Just Wear This! White After Labor Day!

Dumb Dad was home from work for the holidays until this past Monday.

We got to spend a bunch of time together.  Surprisingly, it was pretty awesome.

I expected to be annoyed with his presence disrupting my daily schedule.  But, he was actually pretty respectful of it and he took time to play with The Dudes quite a bit.

Good times.

Except for when it came to having someone there to judge my daily outfits.

This?  I could live without.

Particularly when he engaged me in a lengthy discussion about my wearing white after Labor Day.

When will that man learn not to argue with the fashion blogger in the family?!

I don’t question him when it comes to, um, like, um, stuff he knows.  It’s a short list that escapes me presently, but when I do remember what it is he knows, I don’t question him on it.

I gave him a pass on this one because it’s something that a lot of old people don’t realize.

Wearing white in the winter is entirely fashionable.

You know, when done right…

white after labor day pin

It’s the camo vest I think.  And the leather jacket…

wear white after labor day

Makes it funky.

Added bonus?  The vest only cost me $6!  Bargain style is somehow just hotter than full price style!

Here are some more wear-white-in-winter-because-it’s-cool-and-stylish-and-fine-no-matter-what-your-husband-thinks ideas.

4 Ways to Wear White in Winter

1.  Paired with pastels…

winter dreams

2.  Black and white…

Touch of Class

3.  White and white and white all over…

Winter White

4.  Leftover white jeans from summer (yeah, that’s what I’m rockin’)…

Winter White Denim


So bust out that white ladies, no need to wait until St. Patrick’s Day!

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  1. I thought it was just white shoes after Labor day… but then I don’t really ever wear white shoes so that’s not a problem for me.

  2. Love it! I personally hate the “no white after Labor Day rule”. And? You’re looking so tiny and awesome! Congrats on all your hard work! It’s really paying off!

  3. Your outfit is so cute! I don’t tend to wear white. It just doesn’t do much for my pale skin.

  4. I have a birthday coming up. I think I might hit the consignment.

    They don’t call it Winter White for nothing.

  5. I can’t believe how stinking cute MY kid is. Love you honey.

  6. Great pics! I just cant make myself wear white jeans. I never feel like I look right and Lord knows I couldnt keep them clean anyway!

  7. I love wearing white in the winter! ;) I am currently on the hunt for a knee length white coat. And my white jeans got too big due to weight loss earlier this year and so need to be replaced. ;)
    Love the vest and leather jacket, but the boots really make the outfit great! ;)

  8. I love that vest!!! It’s amazing just how long your hair is when it’s straight. Would never know when it’s curly! It looks stunning. :)

  9. Cuuuuute!

    I’m all for wearing white after Labor Day. I just don’t do it because I’m a hot mess and I have two hot mess children. How on earth do you get away with white with three boys?!

  10. Love the fresh fashion thinking! I’m going to my closet to pull them out right now to get inspired, thanks!!

  11. So the “old” man had an opinion did he? After this post he will think twice… Looking good… in white and frugal camo. Loved it. Feeling a little frumpish in fact so thanks for this post…time to start making an effort.

  12. Nice look! I’m afraid I’m a bit of a dirt magnet however. I spill something at least once a day and being around creative preschool children makes white a challenge.

  13. I roll my eyes EVERY TIME someone tells me about wearing white after Labor Day. Serial Mom is not going to kill us, y’all!

  14. You are so sassy! I love your sense of style.

  15. EEEK I love your hair straightened.. Ok let’s just be honest.. I have hair envy over you. I would love for mine to be the soft curls like yours or that straight right there.. but noooo I get the frizzy, kinky curly that I just keep pulled up in a bun. I love the outfit too stinking cute.. did you get to the other blog yet lol

  16. Color me impressed lady! How on the world do you dare to wear white pants with 3 boys in the house?? I can only get up the courage to go khaki.

    • I threaten to serve them lima beans every night for dinner if they touch me. And also, I wear them while they are at school then promptly remove them before heading to the bus stop.