Monday Mama Loves. Minty Fresh.

Contrary to popular belief, Monday is actually my favorite day of the week.

As a work at home mama, weekends are nuts.

The kids are home and begging me for time, food, attention, and rides places which means I can’t catch up on any of the work I avoided didn’t get to during the week when I was busy meeting my friend at Zumba, followed by coffee at Panera before preschool pick-up, um, working and junk.

Add to that the fact that Dumb Dad is home, I generally have to do a photo shoot or two, and maybe throw in a visit to Mimi and Papa’s house and I’m done.

The only thing I want to do when I sit down Sunday night to consider possibly, maybe, if I don’t get distracted watching Duck Dynasty doing laundry is window shop (can you even call it that when it’s online?  I guess it’s technically online storefront browsing, which is too long and therefore really lame).

So, I bring you, Monday Mama Loves (get it?  Like things I love, and the fact that I actually do love Monday, all rolled up into, um, never mind.  Slightly less clever than I originally thought it would be).

I will try to do a theme.  Because themes makes sense.  Plus, that’s usually how I online storefront browse window shop anyway: looking for something which leads me to a similar something else, that eventually leads me to a ridiculously overpriced but shamefully beautifully slightly-less-similar-but-entirely-perfect something I will never own unless I sell an organ.


I would’ve been an amazing heiress.

Monday Mama Loves: Mint

I started off looking for a pretty flower pot to go on top of the repurposed cabinet I am working on upping the awesome of (post forthcoming).  I found this…

mint pot

Serious flower pot cuteness, but at $35, I figured I could find something similarly owlish to put my potted plants in at the thrift shop.  Or WalMart if I’m desperate.

I haven’t yet, but hope is not lost.

And, I’ve fallen in love with this hue for spring so I figure it will be making an appearance in my house soon enough…

mint mama loves

1.  Vintage style mirror from Small Vintage Affair on Etsy.  $179

2.  Floral topped drop earrings in mint from Mod Cloth. $12.99

3.  Cutest statement necklace ever handmade by I Crave Jewels on Etsy. $52

4.  Spring pumps in mint can be found on Zappos.  Like any other shoe your heart desires.  $99

5.  Lavender and mint cuff bracelet from Guess. $30

6.  Score this mint and polka dot rubber watch from Modify.  The bands are interchangeable for perfect outfit matching.  I LOVE mine! $50

7.  Bring mint into your kitchen with these porcelain bowls.  Available on Etsy from Kim Westad. $25

What are you loving these days?

*All photos courtesy of the shop sites.


  1. Kirby Quiles-Brown says

    Oh oh oh…..#1!!! Ikea has something similar and then you can paint it or something DIY!!!

  2. jdt1583 says

    Very pretty- love the idea of a themed Monday post. Love those shoes and the bowls!!!

  3. says

    OOOH I am loving that color right now too. Essie has an awesome polish called Turquoise and Caicos that is so very cute. You should try it :)

  4. says

    I am the same way about Mondays! It’s my favorite day of the week. Ah, the quiet! Loving the mint! Mint and turquoise are my friends. And now I want to find Arnebya’s $20Target cardigan.

  5. says

    I’m wearing this hue today, actually, by way of $20 Target cardigan. Bam! Also, I’m in love with #3 and #5 but not #3 for $52.