Wordful Wednesday. You Only Turn 5 Once.

So, it better be amazing.

Which is, apparently, what my just-turned-5-year-old was envisioning when he informed me that he was going to have the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!

A week after Christmas, two weeks before his birthday, he came to me and laid out this extravagant plan for a Super Sweet 5 shindig designed to put every other birthday he’s ever seen or heard about to shame.  There would be rides, and games, and chocolate-chocolate cake.  People would bring him gifts and sing him songs and there would be magic and intrigue.

I immediately broke into a panic.  And, fear of disappointment caused me to go online to seek out ideas.

After crying at all of the magnificence on Pinterest I had no hope of duplicating, I asked the regular people I know on Facebook for suggestions.  Finally, I called the local family fun center and took their last party time available for Sunday, January 20th.

He’d get his rides and games and chocolate-chocolate cake.  People would likely bring gifts and sing him at least one song.  The magic and intrigue he’d have to live without.  Or come up with on his own.

His excitement leading up to the big day was tangible.  He checked off days on his calendar and drew pictures of himself celebrating with friends on his upcoming special day.

He awoke early on Sunday and asked for a bath, so he could comb his hair, and dress in “something fancy”.

Unable to take his nagging anymore, we arrived at the party place a half hour early only to discover that I was supposed to bring decorations, and candles, and goodie bags and such.

None of which I had because isn’t that what you pay for at these places I don’t read directions when small children are hounding me to make awesomeness quickly.

Turns out, he didn’t even care.

He was happy to be surrounded by friends.  He was ecstatic to devour chocolate-chocolate cake.  And he was so dang grateful for all of the amazing gifts and the off-key song he got.  So much so that he stood up on the bench at the end of the party and gave an actual acceptance speech (he is seriously a shoe in to win an Oscar one day) that went like this: “Thank you so much for coming to my party.  I love all of my gifts.  I am so happy I could just die right now.”

And then he passed right out (pretending, of course), off of the bench and into my arms (good thing I was paying attention!).

Best.  Birthday speech.  EVER.

Given by a just-turned-5-year-old.

Who still looks like this to me…


With curlier hair and teeth of course.

And, since I’m feeling sentimental, I am going to subject all of you to a look at the last 5 years of life with #3.  Go ahead and cry if you must, I am.

best toddler picturesbest kid photos

Happy 5th birthday baby, I hope it was amazing (by the looks of things, I’m think heck yeah!)…

birthday boy 2013

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  1. It dissolves sweetness to the relation as well as creates a pleasurable aura of brightness. Super delicious candies, caramel apple pops, gluten free candies, candy cigarettes, and mints are the unique choices for baby showers.

  2. This is my first visit to your great blog. I usually find fellow bloggers through other blogs, but this is a first because I just found your blog through What Not To Wear (my girls and I are watching it now). I’m really looking forward to exploring your blog… oh, and seeing your big reveal at the end of the show – so exciting.

  3. NEVER go to Pinterest if you want to remain sane! I have been meaning to start a board solely for doable projects specifically for moms…

  4. He is so beautiful!! I love that he gave a speech!! Lol

  5. Dawn Bibbs says:

    Oh my gosh…he is SO beautiful! I know, I know…you’re not supposed to say that about boys. But…HE IS!!!
    Happy Birthday, sweet 5 year old!

  6. What a gorgeous little man you have there! Happy Birthday, super-duper cutie patootie…er…I mean you big strappin’ superhero, you!

    We (moms) totally obsesses over birthday parties WAY too much. Kids only care about the cake and their friends. If we remember to keep it simple and we will always look like a rock stars to our kids.

  7. Happy 5th birthday to your not-so-little man. Chocolate-chocolate cake? Lucky boy!

    Also, looking back at pictures always makes me a little sad because honestly, I don’t always remember that they looked the way they did before they’re where they are now, know what I mean? I see my 4yo now and then her baby pictures and see that she changed so much but because I’ve been right next to her all along, I hadn’t even noticed it!

  8. His awesome is so…awesome. And you know what? They always do this to us — convince us we will fail horribly at the perfect party. Truth is, they don’t even know what the perfect party is (unless, of course they have a Pinteresty mama who likes to SHOW OFF). Or maybe it’s all in our heads? Nah. It’s them.

  9. OMG…. what a cute little baby he was! He’s still pretty adorable now… but there is something about babies!

    Sounds like he did have the best 5th birthday ever!

    Thank you for featuring my post this week!

  10. I would expect nothing less than a super awesome party for a super awesome kid. He is such a performer! Living with him must be like visiting Disneyland every day.

  11. My son’s birthday is the 21st so we celebrated this weekend too. He turned 7. Your guy seriously sounds like a character!

  12. Wow! What a wonderful story. I love it very much! He is such an adorable little guy. I am really glad that his very much-anticipated “big day” turned out the way he wanted and did not feel even the slightest of disappointment. So much joy and happiness in this post! Way to go Mommy! :D

  13. They grow up so fast but 5 is one of my favorite ages. They are becoming little people with personalities and thoughts of their own yet they are still cute and little.

  14. A HUGE Happy Birthday to him!!!! What a milestone!

  15. What a special man that #3 is! And, his personality…it kills me!

  16. I would really like to meet this child someday, you know before he gets all famous and stuff… ;)

    I’m so glad he had a such a great time at his party! Happy Birthday Dude!!

  17. Happy birthday to #3! A true rock star in the making.

    When was his actual birthday? I have a January child now too. If he has 1/4 of your #3′s personality, I’ll be a happy mama!!

  18. I think we need to set up your 5 year old with my almost 5 year old…..

  19. They grow so fast. Just the other day I was trying to remember my 2 year old being a small baby. Thank goodness for pictures and memories.

    Thanks for highlighting my photo from last week. I truly appreciate it!

  20. Oh dear what a cutie pie! Happy Birthday to your little guy. He’s adorable.

  21. Oh, the sweet babe! Happy birthday to your baby! And showing up without decorations and stuff? That’s why my kid might end up at Chuck E. Cheese’s. I can’t lie. ;-)

    So glad to hear loved his day!

  22. Happiest of birthdays to your sweet little man!

  23. Oh my cuteness! Kudos to him for ‘getting’ the coolest part…the peeps who came. :> We had the opposite happen with my oldest, who suddenly decided he was too cool for a theme last year. But, the day before, he suddenly informed me that he did indeed want me to bring a treat to school & have decorations for his party. At least there were lots of hugs in the deal! :> Happy birthday to your little dude!

  24. Dang! That WAS an epic birthday speech. Happiest of days #3. It’s unbelievable that those sweet little chubby cheeks turn into a walking talking ‘something fancy’ thang. Wish I could pass you a box of Kleenex my friend.

  25. I love this entry. I still remember when all your boys were tiny. look at this awesome boy. happy birthday little dude :)

  26. Happy birthday to the littest dude!

  27. I so LOVE this. My baby turned 5 this year and it is so very hard on me. Actually bitter sweet really. I love babies but I also love that I get to sleep through the night. Well most nights anyway…..ahem