Dude Mom’s Guide. How to Make Your Husband Love You Forever.

There are few things that get Dumb Dad excited.

Seriously, he’s just got an extremely laid back personality and a highly undemonstrative face.  And possibly, a very small vocabulary of “excitement” words.

As in he has one: Okay.

Basically all of his emotions can be conveyed with that one word.

Let me give you an example of how conversations tend to go between Dumb Dad and I around the Casa.

On home disasters…

Me: Welp, the stupid toilet overflowed and the bathroom flooded.

Him.  Ooooookay.

On kid accomplishments…

Me: Check it out, #1 got straight A’s!

Him: Okay!

On things I think are awesome…

Me: SeriouslyI’mfreakingthefreakoutrightnow.  You’renotevengoingtofreakingbelievewhatjustfreakinghappenedtome.  I.  Won.  A.  Free.  Freaking.  TRIP!

Him: OKAY!

On things EVERYONE thinks are awesome..


Him: Okay.  Okay.  Um, okay.


Okay covers it.

I like to imagine that when I deliver this sort of news that has my going bananas with glee (or fear, or nerves, or whatever) to the point that I am possibly actually catching air while I jump in a circle around him, that he at the very least this guy inside of his head…

Somehow I don’t think so and I have to hope that my over-the-top celebration skills are enough for the both of us.

I’m pretty sure they are.

But, recently, following the crowning of the best team ever 49ers as the 2013 NFC Champions, I called him up at work to deliver some exciting news…

Me: Hey.  You know who Patrick Willis is right?

Him: I slept in a jersey with his name on it last night.  What kind of a question is that?

Me: I know you know who it is, just kidding.  Um, who is it again?

Him:  You’re not a real fan.  Patrick Willis is pretty much only the best defensive player in the NFL currently.  Possibly ever.

Me: Right.  Right.  That’s what I was thinking.  Anyway.  I’m getting an autographed football from him.  I know that.


Me: Hello?

Him: Wait.  What?  What do you mean “autographed”?  What do you mean “you’re getting”?

This said in high pitched whisper voice.

Me: Lol.  (I did it.  Lauged out loud.  I didn’t say lol.  Because I hate it when people say lol instead of just going ahead and actually lol-ing).

Him:  Why are you laughing?  This isn’t funny if you’re kidding.  This is a cruel joke if you’re kidding.  Because I love Patrick Willis.  Love him.  And if you are serious right now, when it comes I am going to need a moment alone so I can smell it and see if I can catch the sent of his hands.  But, if you’re joking or lying or something then you will probably need to go ahead and find a new home later.

Super high pitched whisper voice continues.

Me: Wow, that’s a pretty serious man crush you’ve got there, eh?

Him: Well, I’d probably divorce you for him if that’s what you mean by “man crush”.  Unless you’re serious about this football thing and then I will love you forever.

See?  That, friends, is how you get your husband to love you forever.

Because, I was serious!

Patrick Willis really did sign a couple of footballs (one my husband happily thinks was signed specifically for him), just like he really did get 12 tackles in their comeback win against the Falcons to clench the championship and help send his team to the Super Bowl (yeah, he’s a beast).

But, Patrick Willis has done a bunch of impressive things in his life (he has one of those really inspirational stories of triumph over adversity), not the least of which is his support of the #TrustYourPower program that sends underprivileged youth to ProCamps every year.

Sheesh, no wonder my husband has a man crush on this guy.  He’s all ripped and tasty inspirational and junk.

Enough to get a grown man excited.  For quite possibly the very first time in his whole entire life.

What gets you excited?!


**I am a member of a paid campaign with P&G, makers of Duracell Batteries, and I received merchandise and compensation as part of this campaign.  All opinions are correct my own.  The 49ers really are the best team ever.  P&G didn’t tell me that, but I know it.


  1. Lauren says

    Love this story! Kind of adorable. LOL

    What gets me excited? Hmm…a lot of things really. I’m a pretty excitable person. Doing well in school when I think I did bad on something, getting a new client for my freelance publicity business, etc.

  2. Erin says

    What gets me excited??? The 49ers going to the Super Bowl for the fist time in 19 years!! Grew up outside of San Francisco and some of my earliest memories are watching the Niners play on Sunday mornings with my dad (who’s pretty much the biggest 49er fan I know – seriously, he has a “Quest for Six” flag flying right underneath his American flag in the backyard). If only I could afford to go to the game… (*sigh*)

    Oh, and I *love* the look of happiness the my boy gets when I tell him he’s doing something good and give him a thumbs up … Best. Face. Ever. :)

  3. Cera says

    This sounds silly, but I get excited when I get to go to bed at the same time as my husband. We have such different schedules, that it only happens once or twice a week.

  4. says

    Okay … so I tried to enter above and it got all technical with the Rafflecopter and junk and I flaked. So I hope I’m not totally disqualifying myself by leaving a comment down here. Forgive me, it’s morning and I’m not a coffee drinker. But I do know somebody who would be absolutely BESIDE himself to win this football. Like for real. Soooo …

    What gets me excited? Watching my dudes master something for the first time. That look of understanding – and then pride – that crosses their faces is priceless. Also, payday. That’s always exciting. Until I have to pay the bills.

  5. Sophia ahmad says

    I live my coffee and chocolate and ever since my hubby bought me a keurig machine for our anniversary even though I hate the idea of kitchen appliances as a gift, every morning I wake up sooooo excite to try new flavors lol I’m such a dork but thy cup of coffee with some small form of chocolate on the side makes me ecstatic. I dread when the cup is about to finish.

  6. Jdt says

    Love the post- my husband and I are kinda line that. I feel like all of my reactions are way bigger than his.
    Something that gets me excited is sleeping in on Sunday. The only day hubby gets up with the kid ;-)

  7. Chantel says

    This post was too funny!! :) Having met Dumb Dad I can attest he is pretty stoic. ;-)

    I get excited when I have a chance to sleep in. When I don’t have to get up to do anything for or with the kids on a Saturday rocks my world. Also pay day Fridays. I definitely do a little jig every 2 weeks! :)

  8. says

    Chocolate, chocolate always gets me excited! Even better? chocolate cheesecake. Can you tell I need dessert???

    Glad you secured your marriage vows with that football! ;-)

  9. Carrie says

    I get excited when I get something for free!! Whether I win it, it’s given to me or I find it, free gets me excited!! Also, my kids doing well in whatever it is they are doing. Also, when my hubby gets home from work. I guess I get excited easily!!!

    And if this makes you feel better, my hubby loves the 49ers and has a “man crush” on Kaepernick (did I spell that right?).

    Thanks for the story, too funny!

  10. says

    We’ll tweet because it’s the right thing to do, but we don’t need an entry because that football needs to go to a 49er fan like your husband. Mine’s a Steelers fan.

    I’ll share on FB.

    What gets me excited? New Clothes. Seeing my kids perform (for real, not household drama), and seeing truth prevail.

  11. Shannon says

    I get excited at the starting line of a race, or seeing my children accomplish something they set out to do!
    This post made me chuckle. My husband reacts the same way to most things. Maybe it’s just a male thing. ;)

  12. Jake Feigenbaum says

    Studying hard for test and then getting the rewarding feeling of doing well gets me excited! Hard work always pays off!

  13. Kirby says

    I get excited when I get a full-nights rest, that ain’t happening anytime soon…life of a single-mom!

  14. Anne S says

    What gets me excited is when I get to sleep in on a Sunday morning and wake up to the smell of bacon being cooked by my husband and kids!

  15. says

    First of all, I seriously love this post. My husband and I are pretty much the same way. I am overly excitable. I jump and squeal at just about anything (lately it’s every time baby cakes says a new word) while my husband has a stone cold face at all times. I annoy the crap out of him because every time I think he SHOULD be excited about something I ask him a million times if he’s actually excited because I can’t tell.

  16. Beth Hamlin says

    Watching my boys make a great play in football or basketball or baseball gets me excited! Or when my daughter does all her school work and homework for the week and I don’t have to nag, that gets me excited :)

  17. says

    I love this blog post. You always make me laugh. For years my family said I never showed excitement, quite like your husband. That was in my teen years. I’ve learned to be more open. I get excited with blog comments, when brands reach out to me, when I get any good news from friends and or family.