Wordful Wednesday. On Finding a Stylist to Love On.

Well, guys.

It’s finally happened.

After years of trying. 

A number of unsatisfying flings.

Time I can never get back; effort I could barely muster; heartache, embarrassment, frustration, and tears.

Actually, a ridiculous amount of tears now that I think about it.

I’ve finally found him.

My soulmate hair stylist!


Hi name is Moses.  He’s a well known DC Metro area hair stylist with his own product line of Moses Smoothing Elixirs perfect for mind-of-it’-own hair like mine.

And, you know what, ladies?

He is the stuff dreams are made of.

I kid you not.

Look at what this man did to me…


The last time I looked and felt this fabulous I was sitting in Ted Gibson’s chair while he worked his thousand dollar scissors on me and I waited for Stacy & Clinton to have their way with me!

This?  Cost WAY less than anybody’s thousand bucks.

But, it feels just as fabulous.

Well, almost.

I mean I’m at home, I paid for it myself, so naturally that makes it less awesome.  But, also, I’m not really totally adjusted to the color yet; it’s hard for me to get used to the whole Beyonce thing.  But, I love the cut, and the style (I feel sorta Jennifer Aniston-y), and the fact that he was able to blow out my curls (with the help of a posse of course) in less than 20 minutes.

With his posse…


I need a hair posse at my house.

To follow me around with a paddle brush and a blow drier, and Moses’ bottled magic to spray to shoot on my head and keep the frizzies away.

Because I usually wind up with just one day of hair spectacularness…


Once I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my hair to keep sweat out the awesome and am physically incapable of getting it back to it’s previously gorgeous state.


You know, my birthday is this month.

So, if you’re interested in getting me a gift of some sort, a hair posse would be perfect!

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    1. says

      Gorge-osity!!! You are so lucky – I need to find my very own stylist/hair posse, too, because this Asian-Lady-From-Soul-Train look that I’m rocking is OLD. Like, 1970s OLD. Boo. But at least you look fantastic! ;-)

    2. says

      Your hair looks amazing!!!! Moses did well. I understand about finding a stylist. It took me 6 years before I found one I stuck with. I’m heading to her tomorrow and am very excited! The first 3 years I lived here I waited to get my hair cut until we flew back to Oklahoma for our yearly trip back there. I miss my stylist there but am happy to have found a replacement. BTW what flat iron do you use? My CHI just bit the dust. :(

    3. says

      Love the new look. I am still on the hunt for the perfect stylist myself. My mom was my stylist the majority of my life, so I get a little sticker shock when I get my hair done. But I’m getting a little better, though. For a curly, finding a great stylist is half the battle. So happy you! You don’t need a posse just the right products to help you at home.

    4. says

      You look PHENOMENAL. I have yet to find a stylist I love, but I’m feeling very good towards my colorist right now. I’m hoping we’ll get to love. Also you were on What Not To Wear??? Awesome!!! I worry I may need to be on that show sometimes…

    5. says

      Oh my LORD! This made me laugh out loud: “Once I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my hair to keep.” Girl, that should be on Pinterest! You crack me up!!! :-D

      Have you ever had a keratin treatment? I wish I could help you with the hair thing but I can’t even afford to get my own done. Hmmmmm….Maybe you could barter with Moses? Free promotion (blogging, tweeting, pinning, Facebooking) for free hair?

    6. says

      your hair looks awesome!!!!
      wow, mine looks like a frizz ball most of the time :O
      have a great day, from one dude mom to another! lol

    7. says

      Wow!! Look at you hot mama!! You look great! I love the new hair cut, color, and style.

      I love getting my hair done but I can never get it to look the same again either.

    8. Tabitha Blue says

      LOVE the hair!!! I know what you mean about not having that stylist! We just moved last year and I still haven’t found one… it’s easier to find a new doctor, dentist, and everything else!! I love the look on you :)

    9. says

      WAAAAAH Your pics went up on fb the same day I took my girls to have theirs done for the spring concert. The next morning, we went to Zumba and BANG now it was ick. Then we went to the mall, and this guy in the middle was selling a flat iron that made Muss’ hair look like spun gold, I kid you not.

      We have been at the beauty college for so long. I haven’t had a stylist to call my own since…people were still asking me how married life was treating me.

      We would not have thought it was possible for you to be prettier, maybe it’s the delight? The hair is fantastic! You know you are my girls’ style icon.

      • Dumb Mom says

        I avoid those mall flat iron guys like the plague. I don’t want them to touch me or I will probably sink a bunch of money into an item I can’t afford and likely won’t use. For me it’s a time thing. My hair desires to be curly, so the time it takes to beat it into a submissive, straight style is rarely worth it. It’s only fun when someone else is doing it! Thank you for the compliment. You and your girls are so sweet! You can let them know that 12-15 year old Amanda had some SERIOUS beef with her hair. And her fashion. And, um, everything!

    10. says

      You look MAHvelous!!!! It never ceases to amaze me what great hair can do for our attitude, and the way we feel inside. I’m so glad you found him. I hope you enjoyed your gorgeous hair to the max … and maybe you can re-create a little of the magic on your own? Usually I can attain about 40% of the awesomeness the next day :)

    11. says

      OMG! That is absolutely gorgeous! I love it. I totally understand the quest for a good stylist, especially for natural hair (locs) in suburbia. A hopeless mission. Every time I do find one, they are completely flighty and unreliable.

    12. says

      Your hair looks awesome. Of course, as a curly-haired girl myself, I do really like your curls too.

      It feels so fun to get it blown out straight sometimes though.

    13. says

      Oh hon, it looks great! But I do love your hair curly too. You’re so lucky that you can wear it both ways! :D

    14. says

      Wow. Just wow. Moses is a God. Your hair looks amazing. I’ve been trying to find a new stylist for 2+ years now and still haven’t found my God. You are a lucky woman!

      And when you get that hair posse for your birthday can I borrow them just once? I need a hair posse at my house too!!

    15. says

      It’s goregous. As a fellow curly header, I know how annoying it can be to try to get it straight. It never gets as straight at home as it does in the salon. And you have to either pin curl it or wrap it and use a breathable wrap doohickey (it’s not a scarf. It wraps around your head once and fastens with velcro (that you have to make sure doesn’t stick to your hair because OUCH)). And then a satin cap. You’ll let your scalp breathe but it’ll stay contained and won’t poof up the roots.

      • Dumb Mom says

        I sweat like a marathon runner at night. And we both know I don’t run marathons. My mom gave me one of those breathable caps to wear. I found it wrapped around Dumb Dad’s ankle when I woke up.

    16. says

      I love your inner Beyonce! I hear your hair woes. There is something very difficult about wiry “redhead” hair too. I tell my hair dressers it’s kind of like pipe cleaners. Wiry and fuzzy : )

      • says

        Oh yes I can sympathize with the wire redhair. Mine is thick, frizzy and wavy in all he wrong spots.

    17. says

      Well, even if it’s just for the day… you look fabulous! It’s such a load off when you find someone that can work their magic on your mane. (Talking about myself now of course- I have yet to find a good stylist here in SC. I won’t tell you the number I’ve been through in less than 6 months.) :)


    1. […] my hair up pretty bad. Of course, I vowed to NEVER do it again and to find a real stylist like Dumb Mom from parenting BY dummies, who found her Stylist Soulmate (luuucky!), but there I was, YouTube-ing away, ready to suffer a bad hair cut by my own hand […]