Mom Chic on the Street. Yes, It’s Ox Blood.

I’ve been actively boycotting this trend.

Not because I don’t think it’s fabulous.  I mean seriously, it is, totally…

Ox Blood Awesome

But the name.

Just, ew.

Is there something wrong with burgundy?  Is there no other word available in the English language to describe the hue that doesn’t put you in the mind of cow innards?

Just think about why they went with ox in the first place.    Why not puppy?  Or human?  Because it’s not as cool when you’re walking around with a puppy blood handbag is it?  Or a pair of human blood kicks?

I guess people just don’t respect castrated bovine enough to care.

But I do.

Well, I did anyway.  Until, I stumbled across this happy little gem of a bag that I love…

oxblood bag

You win ox blood.  You.  Win.

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  1. True Oxblood is a dark wine/brown. You usually see it in men’s shoes and leather goods. If you don’t really like the name, you can interchange it with Cordovan (although technically, it’s a bit darker). These are all a beautiful shade of wine. Which is probably the best name of all…..

  2. I’m obsessed too! Here were my Turkey-Day looks


  3. I agree. Love the color, hate the name.

  4. I hear ya on the name. I say never say never! (I learned my lesson too)

  5. That bag is dope!

    Totally, dope! :-)

  6. Love that bag!

  7. It really is a gorgeous color. I’ma just say red.

  8. Hahaha!

    I totally agree in the name. Why with the blood when wine sounds so much nicer?! Still, it’s a seriously pretty color and I’m loving the bag!

  9. Agree on the name, ew. But the color is too great to pass up. Your bag is awesome, looks great!


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