Mom Pretty Accessories. Twisted Silver Bracelets Giveaway.

Accessories are one of my favorite things about fashion.

They’re pretty, they’re fun, and they can actually make an outfit.  Literally, make it.

They can add excitement and intrigue and awesome in a way that a pair of jeans or a new shirt just can’t.  Pretty accessories are a must have for upping your style awesome.

A couple of years ago, when I did the whole What NOT to Wear thing, the day I taped the let-us-tell-you-why-you-suck-by-looking-at-images-of-us-stalking-you day I was wearing a bracelet that I’d been gifted by my bud, Angie at Seven Clown Circus.

It was a Twisted Silver bracelet and, because it was jangly, while I was filming, I was asked to remove it because it was making soooooo much noise (I’m a hand talker; I wave my hands around when I talk so I probably sounded like those Salvation Army guys in front of the grocery store at Christmastime).

I did.  And, then, in the excitement of the day, I lost it in the big red couch.

When Twisted Silver heard about my loss, they were kind enough to send me some new ones!

Hooray for sweet people who make pretty things!

I reached out to them recently to help me celebrate another exciting moment in life: the birth of Dude Mom (okay, so changing the name of your blog is maybe not quite as exciting as say, getting a full, celebrity led style makeover on national TV, but still.  It’s pretty exciting for my life these days!).

Because they are amazing, they sent me some to keep…

twisted silver bracelets

AND, a couple to giveaway to all of you!

The Kilter Bracelet ($40)…

twisted silver giveaway

And, the Equinox Bracelet ($40)…

twisted silver bracelet giveaway 2

Now, want to win some Twisted Silver of your own to rock?

Yes, of course you do, silly!

Leave a comment telling me about your favorite fashion accessory!

Two winners will be chosen (the first will pick, the second gets the leftover) after the contest closes 4/26 at midnight EST.**

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*I received my sa-weet bracelets courtesy of Twisted Silver.  They didn’t pay me to like them, heck, they didn’t pay me at all.  Just a little bling sharing among friends!

**Contest open to USA addresses only.  No purchase necessary, but if you want to buy something from Twisted Silver I’m sure they’d love it!


  1. Laurie Emerson says

    My favorite is a necklace my husband gave me for our anniversary. It is a heart with my birthstone in the middle

  2. says

    I love my new watch that has sparklies on it (major imitation diamonds) and interchangable, colored, rubber watch bands so I can throw a pop of color on my wrist.

  3. says

    These are so cute!

    I love an arm party, so my faves are probably some of my go-to bracelets. I like to mix my Kate Spade with bracelets my daughter made me. Now that’s momma style ;)

  4. joni says

    This past winter I was big into scarves. In the summer I like different jewelry and sunglasses.

  5. Renee Richardson says

    I really love statement necklaces in bold, bright colors. Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  6. Paula Hafner says

    My favorite is bracelets. I especially love the one my husband bought me for Christmas. It’s leather with a little silver feather.

  7. carol roberts says

    mine is a ring my kids got me i wear it every where and the necklace they got me i wear on occasions

  8. Dawn Monroe says

    What is better then sunglasses? They look cute, they can hold your hair back, they can hide the signs of whatever you did last night and best of all no one can see your dark circles and crows feet! One piece of advice, remember to remove them if your going to be out to long to avoid that akward raccoon eyes sunburn.

  9. says

    Earrings, I rarely go out without them. My favorite pair currently are these tulip studs that are big. Love. Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. Cassie Korando says

    My favorite is a great necklace. Something unexpected that makes everyone look twice.

  11. Katie Roch says

    My favorite fashion accessory is handbags. They can add so much to an outfit and really allow you to show your personal style.

  12. Robin Wilson says

    My fave is a pair of inside-out diamond hoop earrings that I wear almost every day! Perfect size and go with just about everything!

  13. Tana Riley says

    I love all accessories! Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, belts, shoes, scarves, perfume. I like to always wear 5 accessories – it’s fun to see how many different combinations I can make one basic look! I’m in live with Stella & Dot at the moment, and sandals. Just filled every last shoe cubby updating my sandal count. ;)

  14. April C. says

    My favorite fashion accessory is scarves and bracelets! You can dress up a whole wardrobe with them.

  15. Nicole says

    I’m not much of an accessorizer….suppose I need help in that area! My go-tos are my wedding ring and CZ stud earrings. Bor-ring. ; )

  16. says

    My favorite accessory has to be a Christian Audigier silk scarf I got at Marshall’s. I didn’t think I would wear it so often, but it has so many colors, it goes with everything; it can dress up a plain t-shirt and jeans or dress and it’s lightweight enough to wear even in the hot summer. Plus it has a cool “playing card” queen and king design on it and I like to tie it juuuust right so that the eyes of the king and/or queen stare back at you.

  17. TK says

    I love to do 3-4 bracelets, left hand only! Nothing fancy, but often mixing metals or bold with delicate styles. Or something pricey with several other cheap and cheerful to keep it from looking too fussy for a stay-at-home mom. Second favorite are scarves in bold colors or fun patterns. Enjoying the “new” site!

  18. Tracey says

    A simple silver bracelet that states “attitude of gratitude”. A daily reminder. 2nd to that, you name it!

  19. Jessie L. says

    I love my diamond studs. They aren’t huge but they go with everything. I have other earrings and will wear them sometimes but I have so many more statement-ish necklaces that I like something simple on my ears to bring all the attention to my necklace. Love me some TS!!! Huge fan!

  20. Stephanie says

    I love rings! Rings rings RINGS. Unique ones! And I love earrings, braclets, and necklaces but mostly RIIINGS!

  21. says

    Do you know what’s funny, I know EXACTLY what bracelet you lost. It’s the one they gave us at SITscation. I still have mine around here somewhere. I don’t wear it often because its a little hard to put on. That’s where I first met you. That was such a fun weekend!

  22. Kirby says

    My favorite Fashion accessory? A SMILE. No seriously. You could be in the cutest, well-put-together, outfit and looking super HAWT but if yuo have a stank face, no one cares about your outfit, they care that you have a stank-face.

    So a smile. oh and guess what? THEY ARE FREE!!!

    Also before i discovered this….shoes, I heart SHOES! Sneakers, pumps, wedges, flip flops, sandals, flats, etc. I actually use to be the REEBOK queen, every pair, every color, every color combo, then I got married and was told I couldn’t bring all 60 pairs with me and all my shoes. WHAT?!?!?! I should have known then it wasn’t meant to be….I kid, shoes are not a reason for breaking up.

  23. Sophia says

    Favorite fashion accessory would have to be a necklace along sparkly necklace can make a plain shirt look so fashionable and pretty. I also love a nice belt.

  24. Kelly says

    I’m definitely a shoe girl: flats, wedges, booties, heels, sneakers… I love to stalk the New York & Co website because they do AWESOME clearance prices on shoes. I also just got a pair of Coach canvas sneaks that are perfect but “last season”. Love them! I would say though that my favorite are my ghillies and hard shoes for irish dance :-)

  25. Mama Melch says

    I <3 my silver necklace with a Frida Kahlo pendant. It reminds me to be fearless!

    • Melissa says

      I love bracelets!!! Recently found Twisted Silver jewelry and I’m addicted!! Seriously….. love their jewelry…. I’m definitely a bracelet girl!! :))