Dude Mom Monday. Meet Drea Wood.

It’s been ages but, in an effort to be more, um, predictable (because sometimes that’s a good thing) I am bringing back the Dude Mom Lifers features.

Shorter.  Sweeter.  And, more awesomer of course.

Up first?!

Meet: Andrea  dreawood blog

Mom to: 4 little Dudes, with a fresh one born just last month

Read her blog: Drea Wood (you can also find her putting up awesome reviews on She {hearts} It)

Like her:  Drea Wood on Facebook

Tweet her: @finadrea

See what she loves:  Dreawood on Pinterest 

My favorite Dude Mom-ish posts:

  • They are a handful… but I definitely am blessed”- from 4 of a Kind
  • I knew it be hard… but I was not anticipating it to be this hard.”  – from Surviving
  • “As any mother of boys would say… Boys need something to get that energy out!”  – from Boys Need Something

What I love about Dreawood: Photos!  She is an amazing photographer and she does such a great job of capturing her family’s memories, just as they are. 

Now, hop on over and spend a little time getting to know her, congratulating her on her newest addition, and enjoying sweet baby photos and stuff.

Want your Dude Mom blog to be featured at pBd?  Perfect, because I actually want to feature you.  All you have to do is fill out the Dude Mom blogger form on the Dude Mom Lifers page to get in the cue.  Even if you don’t fill it out I’m likely to hunt you down feature your site, this just means it will happen sooner rather than later.


  1. says

    I’m so glad you’re bringing this back, especially since I’m sealed as a Dude Mom for life.

    Drea must be an angel, dealing with those four boys!


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