Best Crafts on Pinterest.

And other awesome stuff you’re probably missing since parenting BY dummies became the new and improved

Last year at this time I was pretty much talking about the same amazing stuff I’m talking about now: Showing the Earth Some Love, Spring Cleaning…

Um, never mind. I’m not talking about spring cleaning anymore since I decided I never want to do it again.

But, there were some gems on the blog formerly known as pBd that I feel like some of you are missing out on enjoying!

Because that’s what happens when you change things on the Internet. People lose you. And, even sadder, you lose them.

Courtesy of Googgle-bots and other technological-ish smart junk I don’t pretend to understand.

Now, maybe I’ve never been a craft boss. I can admit that crafting is an area that I’m lacking in.


Crafts on Pinterest are sort of a big deal.  Even when you’re not super good at them.  Even when you’re me.

So are parenting posts (which I kinda rock at), fashion posts (woot, woot!), and weight loss posts too.

So to make things easier to find (for you, for Google, for the WORLD), I figured a best things to pin on Pinterest post was in order.  Feel free to like, um, pin it!

Most Pinnable DIY Like a Boss Posts (aka posts to prove I’m not totally inept at making things with my hands)

lego table tutorial 2

    DIY not your thing?  Totally cool, I feel you.  Maybe you mostly enjoyed my parenting posts?  You know, the ones that taught you nothing, but made you chuckle?  Those like being pinned too!

Most Pinnable How to Mom Awesome Parenting Posts

potty training boy tips

Maybe weight loss or fashion are more your bag?  Well, yo, I have that too!

Most Pinnable Weight Loss Tips and What TO Wear Fashion Posts


*Today’s post was brought to you by Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop, Google bots, and my desire for people to love me.