Wordful Wednesday. Dope Watches for Awesome Humans. *Giveaway!

When the best baseball team on the planet won the World Series last year, I found myself searching for something unique to gift my Dudes with that would last longer and be more awesome than a t-shirt, or a hat, or one of those felt pennant thingys (for the record, I hate those, never buy me one).

Google and fate led me to Modify Watches.

Immediately I fell in love.  Because, duh, they had SF Giants emblazoned watches.

But also, they have silicone bands (which is kinda rubbery and cool), and they’re interchangeable (you can get a whole mess of bands to match your mood or, more importantly, your shoes!), and they’re dope.

Really, not another way to describe them.

The watches are largely gender neutral (sure, they have pink, but it’s sorta hard-core-Dudes-will-rock-this pink) and they make a glitter band (everything is more spectacular covered in glitter).  Add to that the fact that they all have seriously awesome names (yup, they name every watch, like a puppy or a baby or, um, a hurricane.)

Our whole family loves them, and yeah, we all have one…

modify watches(1)

Don’t freak, we didn’t replace Dumb Dude Dog, this is Mimi’s dog, so like, my dog brother?

Lucky for you with bad taste in baseball teams, you don’t have to be an SF Giants fan to love Modify.  They have tons of other, non-best-team-ever related designs.  See…

modify watches

Everyone loves Tetris!  (They have other designs too, but come on, TETRIS!)

Everyone who is dope at least.  Although, honestly, getting a Modify Watch in your life will significantly increase one’s personal dopeness.

Just look at #3, that’s a lot of swag for a 5 year old…


And, also, he’s basically telling you that, if you get a Modify Watch you will most definitely be NUMBER 1.  And, being number 1 is pretty much the same thing as being a super hero.  Or a ninja.  Or, a monkey.  Because they are a little amazing too when you think about it.

You need to be as at least as amazing as a monkey.  Or, um, something.

Which is why I’m giving a fancy schmancy Modify Watch of your own personal creation away!  Because that’s just how we do.

Now, all you have to do is leave a comment telling me which one you want (you can see all of the Modify Watches on their page).  Face and band color please, just because I like to know what you people think is amazing.  Don’t get too crazy with it, it’s not a contract, and if you win, you’re totally allowed to change your mind.*

Want to get in on this Wordful Wednesday action?  Go ahead and leave your link, then head over to Angie’s Seven Clown Circus, before you check out this week’s featured linkers!

ww 4.16

This week’s featured links include the perfect birthday dress for a little lady, an awesome family photo snapped on Easter, an awesome post about T.S. Elliot, or weather, or family, or all of those things and other things I really loved, and the cutest little gnome on the planet!

*Contest is open to people in the USA only and closes 4/24 @ midnight EST.  One winner will be selected to win a single Modify Watch of their choosing.  Go ahead, get happy!

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  1. carol roberts says:

    mint green Terri-faced watch

  2. sarah cool says:

    id love the tetris face with the white glow in the dark strap

  3. Love the slate gray band with the gold face. Also, I’d love to know what you use for your slide shows.

  4. mattress money :) Or possibly one of the together with a teal strap.

  5. I like the Domo Glo-mo watch :)

  6. Cassie Korando says:

    I would choose the Black Polka Dot face with the Neon Orange Strap….I think. :)

  7. Kelly R. says:

    Rose Gold Face with Brown Strap.

  8. I like the usa face with a white band

  9. So cute! I think at 6, Ben is totally ready for his very own watch! Plus, it’d be useful since neither me or my husband wear watches and only carry phones! =)

  10. ahhh…these are similar to the slap watches I got the kids (WHAT!?!? I am a product of the 80s and slap bracelets were banned when I was in elementary school! It’s a novelty kinda thing!). HOWEVER…..I do love that an adult can ROCK! these and not be embarassed!

  11. Maggie S. says:

    Rose Gold face Crimson band.

    #3 has the most swag per ounce of any human I’ve ever known. Shame you can distill it and sell it to us, I mean, people who need it.

  12. All linked up now! Again, thanks for the shout out!

  13. I’m pretty sure #3 was born with a lot of swag and it really doesn’t have so much to do with the watch, however dope it might be.

  14. “April Showers Bring May Flowers” is my watch pick. Okay, so really I like the name the most, but the yellow face and purple band are way me. And I wish they had a watch face with a guitar on it cause my twins would totally rock that look. Since they are some awesome lil dude guitar players! Yes, this is me bragging.

  15. These watches look SO COOL. I love the Great Expectations combination with the purple polka dot face and white band.

  16. OK, so hard to pick one–but I’d go with the tetris face and dark purple strap.

  17. Patricia says:

    Zebra face with turquoise strap :)

  18. Silver face, pink strap. I LOVE THESE! (And I don’t own a working watch. I’m sure if I replaced the batteries in the two I do have, I’d have a working watch. Why won’t I do that? IT’S BEEN YEARS. But. I’ve got the correct time at least twice a day on both broken watches.)

  19. I have one and they are pretty awesome. They’ve definitely come out with a lot more fun ones…they are a fun page to follow on FB, too.

  20. Those watches are wicked cool! I’m betting Princess Nagger would love the (mini) Domo Face with Crimson Band. :)

    And your dude is adorable as ever! :)

    WW: Dorky Cat

  21. I remember those watches!
    My son prefers the ones with the displayed numbers though.

    Love the photos! Total coolness!

  22. Tetris…damn auto-correct.

  23. I’m totally digging the mint green Terri-faced watch!! Gorge!

  24. Oh my goodness! Thank you for the WW spotlight! I am so honored and you are the most awesome dude mom EVER!

    Oh and yes, those watches are wicked cool. I agree. Who doesn’t love Tetris? What great gifts!

    I’ll be back to link up this week’s WW post in a bit. :-)

  25. Okay, I just spent waaay too much time on that website. Very cool watches! I collect them, and it was tough to narrow down just one fave. However, the red polka dot is no longer available so I got it down to white face with a red strap, also called the ‘Brady Bunch of One’, in the mini size. Crossing my fingers!! Thanks!

  26. I. Want. This. Watch. Classic size in Together in White or Tetris in White – how to choose?!

  27. I like the pink face and robin blue strap. These are some pretty cool watches! :)

  28. Your dog is super cute! So are your boys, but that’s a given. :)

  29. I love the QR code with the Neon Coral strap!


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