Wordful Wednesday. American Dreams & Hot Rods.

I have lived and traveled outside of the United States and I have to say, America is an awesome place.

Sure, sure, there are some sucky bits.  And we can whine and moan for days about the lack of affordable health care, healthy food, and the lack of adequate parking space in urban areas (I can’t be the only person who complains about this!).

But me?

I like to focus on the awesome.

And be grateful for my freedom to easily locate a donut when I need one and not pay extra to have more than one rugrat and such.

And ice cream.  And apple pie.  And classic cars.  And baseball.  And gas-guzzling SUVs.  And too-big-houses-with-too-big-yards.

This is my life (except for the too big house part; I have 3 Dudes and I could stand a little less of them all up in my grillness and a secret room with a soft chair and wifi and a mini fridge to store my cupcakes).  And I like it.  I like it a lot.

I spent this past weekend watching my 10 year old tear up the soccer field in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

We had a blast when we weren’t sweating like we stole something and he played like a gangsta…

Sure I was a little uncomfortable about the sign marking the Mason Dixon Line, and the Confederate reenactors sorta made me skittish (I mean if they are still pissed off about the loss, maybe they are still a little peeved about not having human capital too?), but overall it was a fun way to spend a weekend designed to celebrate the special people we’ve lost defending all of this sea-to-shining-sea.

Following our weekend of Sweat-What-Your-Mama-Gave-Ya in G-Burg, we got to head up to Mimi and Papa’s for a good ole fashioned BBQ.

And a swim (The Dudes could not live without enjoying a Memorial Day swim)…

dude swim

And this bit of Americana that Papa rolled out of the garage all sharp and shiny like for the very first time…

fave pic

Go ahead and swoon a bit.

When I went out to Cali a few months ago to get up close and personal with Toyota*, I discovered that Camry is currently the most American made car.

No joke.

The car with the most American made parts in its body is a Japanese brand.  Personally, I appreciate that because, in today’s economy, any corporation, whether they are native to the US or not, that provides a mess of jobs to people who need them is a-ok in my book.


Doesn’t this just scream AMERICA?!


I mean, it’s not like I’m actually old enough to remember anything like this.  Because I’d like everyone to remember this and repeat after me: Dumb Mom is YOUNG.  And hot.  And YOUNG.

But I love a throwback and I have a borderline obsession with the 1940s and 50s.  And this makes me think of the parts of that time period I love.

And also?

My daddy built all of this pretty…

1940 chevy coupe

From this down right ugly…

40s chevy coupe

With his own two hands (and the hands of a bunch of West Virginian mechanics who do this type thing because they love it).

He purchased it over 5 years ago, in its junky-blown-out state, because he always wanted to build a hot rod.  ALWAYS.  Even when I was little he talked about one day retiring and making this dream come true.

And then he did.

And it is awesome.  And I’m so proud of him.  And I’m so happy that he shared so much of this journey with The Dudes so that they will always have these memories of him.  And I’m totally a crying face baby right now over it.

Enough with my blubbering.

Point is, if that doesn’t scream American dreaming, I don’t know what does.

To celebrate (and also, just because I say so), this summer we are embarking on an All American adventure.

Inspired partly by the Olympics, partly by #3’s heartfelt, tear-filled meltdown over that part in Cars when the sad music plays and they reminisce about days gone by on Route 66, and partly by Dumb Dad’s double dog dare that there is no way I could live for a month by buying only things made in the USA (because he asserts that EVERYTHING is made in China).

We are gonna share some chunks of the US 0f A with The Dudes and see that Buy American dare from Dumb Dad (because I never turn down a dare people, NEVER!).

It will be a blast.  But, I’m so happy that I already bought an iPhone, and an iPad, and my laptop, and my favorite shoes, and, um everything.

What are you feeling Wordful about this week?!

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pBd Admits She Knows These People: I am a member of TWIN (Toyota Women Influencer Network) so I get to hear all kinds of tidbits of Toyota awesome.  I share them with you because I think it’s cool, not because they pay me.  Because they don’t.  Just so you know.

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  1. Frederick Vines says:

    Just saw the show What not to wear this afternoon. I pray that you are proud of yourself. Your smile lights up a room and you outlook can help anyone get through the day. You are a beautiful woman and I hope you take time out for yourself and you will make all the people in your life even more happier. God bless you.

  2. That car is cherry. You need to dress up period style and do a photo shoot with it. That would be awesome.

    I don’t get Civil War reenactors (I have no idea how to spell this word, and neither does spell check) at all. We (Southerners) LOST. Get over it!

  3. That car is amazing! Your dad is super talented!!! I would be proud too. What a fun challenge. Looking forward to hearing how it goes. Are you going to be documenting it somehow?

  4. That car is absolutely gorgeous. I’d totally drive that and not let my kids anywhere near it. Also, I’m jealous of your sweet job.

  5. Wow, they did an amazing job on that car, I don’t even have a thing for cars but it’s beautiful!

  6. What an awesome car and kudos to your dad! I’m sure it was no easy feat!

  7. Wow, that car is incredible! If I tried to do something like that, it’d end up looking like something you’d pull out of a Cracker Jack box that’d been run over by a semi.

  8. That is one amazing car! Congrats to your Dad for rebuilding it to its former glory.

  9. I love that last shot! First time linking up! Thanks for hosting!

  10. WOW what an awesome story!!! Such an awesome car too. Your dad is awesome, so glad the dudes were a part of that.

  11. Tell us how it works out, trying to find all Made in the USA stuff. I look all the time, but China is all I see (except H&M and Zara, which I’ve noticed have a lot of Bangladesh tags).

    A friend’s dad used to refurbish antique cars. When you see up close what they start as and the process to make them better, then the result…it’s amazing: the time, effort, and absolute skill involved.

  12. That is so awesome. Thanks for featuring me. :)

  13. Wow! I love it when people bring new life to classic cars! It’s gorgeous!

    Funny Face

  14. What an amazing car and to know and appreciate all of the work put into it? That much more awesome.

  15. That is one amazing automobile. I can just imagine the man who created being so happy he’s silly. Just a guess.

    Good luck with the made in America challenge.

  16. What a wonderful car! He did an awesome job rebuilding it.

  17. Oh that car takes my breath away. I love vintage cars and that one is a beauty.

  18. Please tell your pa that his car is beyond amazing! Truly a thing of beauty. The colour is perfect. I loves me an old bee u tee full car. Good luck with your dare… I’m sure we will be along for the ride : )

  19. That car is beautiful! Your dad has some real talent!

  20. Sounds like you had a nice Memorial Day weekend. It’s nice to have Memorial Day and 4th of July to remind us what a great country we have.
    That is one sweet ride! Your Papa did an amazing job with it.

  21. That car is simply amazing!

  22. Whoa. That car is all kinds of sweet. And that is totally what makes this country great.

    And I can’t wait to hear all about the All American challenge!!

  23. Love, love, LOVE that car. Wow.

    Sounds like you have an adventurous summer ahead of you. Enjoy!

  24. that is a whole lot of awesome!
    WOW! Your dad is talented.

    PS You live below the Mason Dixon Line. PA is above it, you goof! ;)

  25. OMG Amanda! That is a hot car. We do antique motorcycles in my family so I totally understand the work involved. Awesome!

    BTW the ghost flames on that ROCK! Hot….

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  26. That is one awesome car. That’s amazing the work and the progress!


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