Just Wear This. Wedge Sneaks & Sweet Relish?

A while ago I sought the advice of my Facebook and Instagram homies regarding whether or not I should go forward with the purchase of a pair of wedge sneakers.  They tend to come in handy in the absence of an IRL shopping pal and I often reach out to them when I’m in a fashion dilemma.

Only this time?  This time they were basically useless.  They were entirely undecided and, therefore, unhelpful when it came down to the fashionality (totally not a word but I bet you know what I mean) of the wedge sneaker…



Despite what everyone else may or may not have said about the trend, I have since found the wedge sneaks of my dreams, purchased them, and brought them home where I prance around my house in them and wear them to every single place I can make them make sense.  Which is most places actually.

sneaker wedge looks

My feet love them.

But, possibly these are not for everyone.

Okay, certainly.  These are not for everyone.

I usually post items here that I think every mom can easily incorporate into her wardrobe with both fashion and functionality, however, because I realize that this particular trend doesn’t really fit that mold, I intend to take a beat here and issue a few caveats where the wedge sneaks are concerned.

First, note that these are not a wardrobe investment.  They will not be in the rotation come next winter, or possibly not even this spring if I’m honest.  This is a trend.  One that will likely be short lived.  Matter of fact, it may already be over, but since most people in my friend circle don’t know that, I think I’m safe to rock them stylishly for a few more months.

Second, do not expect that you can actually accomplish sneaker like activities while wearing sneaker wedges.  They are not made for running far distances or hitting up Zumba.  These are strictly fashion sneaks, NOT function sneaks.  Which is another reason I can’t fully endorse them as mama uniform material in good conscious. Never mind that I wear them while I sleep.

Finally, there is probably an age cutoff.  I’m not going to make people hate me by saying exactly what that is, but if you would never consider wearing a miniskirt or leggings as pants (which I also can’t endorse for anyone over the age of 12) or leather shorts or anything from Ke$ha’s jewelry line solely because you are “too old” for such, I’d say you’ve similarly passed your prime for partaking in sneaker wedges.  I am ageless so I would wear all of the above with relish.

Speaking of relish!

Let me introduce you to my newest online happy place: Sweet Relish.

sweet relish

No, no, it’s not the questionable pickle chunks some unsavory people slather all over their hot dogs (I just don’t trust people who use relish; no reason, just cause).

It’s a shopping site, an aide if you will, to help you find, bookmark, and save for later beautiful items you hope to one day call your own.  Things you relish in life, like cool accessories, and cozy sweaters, hot boots, and sneaker wedges.  Things you want to add to your cart immediately and pay extra to get express shipped to your house by Friday night, not because you’re going anywhere, just because you want them.

It is when your party pooping bank account gets in the way of your material treasure owning that Sweet Relish sweeps in and saves the day.

By just marking it with the R you can save your desired item to a special “Relish List” that keeps it organized and saved for later.  And by later I mean next Friday, when you get paid.

Also awesome?  It’s social!  Which means, of course, that your friends can follow your relishes too.  And relish them with you!  Or just buy them and make you jealous.  So, say you actually love my sneaker wedges and want a sweet pair of your own to prance around in, you could easily follow my sneaker wedges Relish List and find a pair to bring home.

Or maybe sneaker wedges just aren’t your jam?  That’s cool.  Because chances are you totally dig cool accessories, cozy sweaters, and boots (duh, of course you do).  Naturally I have lists for all of those things too!

Stop trying to talk yourself out of joining me.  I know you don’t have time for another social site because it’s all you can do to keep up with Facebook and Google+ and holy-crap-when’s-the-last-time-I-Tweeted?  But this will actually save you time.


No idea what to wear to your brother-in-law’s wedding next month and need some ideas, stat?  Pop over to Sweet Relish and see what your friends (whose fashion sense you mimic comfortably) have Relished and just buy what they are planning to buy (as long as they aren’t also planning to wear it to your brother-in-law’s wedding).  Unlike other curating sites, it’s all about things you can purchase so you don’t have to weed through craft projects and recipes and family pictures with well behaved and cleanly dressed children that are meant to shame you.

But more than anything, it’s fun and we all just need to make more time for that.

Hello happiness.

*pBd Admits I work with these people: Sweet Relish reached out to me to help them tell all of you about their new site because they could see that I have a shopping problem knew how much I’d enjoy it.  Lucky for them they were right and I do!  Totally.  Probably they can just send the money they were planning to pay me directly to DSW; they’re gonna get it all anyway!


  1. says

    The luck you have of not having girls, I tell you. I was in Target with the oldest girl and she ran up on those shoes just as my eyes saw them and registered them as hey, cute. But me wearing the same shoe as my 12 yr old? So not gonna happen. Keep it movin’ lil’ girl, nothing to see here.

  2. says

    I want wedge sneaks so bad I’m crying.

    Saw my first silver pair last month, then my sister came back from Brazil with a pair on and said “EVERYONE’S WEARING THEM IN BRAZIL!”

  3. says

    I love what you said, “Unlike other curating sites, it’s all about things you can purchase so you don’t have to weed through craft projects and recipes and family pictures with well behaved and cleanly dressed children that are meant to shame you.” Such a breath of fresh air in the social world!

  4. says

    This post makes my arthritic feet hurt. When you are, in fact, old, you will find that a trend becomes the right age for you when it’s dead to the rest of the world. It’s sad. It’s also why I seldom buy clothing. I joined Sweet Relish at the first mention. I will try to get over there and follow you.