Mom Chic on the Street. Looking & Living Fly in 2013.

2013 is gonna be my year!

I know.  I say that every year.

But I mean it this time.  Real talk.

Dumb Dad gave me a gym membership for Christmas.  I am ignoring the catalyst for such a gift and am choosing instead to focus on how awesome it will be to go to the gym a few days a week to take advantage of the included babysitting work on my fitness.  I will be bumping that Fergie song everyday when I hit the treadmill.  Or the cycles.  Or whatever they have in gyms in 2013 (I honestly don’t know since I haven’t been inside of one since he 90s).

Also, Weight Watchers and I have officially lost 22lbs!  And a ridiculous amount of jean sizes…

size 6

Stop looking at the cute dog and focus here.  See the sticker on my thigh?  Size 6 jeans, baby (I started at a 10-12)!  And, yes, they’re buttoned.

I weigh a toddler less now than I did two months ago and, with my added gym time and the Just Dance 4 I received for Christmas, I fully intend to continue this weight loss trend into 2013.

Originally, I was also planning to make this the year my blog skyrockets to the top.  The year I become the next Ms. Scary Pioneer Dooce.  Only, I think we all know that ain’t gonna happen.  Not this year or any other.

My ability to rock the blogosphere with witty posts and whatnot has not flourished the way I imagined it would.  Or at all.  As a matter of fact, my awesome remains largely undiscovered by the masses and I imagine such will continue into the next calendar year.  And beyond.

So I’m focusing on attainable goals:

1.  Losing more weight and firming up my wiggly regions to reach my ultimate goal (hotness!) by the time I celebrate my 6th 29th birthday this May.  I intend to lose 20 more pounds by then, the majority of which needs to come from my back area.  Leave my boobs and booty out of this please, they are fine how they are.

2.  Be a better blogger.  Just logistically speaking.  I can’t make you like me.

3.  Finally put curtains up to the windows of this house we’ve lived in for 6 years.  And, get rid of “homicide couch” and “matted dog hair rug”.  And, maybe look into some wall art, custom lighting, and end tables.  This is my roundabout way of telling Dumb Dad we are decorating our family room.  I’ve convinced him it’s less expensive if we do it piece by piece.  I have no tangible proof of this however.

4.  Buy life insurance.

Wait?  What?  Life insurance?  What’s that got to do with losing weight, decorating my house, and being blog awesome?!



Okay, fine, mostly nothing.

Fixing the blog is a stand alone goal that I’ve committed myself to every year since this blog’s inception 4 years ago.  One of these years I am certain it will actually get done.

Getting fit, decorating my house, and buying life insurance, on the other hand, are all part of my master plan to make the year I turn 35 29Again the year I also start being a grown up.  I intend to live better, eat healthier, and be on overall better human being.  This includes ensuring that, should I meet an untimely demise, Dumb Dad and The Dudes will be taken care of.  At least financially (No one can replace me, husband, you hear me?!  NO ONE!).

Now, this is probably gonna make me actually sound like a Dumb Mom, but I really never thought I needed life insurance.  Being an income-less stay-at-home-mom, I failed to realize how important life insurance would be to my family in the event that I don’t, um, live long and prosper.

I realized recently that I was *gasp* wrong.  Majorly in fact.

After reading Life Insurance 101 and learning all kinds of info about how it works and why we need it, I realized that stay at home moms do need love and chocolate and back massages life insurance just as much as working moms do.

Think of all of the services we provide our families that they would need to outsource without us around to manage them.  You could use a life insurance calculator to figure out your contributions more accurately…

But, I think it’s safe to say that it’s not likely that they will be able to find a car driving, treat baking, butt wiping, barf cleaning, dinner making, lunch packing, homework checking, boo-boo kissing, fight refereeing, self-esteem building, cuddling, coddling, laundry fairy to rock their worlds the way you do.  But, they will need a bunch of money to try.

Plus funeral costs, and time off for healing and counseling, and all of that other morbid-but-true-stuff you need to seriously think about even if you don’t want to.

When I sat down and read Life Insurance 101 and then took a second to really think about how amazingly helpful I am the things I contribute to my family, I realized that I sorta owe it to them to make sure they will have the needed fundage to bribe hire someone capable to handle all of those things should I no longer be around to do it.

I used to make my final excuse a cop out about how I can’t afford it but, in the end, okay, before the end, when I think about it, life insurance costs lest than all of these pretty things and we all know that at least a couple of them will be calling my house home by the end of 2013…

2013 Gifts for Me

So, that settles it.

In 2013 I will be slimmer, fitter, happier, and better dressed.  I will eat healthy, have a well appointed family room, be only slightly uncomfortable with the fact that I am half way to 40, and be at least somewhat more appreciated by my family due to the fact that I intend to constantly remind them that I need to be.  Chances are, my popularity online and in life will not increase (please don’t let it decrease), and I will holdfast at being mediocre at blogging.  I will also probably have less money.  But, dammit, I WILL have life insurance!

What’s on your agenda for 2013.

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  1. Congrats lady! Every time I read your updates on weight loss I tell myself I’m gonna get on it to get rid of all of the jiggly bits that held on strong after baby #2 (who will be two in March…). I’m hoping to actually do it this year. And it would be kind of awesome if I could do it before I hit the big 3-0 in March!

  2. Congrats on the weight loss!!! I joined a gym in 2012 and was shocked that I ended up enjoying and loving it. I found that the group dance classes were more my thang, like Zumba. Man I love me some Zumba. Once you find what you like, enjoy it and then branch out little by little with your new found energy, gym friends and your tighter butt! You are already hot, so not much work remains.

    And yeah, we need life insurance too. It’s definitely on my to-do list.

  3. Where do I start?
    1) THIS: “I weigh a toddler less now than I did two months ago…” is AMAZING. Do you realize what a feat this is?? Big ups! BUP BUP!

    2) THIS: I so relate to “Buy life insurance.” I have had “get life insurance” on my new year’s resolution list for the past 3 years… for my husband more than for me. If I go first, he can fend for himself. If he goes first, we will be living in the worst possible conditions… with my mother! Seeing as my hubby travels to a third world country every few weeks for work (read: dangerous lifestyle of frequent travel to unsafe locations), me thinks I need to join you and just git ‘er done in 2013 where life insurance is concerned. I will if you will.

    3) THIS: “Originally, I was also planning to make this the year my blog skyrockets to the top. The year I become the next Ms. Scary Pioneer Dooce. Only, I think we all know that ain’t gonna happen. Not this year or any other. My ability to rock the blogosphere with witty posts and whatnot has not flourished the way I imagined it would. Or at all. As a matter of fact, my awesome remains largely undiscovered by the masses and I imagine such will continue into the next calendar year…” made me incredibly sad. First, because it sounds like something I would’ve written myself. Second, because YOU CAN’T GIVE UP on becoming the next hot blog thang. I wish I could give myself the “buck up” speech I’m going to give you right now (because all us artists need to hear it) but it’s easier to tell a third party you admire than to tell yourself, so I’m telling you:

    In 2013, give yourself the gift of believing you have something important to say. THE WORLD IS WAITING FOR YOUR WORDS.

    At least, I am. :)

    • Holy crap nuggets I think I love you! Like all the way. Bestest comment I’ve gotten all year, or possibly in forever. Thank you for such nice words. Thank you for actually reading my post (and not wishing my DAUGHTER a happy birthday; yeah it happened this year), and thank you for reminding me why I even blog. And, yeah, life insurance is going down for me, for your husband, for the world. Okay, maybe just for me and your husband, the world can fend for themselves. Happy 2013, let’s rock this thang!

  4. Congrats on the weight loss! I bet you look and feel fabulous! I adore your writing and hope more people discover your bloggy superb-ness (neither of which are actual words).

  5. Way to go on the weight loss and the pant size :)

  6. Your blog is fantastic.

    Your posts always interesting.

    The pictures of your children reflect your love.

    Your sincerity for life on this planet comes through in all your posts.

    Losing weight like that? HOLY COW. I’ve been trying to lose 10 lbs for 10 years. IT’s not easy.

    And you’re right: you can’t make people like you. There are a few blogs I follow, I visit when they post, I leave sincere comments, and in two years time, not a sneeze from them in my direction.

    But that’s OK–because they are good reading, and from good reading comes better blogging.

    So, I have that.

    Happy New Year, I think you are great. From your very first post that I ever read, remember that? I emailed you I thought you were/are so great.

    • I do remember! And, I remember coming to your site and thinking, whoa, this lady is something special. Real talk. I am most appreciative of the people I’ve connected with that way.

  7. This is awesome! Just gave me a little push that I needed to keep working at losing the LBs.

    • Awesome! Maybe I should make a workout video. And people can watch it and just laugh. No getting up required. You know laughing burns tons of calories!

  8. Okay, okay, after life insurance the most important thing Moms need is to get away for a real vacation. Go somewhere where the hotel offers babysitting for the kids. Then you and your husband have to get out for at least one evening on the town. Otherwise, you’re going to come back from vacation more tired than when you left. and you might resent the kids because vacation is supposed to be about relaxing a bit and enjoying. In the Sarasota, Florida area we offer our sitting services to guests and vacationers.

  9. Health insurance would be nice but that may not be on my list. But running 26.2 consecutive miles is!!!

    • Running sounds awesome. I miss it since I’ve given it up although strangely not quite enough to get me back out there. Maybe in the spring? Coldness and I are not cool.

  10. Love you. You are gonna rock the house. xoxo

    • Thanks! You should come over and join me. Rocking the house is better when it’s filled with people who are awesome!

  11. You. Are. Amazing.

    And, you are one of my favorites….for what it’s worth. :-)

  12. I am so excited for you! Twenty-two pounds in two months. Damn. Also, size six? SAY WORD.

    Anyway, your blog is one of my favorites, so know that you have at least one loyal person who considers you big time. I have life insurance through my job but my husband is the one who works from home and has none. I added him this year during open enrollment because, well, wait, does it pay if I kill him? *searches documents for fine print*

    My biggest goals for 2013? Getting published more, growing the blog, and finishing (OH, SHUT UP — STARTING) my first novel. I say it every year but this year is different. It’s mine. (Oh, and we’ve been in our house 11 years. I’d like to change the curtains now. (I’ve only washed them twice. Ssssssh. That’s really funky, huh?))

    • Thanks! And, I should see if Dumb Dad can add me to his policy. Although, I really don’t want to give him an ideas…

  13. 22 lbs! That is AWESOME!! You go girl! You are inspiring me all sorts, since I failed miserably this year in my weight loss goals. Since we are on reprieve for The End Of The World, we may as well show it off, right?

    • Yes, since it looks like we’ve avoided an apocalypse for the time being, we should definitely use this extra time to WERK!

  14. Love your goals, girl!

    You’re going to rick 2013, for sure!


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