The Unsightly Side Effects of Working Out.

Since I made a secret vow to myself to be more healthy and fit by my 35th-please-no-make-it-stop-already next 29Again birthday, I have made a number of lifestyle changes. - I'd jump up and down for joy, but my boobs are just way too big for that nonsense.

First, I’ve changed my eating habits dramatically.  This has led to my discovery that there are certain foods that I actually do love basically-almost-totally just as much as cupcakes.  Fat free vanilla yogurt topped with the-granola-from-the-tubes-at-the-grocery-store is literally the happiest thing I regularly put in my mouth these days.  And, Thin Mints are Satan’s cookies banned from my home.

Second, I’ve come to realize that water is probably the most important thing on the planet.  Consuming it keeps your skin clear, your waistline slim, and your body alive.  It’s pretty much magic.

Third, I have finally begun to appreciate the beauty of physical fitness.  I attempt to engage in it a few times each week and, when I can not, I am cranky and ew.

Finally, on a note related to the bit on working out, I’ve come to realize, through trial and tons of error, that all sports bras are not created equal.  And some of them downright suck.

When I first ventured anxiously into the gym, I did so clad in a pair of bleach stained yoga pants, a free double XL t-shirt I got at a blogging conference, and the sports bra I purchased during my first week of college.

Sure, sure, I’m larger now, but certain parts of my anatomy have always been, um, expansive, and the sports bra, thanks to more than 15 years of being stretched to within an inch of its existence, still fit around my rib cage and over the girls without an ounce of discomfort.

Or support, apparently.

My first couple of excursions into the gym involved me attempting to find the most remote elliptical machine to hide out on for 30 or so minutes while I worked myself into a smelly sweat (nerves make you stink, they just do) and tried not to hyperventilate, barf, cry, or pass out from exhaustion.

When I finally got up the nerve to try something on the group fitness calendar, I sneaked into the back of a Zumba class, stumbled awkwardly over my feet and slipped in my own sweat for an hour, before retiring to my house to ponder my inability to follow a series of 8 counts without losing my crap.

But, I went back, because, duh, Zumba is the shiznitz.

Sadly, while I was greatly improved in the speed and footwork departments upon my second visit, I was also shocked to discover that, when fast movement enters the equation, the girls gained a mind of their own.

And not in a good way.  In a check-yo-self-before-you-wreck-yourself sorta way.

Flippity, flopping all over the place.  Jabbing me (and possibly the girl in front of and behind me) in the face.  Boxing my ears.  Obstructing my view of the instructor.  Drawing the wrong kind of attention from numerous classmates.

Not cool.

At all.

Google to the rescue, as per usual.

After a quick search for sports bras for tiggo bitties sports bras for well endowed women, I stumbled across Enell.

Best.  Find.  Ever.

They are supportive.  They come in a whole mess of sizes.  They don’t make a boob sack outta your girls (you know what I’m talking about, when the bra makes your junk all smooshed together).  They’re breathable.  And, not that anyone is ever going to catch me at the gym without a shirt covering it (my stretch marks veto any midriff bearing tops I think about wearing), they look alright too.

No, not showing you a photo of me in a sports bra.

But, you can look at photos of this expertly airbrushed fancy lady rocking them instead…

well endowed sports bras

Covered, supported, ready to Zumba!  Or run, or squat, or whatever it is you do when you get your work out on.

They come in two styles: the Enell Sport (top two photos), created to provide comfort and support for all athletic endeavors (I’m sure they mean like racing or curling or something, but I wear it to Zumba and treadmill and that is all), and the Enell Lite (bottom two photos) designed for everyday fitness (which I’m guessing is like, um, walking?  Beats me, we both know I don’t even think about working out everyday).

They retail for $64-66 and $77-79 (depending on color), respectively.

The girls are worth it.  And so, quite honestly, is my social status (I refuse to be known as floppy booby lady at the gym).

How about you?

Want to win yourself a sports bra?

I’m giving one away to a reader who cares about her girls…

a Rafflecopter giveaway


*pBd Official Sounding Disclaimer & Junk: I received two of these sports bras, free of charge, to test out on my girls.  I received no additional compensation and they didn’t make me like them.  Not having my face battered by my own breasts did that.


  1. Shan says

    I bought one 7 years ago when I was in college. Used it a lot and then broke my foot couldn’t work out for a year and then got back on the wagon last month. Put on my trusty bra to realize that it had been abused and no longer fit correctly. The bottom eye hook hated me and caused my pain and the girls were lopsided. So off to get a new one. I swear the lady at the sports shop was a dominatrix because she fit me into a size 2. I have GG-H size boobies. I think she is crazy, I spill out the top just a tad (unlike the pretty models) but when I jump all of it stays in place so all is good! I am glad to see another woman who finds the boob situation a funny little blessing and curse :)

    • Shan says

      Oh and as far as workouts (I didn’t read the instructions) I do a lot of high intensity kickboxing with lots of jumping and HIIT’s. So I need a flopper stopper for sure.

  2. says

    I need as much support as I can find to get me to the gym ;) Maybe this will be the answer to make me beach-ready this summer. You have to hope!

  3. says

    There is nothing worse than thinking you’re hot stuff while you work out and then getting slapped in the face with your own boob. Except maybe thinking you’re hot stuff and then catching sight of yourself in the mirror and seeing the dreaded boob bubble staring back at you because half of one of your ladies has managed to spill out.

    I would love to try one of these bad boys out. The only problem is that I’m cheap, which is why I 1) do workout videos in my living room and 2) I’m doing ghetto Weight Watchers (which basically means I’m doing it as closely as one can while getting all of her information for it from the internets).

    In short: I WANT TO WIN!!!

  4. Nadine says

    Another thing to note – *Enell will Custom Size their sports bra* based on your measurements (at extra cost of course).

    As a 36K (since you’re wondering – fully God given (pun intended! ^_^ ) & definitely NOT as much fun as many people think! ^_^; ) the custom size option has been a lifesaver for me! However, mine is worn out and I can’t afford a new one, so winning this would be amazing! Thanks for the opportunity! ^_^

  5. Stephanie says

    Oh mumma, I hear you! Exercising without proper support is not only unsightly, but can be downright dangerous – ever knocked yourself out with a violently thrashing boob? If the twins are blocking your vision and boxing you around the ears, there’s just no fun in that. This Enell bra thing sounds like a good investment for all involved… :)

  6. Jamie says

    I need this so bad- I either have to wear a bra and a built in tank or not do any jumping exercises cause my girls won’t stay put. With 3 kids, buying one not in budget right now :(

  7. says

    Good for you on making and following through with your decision to get healthy!

    I have worn Enell sports bras for the last 8 years and I LOVE them! I love to run and these bras made a huge difference for me.

  8. Stacie says

    I need to get a good exercise routine going, but I definitely need to find a reliable sports bra that actually does what it says… support! Enell looks amazing, have to try one!

  9. Wendy says

    Enell Bra’s are AMAZING! Have used them for years! Always in need for a spare – would love to win one.

  10. Sabrina says

    I love enell. I love running and without enell I wouldnt be able to run. I would be too scared of stretching out the ligaments inside of breast tissue for that. Im only 19, but I feel like gravity is going to be especially hard on me when I grow older because of my well endowed shape (32F).
    I really wish I could get the word out about this bra to other girls. I’d hate to be without my enell bra.

  11. Adriana says

    This bra is the only things that works for me. i have gone from a 46ddd down to a 40 and its still my favorite!

  12. malinda says

    I have an Enell bra and the girls stay put. I would recommend it to everyone who has big girls. It takes a bit to stuff them in, but they stay.

  13. says

    I NEEEEEEDD one of these. Every sports bra I’ve tried says that it is for well endowed women, but they are liars. LIARS I tell you.

  14. says

    I’ve been wanting to try Enell. I have a panache sport that I like but want some diversity- also Lynx is good too, I just don’t like high racerback that much.

  15. Susan G says

    I have only just discovered Zumba! ( i know, way behind the curve on this one… I have, however, also discovered that one needs a great deal of support to get into Zumba mode. I would love an Enell bra!

  16. Kirby says

    OKAY we maybe sisters from different a mister and misses! My excuse for not going to the gym (you know other than, mom of two, working full time and nursing….oh and b/c I HATE to sweat!) is not having a proper bra for these ridunkulous chest of mine.

    I don’t use the word “LOVE” lightly so when I say…I LOVE YOU….I mean it. Like for real yo, like I’ve been looking for this awesomeness and will buy and will go work out/ walking or jogging with the kiddos in the stroller while wearing this bad boy!

  17. Steph K says

    I am a sucker for a good weight-lifting session. I also love a [torture device] piece of equipment called the “Versa Climber”… ALSO HIIT because I’m sweating in 5 minutes! DEfinitely have to keep the girls in place for that!

  18. Krista J. says

    I’ve got over 100lbs to loose and am trying so hard because hubby & I really want kids and unless I loose some weight it is never going to happen naturally. I’ve been trying to interval walk/jog with our dog but I seem to keep knocking myself out everytime I take a step. This is the bra I need! I’ve heard great things about that brand. Would love to try one out.

  19. says

    I love a good, hard work out class in Taekwondo. I can’t wait to get back to it after I have this baby. Now that my oldest is four we are going to get back into training, because he will be able to start.

  20. Zoe says

    I would love to win one of these. Right now I get my workout chasing my four kiddos, but I would love to get the girls under control and jump on my elliptical:)

  21. Delora says

    oh good lord do I ever need one of these. Even my sports bras that are sized at being DD+ are causing some unfortunate quad-boob going on. I belly dance for fun, and lately have started to try running. Let me say that I hate running, but I do feel so much better after.

  22. says

    This is great timing– I SO needed this suggestion. I’ve started exercising with a group of pals at 5:30am (GAH!) — the first time I’ve regularly worked out in 10+ years. I love it!

  23. Leigh Paradise says

    Every day exercise = chasing after three boys, I should think. :-) Good for you!

    My favorite was to sweat is spin class. But only if the music’s good, otherwise I’ll take the elliptical and my iPod.

  24. jenny klaas says

    i had looked at these bras online but didnt want to spend the money, got a champion which is still pricy but a pretty good bra. would love to win one of these!

  25. Kendra says

    I prefer the elliptical and ZUMBA!!! I’m that lady in class that literally leaves everything: dignity, class, and sweat on the floor when I leave my Zumba classes!

  26. says

    Usually running. I didn’t realize this was a giveaway but I was heading over here to tell you to buy an Enell! I love mine and would be over the moon to win that pretty purple number :) Not the most fashionable bras around but when you are a DD you need the girls to stay in place!

  27. Margaret says

    Oh, thank for this information. My girls have never been happy in sports bras before, but these do look downright comfortable! Fingers crossed…

  28. Patricia G says

    I’ve never found a sports bra that supports well enough for my size – I’d be interested to try these.

  29. says

    I’m in the gotta drop some weight club. I’m doing pilates and chasing children on bikes. Honest to goodness wearing an old nursing bra because its the right size and hold things in place the best of anything I’ve tried.

  30. says

    OMG, those look positively oppressive! Nope…could not wear that. I’ve been working out for years & I’d rather layer something cute & a bit skimpier over a Champion Sports Bra with an underwire. Just being honest yo.

    • Dumb Mom says

      I’m like a size you can’t even purchase at the store. And, the bras they bought me on What NOT to Wear for everyday living aren’t even much different from these. They keep my back fat down and my girls rolled up onto my chest. Not something that can be accomplished by a skimpier piece apparently. They had some SERIOUS words for me about my choice of undergarments!

      • says

        Thank god #WNTW is going off the air because Stacy & Clinton just might have a big beef with me then ; ) ~ Luckily I mainly work out in the basement now vs the club.

  31. says

    Moving Comfort also makes great bras for larger chested ladies. I have the Juno. It’s about $50 but they last for years!

    I’m entering the contest now too.

    Good for you, like, HUGE props, to you for getting yourself healthy. Hardest thing to do but SO worth it. :-)