New Book Club Selection: Silver Linings Playbook.

I sorta, okay, totally, have a thing for books made into movies.

I get a little fearful when a book I’ve read is made into a film AFTER I read it.  Because then, there’s all of this pressure for the filmmakers to do a good job of making my fantasy version of the characters come to life.

I’m sure that’s what they are all worried about; if they will do my Edward justice.  If they will make my Katniss as brave and beautiful in that will-beat-you-and-eat-your-cat-if-I-have-to-but-I-clean-up-nice-too way I imagined her when I was skipping sleep to engross myself in her story.

It’s way easier (on them) when I read a book BECAUSE I saw the movie (or heard about the movie and plan to see it when it hits video because I couldn’t get a sitter to watch the Dudes when it was in the theater still).  Then, I feel like I get to learn more about the characters I am so in love with.  Or plan to be once I see Bradley Cooper and Katniss Jennifer Lawrence being all Oscar worthy in Silver Linings Playbook.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, we’ve finished last month’s book club selection, Safe Haven (two thumbs up on that if you’re looking for something loving and sweet with a hint of suspense and supernatural to read) and, while we plan a movie date together (all DC/MD/VA readers invited, just leave a comment if you want to be a part of our #SafeHaven movie going experience) we are moving on to Silver Linings Playbook (for which I may or may not have a house party film showing when it hits DVD)!

silver linings playbook

You should read it with us, by joining my Movie Lovers Who Expect Filmmakers to Read Our Minds book club.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • It’s easy and fun to join (just go to Copia and join my club by leaving a comment and following me). 
  • Copia is a free book reading app that you can use on your Kindle or iPad or whatevermajig you use to read.  You can also use Copia on your desk top to read the books.  The app is free, the books, yeah, um, no you’ve gotta pay for those (unless you win a copy from me!)
  • You don’t have to use Copia to read the books.  You can get them from  where ever you normally digitally download your reading material.  You can even go to the-gasp-bookstore-gasp- and buy the hard copy with the paper pages and junk.  As long as you’re reading I don’t care how you do it!  Although, if you read in Copia you can also enjoy my witty commentary in your margins; something you can probably live without, but really shouldn’t have to.
  • I honestly don’t care if you’ve done the reading assignment just like chatting with friends about books-turned-movies and the hotties selected to bring the stories we love to life stories that are good. 
  • We meet weekly to chat.  Our meetings are scheduled for Sundays at 8:30pm EST time.  And, this just in, we will now be hosting all of our book club meetings via Twitter!  Woohoo!  So, just follow me (@dumbparent) and the hashtag (#ClubCopia), and then hop on Twitter at the designated time to get your chat on!

Feel free to make some suggestions for my next read if you’re not down with this one and hope to see you all on Sunday.


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    Just discovered your blog after watching your What Not To Wear episode. Would love to hear how you really got your blog going and what inspires you to keep it going so regularly.

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    I’ll read with you and come to any house parties. Will there be dip?

    I hate when I’ve read a book, then see the movie and they’ve done some ridiculous NONSENSE to it (still upset years later about My Sister’s Keeper.)

    I didn’t read Safe Haven but I am totally down to join y’all at any movie date.