Wordful Wednesday. How to Make Sushi.

New Year’s Eve is a distant memory.

Ours, involving a keyboard playing, pantless 4 year old, and his drunk-off-sparkling-cider brothers was relatively uneventful.  You know, as uneventful as watching your child do Gangnam style naked can be.

Despite the fact that I spent the evening indoors with my children and didn’t get to make ans epic toast or wear a single sequin as I rung in 2013, there was something spectacular I did get to do…

Make sushi!

I even got a little assistance from my sushi-loving family.  It was easy to rally the troops when they realized:

  • They’d get to use their hands.
  • They’d get to eat the rejects.
  • They’d get to use chopsticks.
  • They’d get sushi.  Lots and lots of sushi!

Come 2013 we had very round rice-stuffed-bellies, and not a roll of sushi left in sight.

Want to give it a go yourself?!

How about a So-Easy-a-Dummy-Can-Do-It Make-Your-Own Sushi Tutorial!

15 steps to get your sushi on!


Step 1.  Buy the right stuff.  You will need sushi rice (you don’t need a lot, maybe 4 cups cooked to make 5 sushi rolls).  Sometimes the bag won’t actually say “Sushi Rice”.  They do this to confuse you.  When this happens, buy the one that says short grain rice.  NOT LONG.  You’ll be ruined before you start if you buy long.

sushi ingredients list

You will also need all of the following:

  • Rice Wine Vinegar
  • Sugar
  • A Rice Cooker (this is not a necessity, but it will make your life easier, both now and forever)
  • Nori (the green seaweed thingys you wrap the sushi in; usually found on the “ethnic” or “Asian” aisle of your grocery store)
  • Bamboo sushi rollers (or the pseudo-bamboo equivalent you can snag at Walmart for under $2)
  • Sushi guts.  I used shrimp (the frozen kind), salmon (the smoked kind), avocado (a ripe one), and zuchini (many people use cucumber, I accidentally bought a zucchini so that’s what we used).  You can get carrots and Wasabi paste if you like as well (I forgot them; no one cared).

Step 2.  Wash the rice.  This is possibly the most important step of all of the steps.  You MUST wash the rice until it is clear.  Not sorta clear, not mostly clear, not almost-pretty-much-basically clear.  ALL THE WAY CLEAR.  It requires patience for a repetitive task.  If you don’t have this then you won’t have perfect sushi rice.  And be gentle about it too.  No need to destroy your rice in your haste to wash it.  Wash it like you would your baby; your soon-to-be-in-you-belly rice baby.

Step 3.  Cook the rice.  In the rice cooker.  Or on the stove if you’re a cavewoman.

Step 4.  Mix 1/4 cup of the rice wine vinegar with about 3 tablespoons of sugar.  Heat in microwave or on stove to dissolve.  Once it’s cool, pour over rice and mix.

sushi rice

Step 5.  Let rice mixture cool to room temperature.  While this is happening, check out parenting BY dummies on Facebook.

Step 6.  Roll out bamboo so it’s flat on your workspace.  Place one sheet of Nori on top.

Step 7.  Scoop out some rice.  Not too much, not too little.  Eyeball it and try to start with enough to cover the entire Nori with a thin layer of rice.  It’s cool if you have to add a little more, but start small.  It’s easy to add then it is to remove.

how to make sushi

Step 8.  Push the rice around the Nori with your fingers to spread into a thin layer.  All of Nori should be covered with rice.  You should still be able to see a little green peeking through though.

Step 9.  Add your guts.  Line your internal ingredients up on the side closest to you so you can easily roll them up.  We used shrimp (3), avocado, and zucchini in our first rolls.  Don’t.  Over.  Stuff.  That will make your sushi hard to roll and equally hard to eat.  It’s not a burrito, okay champ.

Step 10.  Begin to roll.  Tightly.  Like a cigarette.  Only, if you’re me and you’ve never actually rolled a cigarette, you’re probably still uncertain about how exactly to roll it.  Just make it tight.  And grip the ingredients in there so they don’t fall out.

Step 11.  As you roll, pull out the bamboo.  You actually aren’t supposed to eat that part.  It’s just for ease of rolling so it needs to move as the sushi rolls up.  Watch the video, it’s short and you’ll understand all of this after you see it.

Step 12.  Once rolled, admired, and photographed for proof to your Facebook fans, cut the rolls into bite sized pieces.  Each roll usually makes 6-8 pieces depending on your interpretation of a bite.

Step 13.  Repeat until you have more sushi than you can shake a stick at.  Everyone over does it the first time which is too bad because day old sushi is nowhere near as tasty as just made sushi.  You may not have known this if you’ve only previously enjoyed grocery store sushi; you’ll know it for certain after this.

sushi roll

Step 14.  Take more photos of your sushi: stack them up, dab them with soy sauce, put some wasabi on the side.  Your friends on Instagram will like this.

sushi 1

Step 15. Throw down.

eating sushi

Sushi making really is THAT easy.

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  1. You’ve made some good points there. I checked on the web to learn more about the issue and found most people will go along with your views on this web site.

  2. Oh my gosh – so yummy!!! I want to try this!

  3. Yes, yes please. Please tell non-asian people how important it is to wash that rice. Please. I feel gross thinking about non-washed rice…

    On another note, the best tasting low points meal evaaaaaah! Get in my belly!

  4. That looks SO good! And I wish I wasn’t too lazy to make my own.

  5. that looks a bit easier than I thought.. thanks for sharing :)

  6. YUM! I loveeee sushi!

    ps did you know I can’t pin any of those sushi images because they’re hosted by Flickr? HOW DO I SHARE THIS!?!

  7. Heather's Happenings says:

    Ive never tried sushi but that looks really good!

  8. Thanks for inspiring me! I’m going to try this over the weekend! :)

  9. Wow you make it look so easy and definitely fun!

    I don’t think I’ve ever had it. I would love to try it and then make it :)

    Love the photos! Love seeing moms just hang out with their kids!

  10. My kids would be in absolute heaven if I learned how to make sushi! I may have to try it some time!

  11. For some reason that still doesn’t seem very easy. Plus my kids would never eat that stuff (and I’m not a sushi fan either), but I’m glad you all had fun doing it. I’m sure it was a great NYE activity!

  12. This is a great idea and tutorial. What a fun idea for entertaining friends…

  13. Oh you make it look easy and totally doable! I love love sushi– but my kids aren’t as big of fans yet. Maybe if they made their own. Awesome post

  14. Very very cool. I know my sushi loving kids would be so happy to do this.

  15. LOVE sushi, but I’ve never made it. It looks awesome, and super yummy!

  16. Ummmm, this is awesome. I literally just said to my husband two nights ago that I wanted to learn how to make sushi and he rolled his foolish eyes, all “Yeah, like THAT will ever happen.”

    Thank you, dumb mom. Thank you for giving me something I can throw right into my husband’s face!

  17. Oooooh! I’ve always wondered how to make Sushi – and I have a rice cooker (and wash my rice before cooking it every time anyway) so I’m halfway there, right? SO going to recruit Princess Nagger into helping make some – and thanks for the video, I wasn’t quite clear on how to remove the bamboo as you roll, and had one of those “Ah-HA!” moments as I watched. :)

    Wishing for Good Snow

  18. THIS pretty much sums up the world of motherhood:
    “You know, as uneventful as watching your child do Gangnam style naked can be.”
    Love this post. We used to have the luxury of living right across the street from an awesome sushi place. We moved and have been hankering for sushi for months. Might just have to try this out at home!

  19. Not so much a sushi eater here.. something about catfish doesn’t taste right in all that other fluff. Kidding totally kidding.. maybe. I will have to say you make it look easy. Hey I can make a mean sushi on Chefville does that count?

  20. I’ve never tried sushi — my sister loves it. I’ll share this with her. Thanks!

  21. You make that look really easy! I’m not one for sushi. I tried it once. Really I did try. It just wasn’t working for me. lol

  22. So much of this post made me laugh out loud and then I realized that I could actually make my own sushi. And now I’m not laughing, I’m just hungry. Also #2 throwing down on that roll? Most ringing endorsement you could get!! Love it!

  23. You guys did such an awesome job making sushi! We were supposed to have some for dinner tonight, but they were closed. :( We should’ve gone to your house instead!

  24. Yummy!!

  25. We love sushi SOOOO much! I really need to just break down and make it. It is so darn expensive to buy ugh!

  26. Nom nom nom. We love making sushi too!

  27. So loving this…but I’m with Jackie, unless it’s a project with the kiddos, I think I’ll just buy it:)

  28. Mmmm…. sushi!

    Now that looks like a lot of work… and because of that I’ll leave it to the pro’s!


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