Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Gifting Challenged.

Looking for some Valentine’s Day gift ideas?

Well, go you for not procrastinating!

Valentine’s Day is still like 19 days away.

As far as I’m concerned, that means thinking about what I’m going to get Dumb Dad for Valentine’s Day now would be sorta like thinking about what I plan to get him for our anniversary which doesn’t come along until the last day of May!

No one needs 20 days to choose a gift.

Unless they plan to get something amazing.

Overnight stays to a bed and breakfast, or something featuring diamonds, or a handmade item custom ordered from your favorite Etsy shop may take some forethought and planning and 20 days worth of effort.

But, for those of us less creative, time pressed people who may need a little gift shopping guidance, has got you covered.  Tons of great items to choose from for your Valentine…

proflowers valentine's day gifts

They offer CHOCOLATE way more than just flowers (I snagged this neat terrarium for Dumb Dad’s office).

Plus, you can buy your gift today, or (in many cases) the day before and your love bug is still gonna get it, wrapped up pretty, right on time, and be pleasantly surprised (because you didn’t get the last wrinkled ‘I Love You’ card from CVS and a wilted flower from that guy on the corner when you were rushing to the restaurant).

For us, V-Day isn’t a huge deal.  No one ever wants to babysit for us on that day, we really hate waiting to eat, we’re not good at planning far enough ahead to make a reservation (clearly, procrastinating is a life choice), so we don’t ever really do anything.

We hand over our mostly functional gifts (I’m pretty sure I gave Dumb Dad a gym membership and he gave me a mixer last year) clad in sweat pants and surrounded by bickering children.  After we pick over a box of chocolate, I usually fall asleep drooling on the couch next to him while he turns up his video game and tries to drown out my snores.

That’s what love looks like over here.

Do you and your significant other celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Feel free to enjoy one of these coupon codes if you’re feeling adventurous!


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    Thanks for the great tips. The best gift ideas are personal. You don’t have to spend a lot of money; just show you actually took the time to think about what
    the recipient would value. I like gift baskets because you CAN include a variety of little fun gifts.

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    Nope, we don’t celebrate. We wrote each other poems when we first started dating about how much we disliked the day and though we don’t do that anymore, the feeling continues. I am frowning even as I type this; that’s how much I don’t like it. But, love on, y’all!