your 4 year old keeps telling you he’s STARVING in his shouty voice.

Or, be smarter than Dumb Mom is and pack a snack.  Duh.

So since he was “famneshed”, it was initially the medieval food he found most thrilling and he was beside himself to discover that eating with your fingers is not only allowed, but encouraged by their not readily providing you with silverware (if you are a spoil sport not wanting the full experience of medieval life, the staff will kindly provide you with a fork and knife).

But once his intense hunger was sated, he fell under the spell of the good knights and their quest for um, I don’t know, whatever knights quest for.

All of The Dudes (and me and Dumb Dad and for sure the random-overly-drunk-and-borderline-belligerent-but-still-wildly-entertaining Dude sitting behind me) got into the show.

They cheered for our knight in each event, begged him to bestow his flower upon me (he didn’t, some 8 year old trollop child caught his eye and was awarded the prize over me), and nearly wept at the end of the show when our knight (we got yellow and red) overthrew his opponents and claimed victory for our kingdom.

The rest of our spring break consisted of whining, complaining, and fighting was downright wack compared to our evening with the knights of the round (although the couple of days they spent driving Mimi and Papa nuts with the grandparents was pretty awesome).

Live in Maryland and want to take your small people to get medieval?!  I have a family 4 pack of tickets to the Medieval Times at Arundel Mills giveaway!  Just leave a comment saying why you wanna go and you’re entered to win them!*

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*pBd Admits It’s Free: Medieval Times invited us out to the show along with other members of the press to see the new show.  They didn’t pay us, but they didn’t make us pay them either.  They also didn’t make The Dudes love heroes in any form they can get them.  I’m pretty sure that’s all me.  If you want to win the tickets to the show be sure that you’re 18 or older and that you leave a comment on this post by Tuesday, 4/17, at midnight.  Tickets are only valid at the Arundel Mills Medieval Times location!


  1. Cassie says

    We went to MT once a few years ago and loved it! I would love to be able to go back with the kids :)

  2. says

    We had the same problem with our four year old that has a hollow leg at Sea World. We got there early for our tour and I didn’t pack any snacks. After a couple of hours his stomach was hitting his backbone and you would have thought he was going to die. David got him some popcorn, but then, of course, he didn’t eat his lunch.

  3. says

    Looks like the dudes had a blast. I have been to MT once as a chaperone for a marching band trip in Florida. We all had a ton of fun. Looking forward to taking the boys when they are a little older. Loving your pictures of the dudes in the DIY costumes. :)

  4. says

    I’ve also always wanted to go to Medieval Times!! Sadly its not in Minnesota nor free to me! Boo.

    PS LOVE that they make costumes out of Christmas wrapping!

  5. says

    I would love to take my daughter to Medieval Times. I forgot all about them… I went when I was young and loved it, I think she would too. I didn’t know there was one in Baltimore, awesome!

  6. says

    oh wow. this sounds fantastic! SO wish I lived nearby.
    We used to take our kids to something similar when we would vacation down south and I swear, their favorite part was always the fact that they could eat with their hands :)

  7. says

    I wonder what my girls would think….hmmm.

    But, I’d have to bring snacks, too….they can’t do anything if they are hungry.

  8. Lili says

    I’d LOVE to take my little girls! They love this kind of stuff, as do my husband and I!!

  9. says

    I have always wanted to go to Medieval Knights! The only problem is that there isn’t one near us!
    It looks like you guys had fun!

  10. says

    Every time we go to Arundle Mills I think about going into Midieval Times. We never do, never have. I want to go mainly b/c the girls are starting to express interest in things not so decidedly girly and jousting would be perfect!

  11. SusanS says

    Ooooh! I’d love to go. My 7-year-old Medieval Princess would love the show and we only live about 10 miles from Arundel Mills.

  12. says

    This looks so fun. I’m going whether I win or not! Thanks for the head’s up. Especially about the arrival time.

  13. says

    I think the boys would love Medieval Knights. We’re going to Florida in October and I know they have a place there, but I’m not sure if we’ll be able to fit it in.

  14. says

    My son is a fanatic of anything that involves knights and fighting. He has wanted to go to Medieval Times for ages! I’d love to win this for him; he has a birthday coming up and he’s officially becoming a teenager. (I’m scared. lol)

  15. Heather says

    My daughters love Medieval Times and they would love to go again. The younger has managed to snag a flower from the knight. It is now the older’s life purpose to get one too. We visited a second time and a carnation was on its way to my girl when a trollop mom in the row in front of us stood up and plucked it from the air and gave it to her son! The nerve.

  16. says

    You know, you are so good at embracing the boy momma life. Mine are 2.5 and 4 and I’m still at the really? we are going to wrestle and sword fight all day phase. I will get to where you are right??

  17. says

    How awesome! I can’t imagine how thrilled your boys must have been.

    My 3yo just started getting into knights and castles (OK, so it’s really the princesses they protect she loves) but I think she may be ready for a trip to Medieval Times. Too bad we don’t live near you because what beats a trip to Medieval Times? A free trip of course! :)

  18. Karly @ Three in Three says

    I bet it was just an awesome time! I can’t wait to be able to do things like that with my girls.

  19. says

    I’ve never been and could totally chow on a giant turkey drumstick while watching knights battle it out during dinner! Plus we’d totally have to make ourselves some knight outfits but ours would probably be Trader Joe’s bags! LOL!

  20. says

    I’ve heard there’s a Medieval Times somewhere near Chicago. It looks like such a fun place. Someday I hope to take the family up that way. By the way, love the pic of your kids dressed up in Christmas bags. Very creative!

  21. says

    I adore your boys’ paper bag armor. Medieval Times looks like so much fun. My boys would love it. Wonder if it travels or if there’s one up by me in the NYC area? I’ll look into it.

  22. Aimee @ smiling mama says

    I can’t tell you how often I’ve thought to myself that as soon as our oldest was a little older we’re definitely going to that Midevil Times. He’s six now and would LOVE it! (um and so would I!)

  23. says

    I want to go to Medieval Times so badly that I think my head might blow off at the possibility of winning tickets. My three boys would be as stoked as yours. Seriously, I was just talking about this the other day with a friend.

  24. says

    I love the photo of the boys in their costumes! My husband used to work for a Renn Faire and I think it’d be fun to take the kids!

  25. says

    I loved going to the Renaissance fair when I was younger and I think Principessa would have so much fun at this! Um and those bags– you are super crafty & clever my friend! love it!

  26. Becca - Our Crazy Boys says

    HOW have I not been to one of these before?

    Probably because there are none by us, but I am now searching for one near family!!!

    Your photos with the Christmas bags are hysterical. I LOVE them!

  27. says

    I’ve always wanted to take the kids to one of those medieval watch-guy-fight-while-you-eat-with-your-fingers type of shows, but we have a 3-year old who for some reason doesn’t know how to act right in public. Or private. Sounds like you guys had a blast! I’ll be sure to arrive shortly before the show starts and will pack snacks just in case. Thanks for the head’s up! :)

    And thanks, especially, for featuring me again. You are so stinkin’ sweet!