Wordful Wednesday. Mama Don’t Play That.

Recently, I took The Dudes to Baltimore for a weekend adventure.

Long story short, Dumb Dad had to stay home with Dumb Dog because of some, er, miscalculations with the kennel (aka, we had to change some dates and I forgot to call to save her a spot), so I was on my own with The Dudes in the city.

Before we left I was pretty confident in my skills and ability to handle all three of them for a weekend adventure at a hotel, visiting an aquarium, dining out at touristy like places.  I mean I’ve had them all of their lives and most of mine, so I figured, I got this.

As a matter of fact I was foolishly sorta looking forward to it.  Figured we’d reconnect and really bond over our together time.  Just me and my Dudes.

By the time we had driven the hour to the hotel, screamed at the stupid-face-dummy-head GPS lady in my dash for not actually getting me to my destination without making me drive around a circle 4 times (seriously, it’s a traffic circle, how confusing can that be?), walked a couple of blocks to the hotel with a pair of underwear dangling from my bag (no one told me, NO  ONE), and checked into our lovely accommodations (The Pier 5 hotel in Baltimore is a great, centrally located place to stay with the family if you’re ever in the Baltimore area and need a place to crash), I was pretty certain I had made a mistake.

My mind was nearly changed by the chocolate & champagne hour the hotel hosted (yes friends, with a fountain, delicious things to dip in it, and champagne for the 21 and up crowd), the nice room, and the friendly staff.

pier 5 hotel baltimore

But, by the time we’d been inside of the National Aquarium for 30 minutes, they’d pretty much made me forget all of that awesome and I was convinced that I really, really, really need Dumb Dad in my life.  Like for realsies.

Possibly I’m just used to having him with me to sorta deflect fights, wrangle children, and give the kids the stink eye on my behalf.

Or, maybe, it was the 3 different trips to the bathroom I had to take because, of course, they all couldn’t just have to go at once.

Or, the time that I got locked out of the dolphin show, with the two big kids inside, because #3 absolutely just immediately had to get a snack.  Before he died.  From starvation.  And dehydration.  And sadness. 

Or, maybe it was the random fight that broke out between two of them for the hundred-billontyieth time over who was going to sit where, or who touched whom, or for whom the bell tolls, or nothing.

Not sure which of those straws eventually broke this camel’s back, but at one point, I picked my hump up offa the ground, turned on my children, made eye contact with each of them individually, and decided to leave that place without getting our money’s worth.

I could see the crazy in their eyes.  And I could feel it coursing through my veins.

And, I knew they had won.  Or, that they thought they had at least.

But, homie mama don’t play that.

I always win.  Always, always, always (and yes, I am doing the running man right now).

But of course, they didn’t expect me to end that trip.  They expected me to threaten them.  Numerous times even.  But let them stay, and act ungrateful, and snippy and bickery, and mean.

But, sometimes, as a mom, you just have to call their bluff. 

Shake things up a little bit by actually being consistent and sticking to your word.

Even if you don’t want to because you are dying to see the rain forest exhibit and the sting rays.  Even if you were really looking forward to spending a little time in that gift shop to replace the broken snow globe your beast broke.  Even if you know that they will probably be even more annoying once you get back to the hotel.

Ugh, mothering.

Fortunately, we actually had some fun in the aquarium…

national aquarium baltimore maryland

And around the city of Baltimore…

baltimore inner harbor

before I had to get buck.

As it turns out, I think everyone was just ugly tired.  Like can’t think right, can’t see straight, need to just chillax tired.  Because we got back to the room and laid around while watching movies and stuffing our faces with our leftover Chinese food things turned up happy…

mom and son

I guess in the end, we all won.  Mostly me, of course, but them too.

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  1. says

    You’re a brave mom! Of course that comes from the mom who is taking her 3 girls to the mall for shoe, prom dress & swim suit shopping….

  2. says

    I can’t imagine being brave enough to do that alone with two kids, much less three. Who am I kidding? I would have crazy coursing through my veins with just one of mine.

  3. says

    Love that you said, “for whom the bell tolls” I’ve got to start adding that to my vernacular as that comment just instantly made me smile.

    And I totally echo Arnebya, “aw hell naw” was in order!

  4. says

    That totally sounds like something I would do. I love to get all “I am woman hear me ROOOOOOOAR” from time to time… until I realize that taking on all of the work myself just makes it harder for ME. lol.

    I’m soooo glad you did this post because I’m trying to plan a trip or two for this summer and we might just have to do Baltimore.

  5. says

    Moms never win without a team.
    Well at least in my house.
    I have a 45 pound dictator on my hands.
    You rock for going solo. I’d need more than chocolate and champaign :)

  6. says

    Kudos to you for taking on this adventure solo with kids! I’m not that brave… not often, anyway! It’s true that tired always wins, and once my kids hit that level of ugly tired, no amount of fussing, cajoling or bribery is going to work!

  7. says

    You are certainly brave and need to be commended for even giving it a go on your own! Unfortunately, Tired always wins… boo. But! I’m glad you still had some fun AND Chinese food – yum! ;)

  8. says

    Oh man. Me and my 3.5 yo daughter have been butting heads like the Taurus and Leo that we are and it makes me dread the tween, pre-teen and teenage years. But by then I can ship her off to boarding school.

    sweet pics by the way, those boys look like angels! some body snatchers must have gotten temporary hold of them at the aquarium

  9. says

    Glad you still got some good memories out of the weekend! I know for me I expect my children to act like their best selves when we are doing something really special (like an adventure weekend) but they usually end up just acting like their regular selves, only I’m extra-frustrated with it all because “HELLO you are getting to do something super special!”

  10. says

    I love the photo of you and your son! The one where he is on your back that is so precious. I like it when my husband is around to help with the kiddos too. It’s like they go full out when they know you are out numbered. lol

  11. says

    I just hate, hate having to follow through and make good on my “promises” but it’s the only way they learn.

    And, seriously, why can’t they all go to the bathroom at the same time? It’s like that’s a fun field trip or something. Ewww.