Just Wear This! Awesome Under $50 Outfits

Since spring is officially here (shut up, I know we got flurries yesterday, stupid face weather) we can start acting like it.  Well, we can start shopping like it even if we do have to keep sporting boots and coats until Mother Nature gets the memo.

A couple of weeks ago I found myself shopping at Charlotte Rouse.  Yep, that Charlotte Rouse.  The one I frequented in high school.

I figured I’d never step foot in one again after buying my first car with more than 4 doors, giving birth three times, and celebrating 3 decades on the planet, but as I walked passed one in the mall recently (yes, I still hang out at the mall sometimes) I found myself skidding to a stop at the entrance.

Okay, so skidding isn’t really in my movement repertoire, but I certainly slowed my roll to gaze longingly at the spring colors in the window.  Everything was so pastel-y, and sparkly, and soft, and cute.

After passing back and forth in front of the door a couple times assessing my creepiness factor for a) lurking outside of the store while gazing at the size 0 clientele crawling all over the place and b) really wanting to shop there, I finally decided it was enter the store or go to jail.

I tried on a least 5 dresses and a tube dress  skirt  top thingy just for kicks (there is no photographic evidence of that tube number ever having been on my body so don’t even ask).

I actually found a bunch of stuff I loved!

But, I went ahead and only scooped up one thing.  And then I went to Macy’s and Payless and went home not even having to hide my bags from Dumb Dad because I spent under $50 ($45 to be exact) on this entire outfit…

under $50 outfit ideas

Check out my Charlotte Russe for less board and here are some more fly under $50 looks for you to try (dresses NOT found at Charlotte Russe)…

Under $50 outfits


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    So cute! I’ve found myself lingering outside of Charlotte Russe every time I’ve been at the mall recently. I never ventured inside (mostly because I figured my birthing hips could never be contained by a garment inside there), but maybe I will now! Love that dress.

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    OK Ummmmmmmm I’ma go ‘head and put this out there, but uh ruh…I ain’t never even heard of Charlotte Russe. Ever. Now I have to go look. THAT ORANGE IS CALLING MY NAME!

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    You are looking HOT, mama! I will admit to window stalking Charlotte Russe…and Forever 21. I have found cute (cheap) shoes in both of those stores!

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    The across the street neighbor shops Charlotte Russe and passes her hand me downs to the girls.

    Under $50….now you’re speaking my language