Moms of Boys. Just Dude It!

Previously, on parenting BY dummies…

Dude Mom Life features were sort of a big deal among the moms of boys crowd (and, by big deal I mostly just mean that I liked doing them and a few people liked reading them).

best boy mom blog

So, now that I’ve actually become the blog mama to a site at least partially devoted to mommying a dude (or, in my case 3), celebrating that just feels right again.  All of us moms of boys can relate to each other in certain ways it seems.  We should enjoy that.

So, I’m bringing sexy Dude Moms back!

just dude it

1.  Daily Dribbles (Dude Mom of 3), 2.  MCM Mama (Dude Mom of 2), 3. In the Trenches of Mommyhood (Dude Mom 3), 4. THE DUDES!, 5. Life Without Pink (Dude Mom of 2) & 6. Our Crazy Boys (Dude Mom of 2).

Weekly photo features from other Dude mamas like those you see above will be forthcoming!

If you help of course.  Because I’m gonna need all of you moms with sons (even if you also have a daughter, or five) to send me photos of you and your Dudes, or of just your Dudes, or of you after spending a day with your Dudes (don’t act confused, you know how you look after a day like that!).

Whatever you want, but I need you to send them.  Sure, I’d totally be up for driving to your house, sitting in your bushes, and waiting around for you and your Dudes to come out so I could snap some pics of you myself.

But, that would make me creepy.  And, probably wind me up in jail.  And, jail shoes suck.

So, you’re gonna have to send them.  Along with a teeny weeny sentence telling me what it’s about (or a full blown post if you’re feeling wordy'; totally up to you)

Then I can share the real Dude Mom Life with the few people who tune in weekly to this little site of mine World.*

Also, I’m considering the possibility of making this a weekly type deal.  You know, where you who are bloggers write once a week about what it’s like to raise a son, or what you’re doing to make your son into a super man, even games/books/crafts your Dudes enjoy would be good.

Thoughts on such would be appreciated!

*You don’t have to be a blogger to participate in this (although if you are I will happily link to your site).  Any mom with a Dude who has a photo to share is welcome.  Just email it to me: thedudemom[at]gmail[dot]com and I’ll get you on!


  1. Kirby says

    I can send some of my nephew, I’m basically like another parent in his life that….LAYS DOWN THE LAW….my parent’s are raising him so i can get snap shots of them without hiding in bushes and being all creepy!