Dude, Etsy. Handmade Gifts for Dudes.

Y’all know that I’ve never been one to make pretty things with my hands.

While, I can admit that practice has made me remarkably better at these things (see awesome Lego Table and adorable cabinet upcycle for proof), I’m never going to be able to get down with a sewing machine, or a needle and thread, or really, even pair of scissors.

I’m just not creative like that.

Doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the pants off of some handmade goodness!

Esty, everyone’s favorite handmade & vintage storefront hosting place, is filled with people who rock handmade like a boss.

So many ingenious, adorable things.

I could spend half of my day just clicking around on that site, making up reasons I need a bee hotel more stuff,  and pretending I’m rich enough to afford it all.

There are just so many pretty things I could use right this moment in my house, or on my body, or even in my belly.

Finding Stuff Dudes Like however, requires a few extra clicks, but it’s there too; all handmade perfect for the male peeps in your house.  It’s just slightly harder to find.

I’ve decided that’s just silly.  Dudes like looking fly too.  They like handmade toys and wall art for their playrooms and edible treats as much as the next chick.  And, their mamas do too.

So, I’m bringing you Dude, Etsy.*

A monthly feature of some of my most favorite Etsy shops doing awesome things for the Dudes on this planet.

This month I’d like you to meet Crayon Me Crazy & Tiny Disguises

best crayon shop etsybest costume shop boys etsy

One creates these super cool crayons in shapes dude-kids tend to dig (dinosaurs, robots, Lego guys, and what not).  The other designs some of the most awesome adventure costumes on the planet (I’m talking Robin Hood, knights, princes, and the like!).  Perfect for gifting and rainy-day enjoyment (also awesome on it-is-so-stinking-hot-my-nostrils-burn-when-I-breathe days).

And, in honor of my new site, they have both agreed to gift one of you with something awesome!

One lucky winner will win a $25 gift card to Tiny Disguises, and another equally lucky human will win a gift (2 sets of crayons) from Crayon Me Crazy!

Go ahead, gimme the spirit fingers!

To win, just leave a comment on this post telling me about the bestes gift your child has ever received (What?  I have a birthday party to shop for this weekend!).**

Don’t forget to enter my other giveaways this week: Sweet Relish Gift Box, CreateMyWalls Photo Canvas, & a Modify Watches watch!

*Know a Dude-a-licious shop that I seriously need to feature? Be sure you share that with me too!

**Contest is open to US addresses and closes 4/25 at midnight EST.


  1. says

    Thank you a bunch for sharing this with all of us you actually recognise what you are speaking about!
    Bookmarked. Please also talk over with my website =). We may have a hyperlink alternate arrangement among us

  2. says

    I was just talking about this to my husband the other day. Our two-year old got a ton of cool toys for her birthday last month, but her favorite thing to do right now is shoving random options into empty (plastic) bottles!

  3. says

    A random BatGirl costume that I totally thought would be frowned upon in our sea of Disney, but get’s worn almost daily

  4. Trinitee says

    My three year old would go crazy for those dinosaur crayons! The gift he plays with most is a set of big cardboard blocks by Melissa and Doug. He builds and knocks them down, they become beds for his stuffed animal, bridges, anything that pops into his brilliant little mind. A close second are duplos.

  5. Nicole says

    I am going to say the best ETSY gift my kid has ever received was an I Spy Busy Bag from Giggle Junction! A cloth square full of beads and trinkets, with a small viewing window and an attached card that shows them all the things they need to find inside the bag. It has a ballerina applique on the front AND she personalized it with DD’s name!
    It keeps her occupied, and quiet, and content, and OUT OF MY HAIR for at least 15 minutes at a time, which is a HUGE feat for a toy!

    (Highly recommend this seller and her I Spy bags!)

  6. Kirby says

    Ahhh those crayons are AWESOME!!! Oh best thing ever gifted…..hmmmm….this is tough so her 1st birthday best gift was the leap frog puppy Violet that you can personalize to say your child’s name, she’s 4 and STILL loves it so Santa brought her sister one last Christmas and she loves it too. So that’s the best thing they have received and has been played with for many years but the best gift is crafty stuff, things she can do herself or a project for us to do together, a coloring books and crayons, a necklace making kit, easy bake oven….so fun!

  7. Natasha says

    Best gift my dude has ever gotten? Hmmmm… He’s 3.5, for Christmas his grands got him (Discovery Toys) this really cool tool kit/build your own car kit-he can build and rebuild an airplane, race car and motorcycle. Its prob the only toy to stay in rotation this long. His uncle also got him a 1,000 brick (little bricks) Lego set, but that only comes out on very special occasions. Legos are always a good gift though….

    • Dumb Mom says

      Hi Natasha! Thanks for entering the contest! You’re the first winner. Which would you prefer? The Tiny Disguises gift card or the crayons? Thanks!

      • Natasha says

        Ooooooh that’s exciting!!!! I think we would get some good use out of the Tiny Disguises gift card :)

  8. says

    Bestest gift ever for the boy was a cape and mask. The cape has a lightning bolt on it, which makes it easier for him to be Spiderman or Batman or Wall Climbing Chair Jumping Man instead of one of the characters where he’d be only that character. (Although, he does tend to call himself Incrediboy).

  9. KiMberly says

    Best gift ever was real army face paint from a good friend returning from Iraq. My three soldier loving boys went crazy!

  10. Erin says

    Best gift? $1 dinosaurs from Target … seriously, my 2 & 3 year old boys don’t go ANYwhere without them (car ride? check. bed? check. bathroom? check!). Love these shops, and looking forward to this new series!!

  11. says

    The best gift my eldest son has received would have to be his DS he got for Christmas, he asked for it almost everyday for 6mths prior, but now he’s always trying to steal our Kindle Fires, so that’s going to be his next Christmas gift.

    OMG, those crayons are EVERYTHING!!! Is it bad that I want them for myself? And the costumes, I know my boys would be fighting over who gets to wear them! Oh, I’m a DUDE MOM of 3, too (6, 3, and 3mths)!