Wordful Wednesday. Why Instagram? Whhhy?!

Sharing photos is one of the reasons I started this blog.

I love them.  Especially when they are of my kids.  And, I know that lots of other moms enjoy a similar pastime.

Social media has made it super easy to share awesome photos with ease.

No more annoying phone calls from your out of town relatives because you don’t send them photos of your kids every day between diaper changing, laundry, PTA meetings, basketball practice, pet wrangling, and all of the other random things you have to do in your life.

With sites like Instagram and Facebook and Twitter and Flickr, special moments, big ideas, tips, tricks, and more are easy to share with a snap of your camera and a couple of clicks through an app.

I got my iPhone specifically because I desperately wanted to get on Instagram.

No joke.

I just had soooooo many photos I wanted to share.  Quickly.  And, easily.  With people who care.  Like you guys, duh.

Currently, I interact with my Instagram stream more often than any other social networking site to which I belong.  I spend more time liking and sharing photos there than I do on any other platform.  Including this blog.

Because I love it. Just like this video says…

Probably this makes me lame.

But, I don’t even care.

What I do care about is the fact that Instagram has turned into a total jerk decided to take advantage of my love  for them and their easy photo sharing capabilities, and pimp out my photos for their own gain.

I’m just not down with that.

Because, if anyone is gonna pimp out my photos, it’s gonna be me.

I don’t want other people getting rich offa my special moments.  You know, unless they are paying me too.  And then, I’m cool with that.  Totally.

If you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, I’m not even going to attempt to explain it to you.  We all know I’m not smart like that, and besides, tons of other people have already done it: What Instagram Policy Changes Mean for You.

I feel like I have two options here:

Option 1:  I can watermark all of my sweet pics with prentingbydummies.com.  That way, in the event that they do decide to turn me into a common street walker sell me out, they will simultaneously be selling my site.  Generally, I am all good with people who want to sell my site.  My major issue with this is that I hate using more than one app just to share one picture.  And also, watermarks aren’t very pretty.  Photos, without watermarks, are prettier.  See…

dude in bath dude in bath

And that’s why I hate that I am being forced to use them (this is actually not JUST because of Instagram)…


If you want to watermark your photos for sharing on Instagram and elsewhere, try iWatermark.  It’s what I use when I must.

Option 2:  I can ditch them entirely in favor of Flickr.  The Flickr App came out today (or yesterday, or recently, or whatever) and after spending a bunch of time getting to know it, I’m liking what I see.  Like, a lot.  It does the whole photo treating that Instagram does.  It lets you share out to your social networks like Instagram does.  It lets you make friends, like their pictures, and comment on them.  Just.  Like.  Instagram.  But, it also puts a lot of the Flickr functionality (like the groups and the photo streams) in your hands too.  So, yeah, I’m thinking you should join me on Flickr, because I don’t want Instagram to get all of my friends in the divorce.  Don’t let that happen; you will miss us…

adios instagram

Option 3: I can continue to gripe about this along with the thousands of other concerned users that are and hope they continue to listen and revise their policies.  Or, at least go ahead and make them so people-easily-confused-by-legal-mumbo-jumbo can understand too: Instagram Responds to Policy Changes.

Feel free to use the comment section to leave me your Instagram username.  Or your Flickr username.  Or both.  So I can follow you everywhere, just in case.

Divorce is so hard.

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  1. says

    It just makes me realize how stupid it is that we work so hard to adopt these platforms and grow a following and really promote them, but at the end of the day…none of it is ours. They can start charging, put ads up there, stop allowing our followers to see what we’re doing (facebook) etc… It’s so annoying.

    And then you have things like Pinterest that actually threaten to sue us if we misuse a photograph or something. So not only do we promote and work for these platforms, but we’re liable for what we put on them.

    I QUIT!


  2. says

    You can find me on Flickr- @Kleinworth & Co. I guess I already had it with my android phone- it was automatic if I just made the choice to upload there instead. So I guess I’m covered there. Bummer that I would have to delete my Instagram pics by Jan to protect them.

  3. says

    This IRKS me like nothing else. After having my images stolen from my blog & used for some psychos fake life on Facebook- I have been a watermark freak. After seeing someone else have her child’s image stolen from Instagram by someone out of the country & then put on t-shirts & sold- yeah- watermarks again would help. I agree- they suck. I hate that people have no conscience & think that whatever they want is theirs for the taking if they can. I have to take extra time to make it harder for them to take things that don’t belong to them because they can’t just keep their hands off. It disgusts me. I’m super upset with Instagram. I almost switched to an iPhone just for Instagram-until they came out with an android version. It was one of the first things I did when I switched from BlackBerry. I was so excited to be able to share my images with my friends. Yes having to take a pic- then use one app to watermark it & then go back to that saved image to then upload to Instagram is a pain- but I do it anyway. I will still have to do it no matter how I share them because of all these past issues. But now I will have to check out this Flickr app. I’m glad you told us all about it because I was just discussing with the hubs this morning about what I should do about the new Instagram policies. Thanks & keep us posted. You can find me on Instagram at gigimariephoto -I will let you know about the Flickr soon.

  4. says

    I’m just at the point where it’s all getting to be too much. I’m thinking of leaving Instagram altogether and just putting the photos on my blog in a new photo section. I may do Flickr but it’s just another thing for me to have to do. I’m already tired of FB as it seems purposeless to me. I like Twitter, quit Pinterest two weeks in. It’s just all…meh. My reasons for leaving Instagram (if I do, which I will if they don’t change the policy by the first of the year) are the policy itself, though, not my laziness at having to share all of my awesome in so many different places. I’m just in a mood to condense if that makes sense.

    To be honest, though, I don’t see them backing out of this entirely. FB wants its return investment.

  5. says

    First of all, thanks for the shout out!

    Second, I’m a huge Instagram loving nerd (@cuddlesandchaos in the hooooouse). I am seriously hoping that they back peddle a little bit more and we can resume our loving relationship. If they don’t, we’re totally going to have to break up and I’ll have to seek solace in the arms of Flickr.

  6. says

    I was all ready to delete my instagram after the first of the year and then they came out with a statement late yesterday afternoon that selling photos was never their intention. I’m really hoping this is true and will be watching closely over the next couple weeks before I make my final decision. But thanks for the iwatermark link and I am still going to check out the flickr app.

  7. says

    Ugh. I’m already paranoid as it is, IG just had to go and start playing with my emotions! I’m on the fence. For now, I’m not posting my own pics on IG, but I’m going to still like and comment on the pics of people I follow. I’m going to see how it pans out… but only for a little bit. If nothing changes, I’m Audi 5000. Flickr is starting to look good…

  8. says

    I’m so annoyed by this as well…

    Some people actually don’t / won’t care if they use their photos so they should at least give us the option to perhaps change our settings to private if we didn’t want our photos used. I understand they have and want to make money but they should at least let us choose. Seems simple to me! I’m hoping they’ll come up with something b/c I don’t feel like moving but I will if I must. You can find me on instagram @pharraway!