Stuff Dudes Like: Stylish Duds, Fun Board Games, & Dude Room Makeovers.

It’s been ages since I’ve done a Stuff Dudes Like post for you.

Not because I haven’t been buying things dudes like (I’m pretty sure that, since it’s summer, the amount of dude related expenditures have actually increased); it’s just that I’ve been so busy making summer awesome for them that I’ve had little time to report back on stuff that is helping me do that.

But, I’m ready to hook you up now.

Starting with some summer Dude fashion.

We live in a place where the shopping options within spur-of-the-moment shopping distance are disappointing at best.

But.  We did get a new kid clothing store that actually doesn’t make me want to kick something.  It’s P.S. from Aeropastale.

And they have awesome graphic tees that make me smile (and a bunch of superhero type ones the little Dudes adore too)…

pirate shirt

Mustache AND a gold tooth?  Winning!

Also on the awesome dude fashion front:

Multi color Vans for kids


A graphic shirt with a proclamation that is actually worth, um, proclaiming for smart kids..

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest


And, mustache adorned glasses for awesome people…

mustache glasses

Although, in fairness to him and his uncanny ability to grow facial hair at a young age, his real mustache is more impressive than this one.  I mean seriously,  he’s only 4 and he grew it himself.  I’m 88% sure that he will start middle school like a boss with a full on Tom Selleck.

Chicks will dig him.  They already do.

Also awesome at Casa de Dummies?

Legos.  I have to admit I am not a huge fan of those overpriced Lego sets you get bamboozled into buying every holiday season.  They’re lame because they cost a bunch of dollars, kids can’t really build them by themselves until they are like 15 and over it, and once they trick you into spending an afternoon putting them together for them (while they eat snacks and mostly ignore you) once, they chuck the directions, break them apart, and the pieces immediately regress to being a bunch of tiny, faceless, nameless Legos like all the rest.  So, remind me again why they are $99?

But ever since Handmade Lego Table of Awesomeness was born they play with them daily and I love it because it’s like the one no-TV-related activity they enjoy that is relatively quiet and doesn’t always end in a punched throat.

Sardines.  It’s a funky memory board game by Djeco.  Awesome mostly because it’s one of the only games the three of them can play together without anyone resorting to cheating to make up for the fact that they all can’t yet read.  We are testing this (and a bunch of others) thanks to our friends at Dancing Bear Toys (they don’t sell online, but if you ever come to Frederick, Maryland you must visit them, right after you visit me of course) and we are so thankful that they are helping us unplug a teeny weeny bit this summer.

sardines gamesardines

Fathead.  The mural people.  #1 is going through this whole I’m-about-to-be-a-teenager-and-I-want-to-act-like-it-when-I’m-not-being-a-total-baby phase so we are redoing his room a bit to reflect this transitional period in his life.  I wanted to get him the Avengers mural because Thor is hot, but he wanted to go with the Wayne-Rooney-makes-the-most-awesome-bicycle-kick-goal-scoring-move-in-a-game-ever soccer mural instead.

fathead wall mural

It looks awesome on his wall and he loves it, just like he better.  The fact that he’s happy with it slightly mitigates the fact that, in the application of said mural, I got elbowed in the face twice, bumped my head on the footboard of his bed, and banged my funny bone on the door jam more times than I can count.  The Dudes were exposed to some colorful language and I smelled like a Saudi Arabian donkey (do thy have those?) when all was said and done.

Please note, only one mom was hurt during the awesome making of this bedroom.  Also note, the mural itself is NOT hard to apply unless you are like us and trying to get it up in a suddenly-small-when-filled-with-two-sweaty-grownups-and-3-loud-dudes room.  Otherwise, I’m sure it’s a breeze.

Want a chance to win a Fathead wall graphic for yourself?

You’re in luck because I’m giving one away!

You too can bring an awesome, officially licensed sports or entertainment graphic into your crib to make your friends jealous and up the awesome of your kid’s room.  Or their playroom.  Or even your bedroom if you have a thing for sweaty, yoked up athletes because they have photo wall graphics and artsy type things too!

Just leave a comment telling me which Fathead you’d love to have grace your walls and you will be entered to win one (up to $99)!*

*I received a Fathead to hook up #1’s room courtesy of the peeps at Fathead.  They would love to send one of you one as well.  Just make sure you comment by 7/31/12 at midnight, live in the USA, and are over 18.  Them’s the rules.


  1. says

    We only moved in a few months ago, so we have many bare walls. If I used this for my kids, I might get the Hunger Games logo for my tween, but I found a lot of items I might like, too. Thanks for a fun giveaway.

  2. Linda says

    I would love to win “branch of an almond tree in blossom” Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!! :)

  3. Heather says

    Nemo and friends for the kids… I love the story tree and the almond tree branch by van Gogh. There’s so much cool stuff there!

  4. Wendy says

    So I’d get one of the Star Wars ones for my oldest son…. I think he’d like that.

  5. Roger says

    I really like the big books t-shirt. Anyway, I like Fathead’s Texas Rangers Classic Logo. Would look great on my office wall.

  6. Laura Jacobson says

    Oh I love the Assorted Sports Ball Graphics! Oh that would look so cute in Carters All STar Sports bedroom we are working on! He just LOVES balls of all kinds!

  7. says

    I would love the Fathead of Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander, that would look great on my wall! Thanks so much for hosting this wonderful giveaway!


  8. April says

    I am not a Dude Mom, I’m more like a chick mom hoping for a dude on the next try. But I do like to read your blog, because I’m a fellow Marylander and you entertain me. I checked out the fathead site at your urging- Pretty cool stuff. If we win I’d have to go with the lemur, my 4 yr old is obsessed with those little monkeys!

  9. says

    Love that graphic tee! Awesome. And the mural. Wow.
    Great post. While my boys are still too young for these suggestions, I will remember them for my nephews.

  10. says

    That Fathead mural site is excellent! My track obsessed boy would LOVE a giant picture of Usain Bolt setting a world record!

  11. says

    That mural is extremely awesome, and the game looks like fun. My kids love games. Too bad you can’t buy them online. :(

  12. Leah says

    Nicole, you *can* buy the mini figures separately! My kids love them. We are Lego obsessed over here, and have been for years… All of the instruction books get stored in a 3 ring binder with plastic sleeves–my boys pull them out and rebuild their sets all the time. If you feel like you have a decent collection of Legos that are not getting played with enough, I *highly* recommend investing in a Lego “Ideas” book. They are expensive–I think I paid $25 for ours at Barnes & Noble, but SO worth it! My boys constantly have theirs open on the floors while they build…

  13. says

    Oh, do I HEAR you on the Lego thing. They want the sets. And yet, the sets never stay built and the only thing they really like out of the sets are the minifigures. I wonder, can I buy minifigures separately? I don’t know. All I know is my house is overflowing with Lego.

    • Dumb Mom says

      Like Leah said, you can buy the figurines. Santa brought a whole box of them for The Dudes last Christmas. He says he got them from Amazon. And they aren’t cheap, but are totally worth it the way The Dudes still play with them now.

  14. says

    We have been watching way too much TV, but I’m on a mission to remedy that starting today. Swimming has been our go to activity. P.S. Perhaps Thor would be better suited for your office? It’s a shame to let a poster like that go to waste ;)

  15. says

    I have friend a little younger than I who had to shave daily when he was in 5th grade.

    There’s a photo of a bald guy on your kid’s wall.

  16. says

    I love sticky decals. Buster’s room would be so plain without his pirate decals.

    They are a bit tricky to get up, and definitely take two people, so I hear you on the pain there.

  17. says

    I like where you’re going with the Thor poster idea. That’s a movie that I can get behind. Nevermind that I haven’t seen it and probably never will, but I could handle middle of the night requests much better knowing I’d get a glimpse of that every time I walk into the whining.

    • Dumb Mom says

      You can win one you know? A Thor poster to put on your bedroom ceiling?! Didn’t have the giveaway up earlier but it’s here now!


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