Best Dude Mom Blog: Writing, Wishing.

Meet:  Alison

Mom to:  2 little Dudes; one’s a toddler and one’s a baby.

Read her blog:  She used to be Mama Wants This, and she’s now, loving life, flexing her writing muscles as Writing, Wishing.  Same awesome lady, just more awesome writing.

Like her:  Writing, Wishing on Facebook Alison Writing Wishing

Tweet her: @AlisonSWLee

See What She Loves: Writing, Wishing on Pinterest

My favorite Dude Mom-ish posts:

What I love about Writing, Wishing:

I love the engagement and community I feel when I’m hanging out with Alison at Writing, Wishing.  She really touches her readers and draws them into her writing, her life.  Sometimes you learn stuff.  Sometimes you just have a really good time.  And sometimes you can just sit and look at cookies.

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  1. Love seeing the two of you together here!

  2. I am so glad you featured Alison! She is one of my favorite writers, bloggers, moms out there! I wish she would send me some cookies too!!!

  3. She truly has an amazing blog. I love reading what she and her boys are up to.

  4. This woman is a powerhouse of knowledge and energy and graciousness. I respect how hard she works it, b/c she does. And believe me, it’s not easy.

    But somehow, she does it.

    She is amazing.

  5. I 2nd all of the above. Also? The woman shares a wicked coconut recipe, have you tried it? nomnomnom.
    her writing definitely sucks you in and when it spits you out you feel all warm and fuzzy and content knowing there’s another mom who “gets it”.

  6. Amanda, thank you so much for a) featuring me and my little blog and b) your sweet words!

    You have a pretty awesome community here too! #DudeMomsUnite


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