Just Wear This! Bright Colors in Winter.

Winter is getting bleak in Maryland.

It was 9 degrees this week.

That’s cold enough to steal your breath when you step outside, so I just try to no to. 

I mean, I go lots of places, I just don’t want to.  And, when I absolutely have to, I get all bundled up, Eskimo-in-Alaska style.

Not hot.

Or, um, really freaking super hot.

Because the moment I enter into any building, with the heater blasting, I literally feel like I’m going to catch fire.  Only not badass and sexy like Katniss-catching-Fire.  More sweaty, hot, and sticky like my granny in menopause catching fire.

It’s gross.

And I always wish I would’ve risked frostbite and left my coat in the car.  Or, come into the store with nothing on but my coat and a bikini.

Only, I don’t wear bikinis. 

But, here’s what I do wear…

bright winter colors

Happy, bright colors that at least give the impression that I’m not actively cursing the economy for making it impossible for me to sell my house-beast and move to a warmer climate that doesn’t dabble in crazy cold winters.

Along with my warmest, comfiest, most-favoritest boots ever.

Sadly, I don’t think this whole dressing-brightly-to-make-my-mood-cheery bit as actually working.  Maybe I should consider dance walking?

I mean, I feel like it’s physically impossible, no matter the conditions, to be in a bad mood while dance walking.  I bet this guy is never depressed…

Not the type to hit the streets grooving?

Yeah, me neither, probably.  I guess I’ll have to try harder with the color infusion to boost my mood…

Winter Color

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  1. Amanda?!?! What the heck. I go M.I.A. from the blogoshpere for like 3 weeks and when I come back, you’re like a size TWO. You look fantastic. If I bumped into you at Ikea (again), I wouldn’t recognize you this time :) Keep it up girly!

  2. I <3 bright colors in the winter! Also I love the picture all the way to the left. Also, please share your amazing skills at self-portraits that look amazing and are obviously not done on a phone but an AWESOME camera. Also, I agree with maryland winters being bleak-my dad is down there and he says it sucks and he NEVER uses that word also their office (FAA) had a late opening b/c apparently people can't drive in winter weather conditions. ;-o but I'm sure you can, because you are awesome!

  3. Bright colors are my favorites.

  4. Love those pics! You look great and I really like the boots you have on..where did they come from??

  5. Hi, I am a lurker coming out of the cold to say that you look fantastic! Congrats on your weight loss! Love the boots!

  6. Cute! Love the style board. I guess this cold weather is no excuse for my gray-on-gray sweats ensemble…

  7. Love your style! Your post just prompted me to purchase $130 worth of clothing on Wallis. I had never heard of them before (live in Alaska).

  8. Ugh I totally feel your pain. This deep freeze needs to let up because I don’t want to do ANYTHIIIIING. I’m going to have to try your cheery color method because the bundling or hibernating tactics that I’ve tried just aren’t working for me.

  9. I am so done and over this single digit nonsense. And it’s due to snow again tonight. And I’m with you on the overbundling. It’s irritating because once you’re bundled, if you get in the car you want to be warm, then you get too warm and take off your hat and scarf maybe, put them back on to get out, get inside the H&M and it’s like FIRE! THE BUILDING’S ON FIRE!

  10. You know that one on the right is an outfit Louis of One Direction wore all last summer, right?

    I totally agree about bundling up and then getting where you’re going and having to haul around 30 lbs of outdoor gear. Fortunately, it is unlikely to get much colder than the 20s here. Sorry for your weather.

  11. 9? Like, single digit 9? Oooh, I don’t know about that. But hey, love your outfit! If you’re gonna be cold (then hot, then cold again), may as well look cute at it! :-)


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