Dumb Mom’s Guide. 5 Easy Ways to Stalk Me Online.

I feel like I’ve been meeting tons of new people lately and it’s made me realize that it’s been ages since I’ve done a proper post to make it easier for people to stalk me.


You totally don’t need to hide the proclivity to Google and Facebook stalk every human you encounter these days from me.  I get it, and probably, I’ve stalked you a little too. 

If I’m honest, I expect you to stalk me.  I’m of the belief that, if someone makes no effort to stalk me a little after we’ve spent some time together, it sorta says something about my personality.  Like that maybe you didn’t find me all that interesting?

Particularly if it comes up that I’m a blogger.  After that little tidbit comes out, you have to at least Google parenting BY dummies or it must mean that you would like to sever all ties to me and my special brand of funny.

someecards.com - Your disinterest in stalking me on Facebook is making me extremely insecure.

Because if I meet you, and you’re awesome (or really freakin’ strange), I’m going to look you up online. 

Know that.

But, as fun as all the Magnum PI-ing is for all of us, I’m going to go ahead and save you some time and effort by blogging about myself a bit (in a different way than I do every single other time I blog about myself).

Consider it a favor, that’s what I plan to do!

Dumb Moms Guide to Stalking Me More Efficiently

1. Subscribe to this blog.

subscribe to parenting by dummies

Oh my gosh, so simple, right?  You just click right there, enter your email and a really annoying little captcha thing that I promise to never ask you to use again in life, and it let’s you know when I post something here by shooting you a short, sweet email saying something completely un-insulting like, "Hey, Dumb Mom has some awesome popping off for you today. Might want to click over and get up in that."  Or something slightly less ghetto.

2. Join me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram (I am @dumbmom and some of my most interesting bits can be found there since y’all know how I love on some photos).  And, you know, while you’re signing up for everything you might as well also think about checking me out on Polyvore.  If you dig fashion for moms who are still quite stylish in a normal, not-at-all-extravagant-but-not-at-all-crocs-and-free-t-shirts, sort of way. 

3. Read my column.  Why yes, actually, I do have one. It’s fittingly entitled My Mom is Awesome and it’s hosted over on the Everyday Family site.  I post there twice a week and may be sort of kind of considering possibly, posting here slightly less frequently because of that.  What have you missed already?  Not much actually!  Just an intro post and a humorous bit called 10 Things Parents Wish Kids Knew Already.

4. Watch me on iVillage. Because I put videos out (usually ones that also include other way more talented people) a few times per month there. They are edited by an expert so you don’t have to worry about watching  me shaking my big face in front of the camera while I try to figure out how to zoom out. Thanks to the other people featured, they often even contain something informative and useful relating to mom life. And, thanks to my inability to be serious for more than like 8 consecutive seconds, lots of times they are actually pretty funny too…

5. Follow my travel adventures on Trekaroo. Or join my book club. Or just watch me on TV and laugh.  Or cry.  Or probably both actually, because it was painful (not for me, for viewers I imagine since I never really could get through the whole thing myself).  

If all else fails and you are convinced that you can’t possibly stand another moment of my annoying and slightly shameful self promotion, go ahead an just ignore my crazy.  I sometimes have to do that to myself so I get it.


If you have a blog you want me to read, or a page you want me (& other people) to like, feel free to link it on up in the comment section. We will be all connected and stuff then and you will save me loads of time trying to figure out what your real name is so I can Google you!

Happy stalking!


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  2. says

    I miss the good old days, when you had to hide in bushes, peep in windows and follow an aisle or three behind a woman in a grocery store to be a proper stalker. Nowadays, it’s click this, feedburner that.

  3. says

    You KNOW I’m stalking you. But in the good, non-creepy way. Not in the I’m-staring-at-you-with-high-powered-bionoculars kind of way. (Mostly because I live too far away. That was a joke. Kinda.)

  4. says

    Glad to know the other places you are! I wish I could comment on the 10 Things post but it won’t let me (I’ll try from home since this government computer hates me because I’m black).

  5. Hilljean says

    I had no idea how many different ways I could stalk you. I have been slacking in the stalking department.

  6. says

    Have I ever told you that my title when I was first hired into my current employer contained the word “Research?” I basically did a lot of internet research, so I know little tricks and tips to find stuff online that other people wouldn’t necessarily think of. I basically internet stalk everyone I meet that I think is interesting.

    • says

      FYI…your blog hates me. Whenever I comment, it takes forever to load the comment and save it, and then it takes me to a 404 page. However, the comment is always there.

      • says

        Huh. I don’t get that error, just the hangup/long load, then it tells me it detected a duplicate comment. the comment is always there, though, so whatever blog, you cannot deter me.

  7. says

    Fine, I’m stalking you on Facebook now too. Love the 10 things article. If only you had more time, you could take over even more internet space and have infinite stalkers…bwahaahahhaaa

  8. says

    Wow! You’re everywhere at once! As a proud stalker, I can honestly say, I’m impressed. Keep it up. You’re a total inspiration, even if you’re making the rest of us look bad. ;)