Best Baby Gifts for New & Expectant Parents. A $200 Giveaway from a Pseudo Expert Mom!


sunglasses dude

Is my baby.

He is four.  And OHMYFREAKINGGOODNESSICANNOTEVENBLEIEVEIT!  He was featured last week on Buzz Feed for being one of the 50 Kids that are cooler than you.  Because he totally is, right?  RIGHT?!

And he’s the last of my Dudes who is still sort of sized just right to crawl into my lap and who also still will without threats or bribes.

Science says I will never have another baby again.

Not one from my own womb anyway.

And, meany-face Dumb Dad is not interested in adding to our brood in any way, shape, or form, so we won’t be adopting either.  So, unless someone leaves a newborn baby girl on my doorstep (this situation is excluded from the no-more-babies-rule because, clearly, it’s fate) I will never own another human baby again.

My glory days of baby gear shopping and nursery decorating and rubbing on my fetus filled belly are done.  Sometimes I cry over this fact.  Hard.  Really, really hard.

As much as my heart swells and my womb throbs when I see a new babers, there are a number of perks to life with 3 Dudes who can talk, walk, and fully control their bladders (even if they are still ruled by the goings on of their intestines and find the need to randomly, um, “drop the kids off at the pool” when we are actually at the pool, or soccer, or the mall, or anywhere).

Good example.

Recently I took my two oldest and two of their buds bowling…

bowling with boys

We rented funky shoes, and ate greasy food, and even dropped a couple 5 spots in the arcade.

It was so.  Much.  Fun.

Of course I beat them, badly, at bowling, but for once, that wasn’t even the highlight of my excursion.

It was fun to get to just talk to them.  And eavesdrop on them listen to them talk.  And then trash talk them about how badly I was planning to pwon them in bowling.  And then laugh with them about it when I did.

At one point I got this weird sensation; it moved all over my body and I felt all tingly.  Like the probably-I’m-gonna-pass-out-now type of tingly.

I started to panic until I realized it was relaxation.

I was relaxed!

No one to chase after.  No one to yell at.  No one to smack dirty floor fries away from.

No crying, no whining, no begging, no tantruming.  In fact, the entire day was completely devoid of tears (big dudes don’t cry in public, they just don’t) and it was weird.

And awesome.

So I went in the bathroom and cried (because big moms do cry in public when they realize their babies aren’t really babies anymore and the overwhelming emotions of that discovery won’t be beat back even if you are in the middle of a bowling alley).

And then I spent the rest of the afternoon high fiving those Dudes and relaxing my face off.

I’ve decided that I am going to hold on to #3 for as long as it’s not creepy and socially debilitating and then I am going to let go and completely enjoy my new role as chaperone to Dude fun.

I’ve also become quite the expert in giving other people who do have babies sweet gifts.

I constantly buy adorableness for my goddaughter.

And, I had a blast searching for something unique for my homegirl, Roo (Roo-Dog, Rooski, Roostanator, I’m trying out cool nicknames for her right now and can’t seem to settle on just one), when she welcomed her newest human.

I even made an appearance on ABC in DC recently (and by recently I mean RIGHT NOW! I’m heading in to film it right now!) to share some cool stuff to give moms-to-be.

Because my life as a baby-mama-has-been totally makes me an expert.


And, since I personally have absolutely no use for any of these items I am going to give them all to one of you (although I have considered the hip carrier for the 4 year old, I think putting him in a baby carrier would really strengthen our bond a bit)!


best diaper bag


Zach & Chloe win

How do you get in on all of this awesome?  Easy…

1.  Make sure you live in the USA, and are a full blown grown up with an address and stuff.

2.  Leave a comment on this post sharing the most useful, adorable, unique, or just down right awesome baby gift you’ve ever given or received.

3.  Read parenting BY dummies every single day.  Okay, you don’t actually have to do this one, but I want you to.  Badly.

Contest closes June 19th at midnight Eastern time.

*pBd Official like contest rules:  Winner will be selected by random drawing on 6/20/12.  Only winners who meet guidelines 1 &2 above will be entered into the drawing.  Only one entry per person is allowed.

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  1. I haven’t received any yet.. due in november! But given was a quilted, patchwork, insulated sleep sack that was adorable and handmade!

  2. I received a Beco baby carrier and it was the most wonderful, useful gift ever!

  3. Stephanie says:

    The best baby gift I have ever given was a really nice digital camera to a friend of mine when she was expecting. I know it isn’t technically a baby gift, but she so appreciated it because she did not have one at the time, and I knew it would be super important for her to capture all the special moments that first year of her child’s life. Needless to say that camera got a lot of use that first year, and she was so grateful that she was able to capture all those incredible first time moments that you can’t get back, but that she can now relive.

  4. Abby B. says:

    My favorite gift is the trendy diaper bags in Fun colors. I like to change them to match my outfit for the day. Like a purse back in my college days!

  5. Diapers! Not unique, or otherwise awesome in any way but oh my dang, I hate buying diapers.

  6. My favorite things are the Orbit Labels from ( … they are the most useful things ever if your kids are in daycare/child care at church/ever around other kids with the exact same cups/etc. Seriously – get some NOW!

  7. The best gift anyone ever gave me was a New Native sling. It helped us survive the early weeks with my third, and he loved it until he was six months old. It was the most fabulous gift I never knew I wanted.

  8. The best baby gift I received with my son was my video camera. It is insane how fast they grow up and turn into “big boys” but at least I have videos to look back on of my chubby little monkey when he wasn’t yet the “big boy” he is now!

  9. tina reynolds says:

    I got the itzy bitzy baby timer and it was so helpful I am really forgetful and it kept me an baby on a tight schedule.

  10. Full blown something or other. Co-sleeper was the best gift! That and the ring sling I bought myself.

  11. very lovable, looks great, thanks for sharing.

  12. very lovable, looks great, thanks for sharing.

    Thank you

  13. Alexandra Roach says:

    cloth diapers= less irritation

  14. The most useful, adorable, unique, or just down right awesome baby gift I’ve ever given or received? That’s a tough one. I think the best gift I received was a carrier. My oldest daughter is pregnant so I think I’ll get her one that is soft, easy to put on and very supportive of baby as well as comfy for mommy.

  15. My 2 favorite gifts are now my go-to gifts to give to others. One is aden and anais swaddling blankets because, hey, they’re actually large enough to use for swaddling! The other I just received for baby #2: little sleeper outfit from Magnificent Baby that has magnetic closures. It’s my favorite outfit to put on my little guy because it makes diaper changes so easy! He wire it to the doctor last week too for quick dressing and undressing.

  16. Well I’m currently pregnant with baby #1 so I’m not sure what will be the most useful item for baby… But I think I found the best invention EVER at Babies r us. They have this pacifiers that takes the baby’s temperature! There is also one that you can use to administer liquid medications. It sounds like an awesome product and I can’t wait to try it (not that I want a sick or miserable baby but it’s bound to happen at some point).

  17. My most useful baby gift was my nursing cover. I didn’t discover these till baby #4 and I wish so badly I had them with the first 3 kids. I may or may not have flashed people when the baby pulled the blanket down in public….

  18. The best baby gift that I ever received was a nice, soft, strong baby blanket. My son had colic, and being able to strap him to my body (before I knew about wraps and slings) was calming to him. I wish I would have kept that blanket, but it was blue, and we are having our third child, but second baby girl.

    Heather K.
    mysticbutterfly37 at

  19. Janelle says:

    best gift i received was the Aden and Anais burpee bibs – so fabulous!

  20. best gift i received was a handmade teddy bear which became my sons go to item to sleep with…he’s 18 months and it makes going to bed easy…

  21. Those hoodies look amazing. Makes me wanna run home to my not so baby anymore and strap in the ergo to go for a walk. Except a walk is impossible right now with a broken big toe because I am one klutzy girl. Ugh! I’m not sure if I will ever 100% be ready to no longer know what it is like to not have a newborn or be pregnant and that kind of scares the crap out of me. But we will probably be done after our next baby. Fingers crossed the next one happens soon because I am having the fever for sure.

  22. lexigurl Alexandra O says:

    My favorite baby gift has been a hand-knitted afghan. It is lush and so very personal!
    lexigurl_17 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  23. The best gift I received was a white noise machine. My kids are both light sleepers, and could hear me tip toe past their bedroom door, so having a white noise machine was a life saver.

  24. Livivua Chandler says:

    i received the Jeep® Liberty Limited Urban Terrain Stroller and I feel like I have a new car. At least my little one does. It performs great on any surface.

  25. OK the hoodie is just TOO CUTE! Aw, to have a new itsy bitsy teensy weensy baby to poke hims head through. Yes, a him! I needs me another boy. Just one. I keep trying to tell my husband I can totally get this done without his knowledge (telling him 4 months in, for instance). I am so serious.

  26. Ah. I had one of those relaxation moments not long ago when my son and I went to Cub Scout camp. He’s 9 now, and for the first time, I got to go off kayaking all ALONE. I suddenly realized that I had a huge smile on my face! I managed to keep from going into the bathroom and crying though. And your baby is DAMNED cool!

  27. Cloth diapers, love them!

  28. The concept of being done after my next baby frightens me so much. My husband is adamant that there will only be three kids, but I can’t believe I only have ONE more time to be pregnant, ONE more time to have a baby. I just can’t believe it!

    Favorite product are these placemats:

    I give them as gifts all the time because its not the sort of thing you’d think to buy yourself and is UNBELIEVABLY useful. and wonderful.

  29. I loved the little “shoe” socks.

  30. Well baby #1 is on the way, so who knows if this is going to end up being really useful or not but we’re pretty excited about the jogging stroller my aunt got us. My husband loves to brag about how it has shocks.

    Also I’d never seen the jacket/carrier thing, but I might just have to add that to my list!

  31. OMG, I’ve been having the same “my baby is not a baby” mourning feelings too. Last night Cady walked into dance all by herself and I went home and cried because she doesn’t NEED to walk her in anymore. I’m so glad you wrote this because I was feeling like a freak.

    Most used baby thing, Aden and Anais swaddle blankets. My kids STILL use them at daycare, in the car, to snuggle with on the couch, playing dress up, playing with dolls… You get the picture. I like that they are so big and soft and do not fade, shrink, or get knotty or thin when you wash them. They are the best.

    PS If I win this I’ve know like three people right now that are pregnant that would greatly benefit. Guess what else they’ll be getting from me?

  32. Our most useful baby gift was actually the wipe warmer. I know it almost always tops the list of useless baby gifts, but in our cold Minnesota winters, we could really tell a difference when we changed baby diapers in the middle of the night without a wipe warmer.

    We actually ended up breaking ours, and a new one is number one on the list of must have items for baby number 2, who is due in September.

  33. Great giveaway! Best baby gift… my daughter recieved a white lace bonnet that was supposed to be worn by her on her christening day. By unsnapping a couple of tiny buttons, it then converted into a hankerchief that should be saved and then reused on her wedding day. It came with a sweet little poem. And of course, we still have yet to get her baptized as she is 13 months old and her 90th percentile head never fit into it. Still. So sweet. I may be lusting after that peekaru hoodie! Baby number 1 won’t fit in it. BUT once I get my husband on board for having number 2… Any tips for persuading him? ; )

  34. No one gets to grow up here. Ever.
    The best baby gift I have ever given–a very long time ago– film. Shut. Up. The new parents were incredibly happy with the gift.
    Best I received? An underarm digital thermometer, matching brown baby dolls(they are still in the girls’ bedroom [sh.]), and a twin umbrella stroller.


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