Wordful Wednesday. All American Family Summer at the Natural Bridge in Virginia.

Our All American Family Summer Adventure is quickly coming to an end.

The Dudes go back to school in T-minus 1.5 weeks and there really won’t be any time for travelling around and enjoying the great US of A.

We still have two more trips planned (to the Harley Davidson Factory and to Philly for a baseball game), but then it’s gonna be all homework/football/soccer all the time.


At least we snuck in another big, awesome 2-day outdoorsy type adventure before it was all said and done.

Now, you guys know how I feel about being outside.  Gag.  Totally.  Especially in the summer when it’s hot (I hate to sweat), and humid (I HATE to sweat), with exercise involved (I. HATE. To.  Sweat.  Notice the theme here.).

But, I recently started working with Trekaroo (only the most awesome family travel review websites on the planet!), and sometimes I am asked to explore vacation destinations with The Dudes.

I know, so hard, right?!

Only, resort-loving-Dumb-Mom that I am, I was hoping they’d like ask me to go to a resort and test out the, um, beds and the breakfast buffet, and the spa.  But, probably to test my dedication, they asked me to head out to Natural Bridge, VA (named for the gigantico all natural bridge that came about because of, um, science or something) and see what they have to offer families in the way of fun.

And, despite the variety of opportunities for sweating involved, we had SO much fun (partial review of Natural Bridge, Va up on Trekaroo now with a full review to come soon!).

Go figure!

Probably I enjoyed it so much because there was a hotel with a wonderful seafood dinner and breakfast buffet I could get up in, and no one was asking me to sleep under a mosquito net with snakes squirming through my sheets the stars or cook hot dogs on an open fire.

So as not to completely ruin the surprises in store in my forthcoming Trekaroo review, I will just share our adventure here in photos.

Photos of us at the biggest natural wonder we’ve ever visited (hopefully we’ll make it to the Grand Canyon and Niagra Falls before The Dudes go off to college)…

Photos of the ENTIRE family at the Natural Bridge Falls thanks to some kind random strangers who knew how hard it is to get a family pic when mom is always holding the camera…

And photos of an EXTREMELY hot #3 taken by #2 who was dying to have a turn with my camera…

Naturally The Dudes couldn’t be bothered to take a photo without looking, um, sexy (don’t ask, that is #2’s getting ladies face)…

Looking scowly…

And making crazy eyes at a camel…

Fortunately there was some serious weirdness going on an exciting outdoor structure known locally as Foamhenge, that got The Dudes in the mood to play in front of my camera a little bit…

Dumb Dad and I even jumped in a few…

Thank you Foamhenge, you’re one creepy place for getting The Dudes in happy-photo-making moods!

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    1. Neat place! Will have to add it to the list of things to check if ever in Virginia.
      It’ll be #1. lol
      Great pics too!

    2. Those are beautiful pictures!!!!

    3. Becca (@BeccasCrazyBoys) says:

      Wow! You got some great shots!

    4. It may have been hot, but the scenery is beautiful, and the family shots turned out great. That looks like a really nice place to visit (in the fall).

    5. Ok, so your Dudes are awesome but I am sure you already knew that.

    6. I can’t believe summer is almost over. As always, beautiful shots! It was hot here last week too. ECK!

    7. Looks like a cool place and yea for reviewing for Trekaroo! It sounds like a great opportunity!

    8. Adora @ Gingerbreadmum says:

      wow this looks like such a wonderful place! Thanks for hosting this WW linky – Happy Wednesday!!

    9. OMG these photos are great! This place looks awesome. I wish we had something like that around here.

    10. Harley Plant in K.C.? Just wondering.

      Is that your “Drop the camera, Kid. Just see what happens,” face?

      Get used to the sexy. It’s your…’density’.

    11. That picture of a hot #3 made me scream with laughter. Can’t. Make. It. Must. Find. Water. Minus. Mah. Shirt.
      Man I love the picture too of them jumping. Kudos for creepy bringing out the fun.

    12. Awesome place- wow! I am so impressed with the adventures you are giving your family this summer. These pics really do say ALL-AMERICAN family vacation all over them. I AM cracking up at the expression on your hubs face in that one 4th from the bottom. That’s usually what I get from mine too- especially when we are on a trip & he’s nearing the end of his tolerance threshold. :) SO looking forward to seeing your trip to the Harley manufacturer. That will be awesome to see where our hog originated from .

    13. You look great in spite of the sweat! Won’t be too long and you’ll feel like your ready for Survivor auditions.

    14. I bet the Dudes think you’re the coolest mom ever getting to go to all the coolest places! ;) LOVE all the shots! Looks like so much fun in spite of the atrocious heat! :)

      BlogHer 12 Pictorial Highlights

    15. Great photos! Lovely to find your blog! I am going to grab your badge and link up.

    16. That looks like a great way to wear kidlets out!! Love that natural bridge.

      We head back to school on Thursday, so only one more day of summer vacation left for us here. It’s been a great summer here, but I think the kids are actually looking forward to going back now. Enjoy the rest of your summer! :>

    17. I love the jumping pics at the creepy place!

    18. Oh my gosh that family pic! Your DUDES look about as thrilled as mine do these days to have their pic taken. But those last ones makes up for it so… ;)

    19. Guess all we need is Foamhenge, ha. Unfortunately I’m thinking it may take more than that to make mine find their happy faces these days…

    20. What an awesome vacation! I’m loving those shots of the Dudes jumping near Foamhenge!

    21. That place looks awesome.

      Foamhenge is hilarious! But, does Dumb Dad smile? He’s always so serious looking!

      Love the one of Dude #3 smiling big, too.

    22. Oh my goodness they are all so darn cute! Looks like fun!


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