Photo Wall Art. Win a CreateMyWalls Canvas!

My blog home isn’t the only thing getting a freshening up these days.

The old money pit has been slowly, but surely, getting itself in order too.

Thanks to me of course (NOT thanks to the kids.  I found a shoe print on my wall today.  A shoe print.  Like waist level.  Why?  Why?  WHHHHYYY???!)

I’ve made over the playroom, and reworked the family room, and while the laundry room remains in shambles (I hate painting, I just do), my family room is on it’s way to glory courtesy of some fancy wall art.

CreateMyWalls, makers of seriously awesome wall photo canvases,  helped me FINALLY do something with the awesome family photos we did when I was chunkier (I’m sorry, it’s all I see, and I want a retake.  Or more photoshopping) last fall.


I figured that, even though I LOVED every little thing about having our photos done, it’s unlikely that we will repeat the experience within the next 8 years (nothing against our photographer or the outcome, it’s simply in our history that we won’t have a family photo taken unless someone is born, which isn’t happening, or something amazing happens which only occurs approximately every 8 years or so).  And, that being the case, blowing them up and adorning our grotesquely empty walls with them was the exactly perfect solution.

Now, if only I could figure out HOW to hang them on the wall!

Geometry has never really been my thing (ask Mr. Promesal, my 10th grade geometry teacher, he’ll tell you), and apparently it still isn’t because this is what I came up with…

create my walls

Ew, right?  I know.  I know.  The canvas itself is amazing.  The layout of these photos makes me want to hurl.

I tried this set up next (ignore the bad dog sitting on the couch)…


Slightly less pukey, but I’m still debating where to go with the smaller photos.

Pinterest will tell me (unless you want to, because I’m open to ideas!).

And, really, why can’t I do this?  Hanging pictures isn’t rocket science!


Since we’re still partying this week here on the new and improved Dude Mom blog, it doesn’t matter anyway!  Because, I’m going to give one of you a canvas and you can hang it any way you desire at your house!

To enter to win a CreateMyWalls canvas for your empty wall, just leave a comment sharing the last time you had a family photo taken.*

Ours can’t be the only family that neglects this task!

*Contest closes Monday, 4/22/13 at midnight EST time.  Feel free to connect with CreateMyWalls on Facebook and Twitter too!

**I received a canvas from CreateMyWalls free of charge to test out their service.  The beautiful family was supplied by me so naturally, I love it!


  1. says

    It wasn’t a pro pic…but Disneyworld. Pro was when Boss was Huck’s age, so three years ago? We should probably do that….

  2. Carly B. says

    The last time my hubby and I took pictures together was our honeymoon in October…I really wish we had some more

  3. Candice Hull says

    My husband and I took photos together 9 years ago before the kids, we have pictures of our boys taken every year, but we have yet to take a picture with all four of us! We neglect too! What’s worse, my mom and I realized we haven’t had a family picture with my dad in it too since I was 6 months old (I’m 31 now)! Oh, and you look fabulous in the picture!

  4. Yolanda allen says

    Hmmmm….way back when my kids were still half way nice to each other. My youngest was 2 and my oldest was 6. They are now 12 and 16.

  5. Melissa hartley says

    Family Photo? Well i don’t think we’ve ever had one taken of everyone–professional anyway. I had my 3 boys picture taken about 2 1/2 years ago & my son had his senior picture taken this past October .. would love to win this canvas to give to my dear mom for Mother’s Day..thank you!

  6. golden storm says

    probably the last one was when my kids were young
    goldengirl7763 at Hotmail dot com

  7. Liz says

    2 years ago during my parents anniversary trip. And they weren’t taken by a professional. Just my camera, a tripod, and me dashing into the picture while the timer beeped. They turned out pretty good though!

  8. Danielle says

    We just had our family photo done in Feb of this year when my childrens grandmother died. I would love to win so I can have a picture with each child and their grandmother done.

  9. Rusti says

    Our last family photo was about 8 years ago and it was for our church directory. Sad huh? New pics will be taken as soon as the weather warms up. Yeah!!!

  10. Jean says

    The last informal family photo (with a point-and-shoot by a kind stranger) was two weeks ago in Maui! But we have NEVER had a formal family portrait. My husband won’t sit for one. My two girls and I had one taken about two years ago. Would love a photo canvas!!

  11. Kristin S says

    We have never had professional pictures taken of our family. Even before our 1 year old was born, my hubby and I never had them done. Have been complaining to hubby since little man was born but doesn’t seem to fit into the budget right now. :P

  12. says

    We’ve never had professional photos of our entire family taken, but a friend did pictures of my daughter and I last summer. I’d like to get some of all three of us this summer since she’ll be 2.

  13. Vanessa Buhler-Rice says

    Sorry, I’m not with you on this one. Time flies!! Family pictures are a must–and often. My one son grew 4 inches in less than a year! And of course, the pictures help us notice that. Our last family pics were taken 3 weeks ago.

  14. Mama Melch says

    We also have some Ahmazing family pics that need enlarging to do them justice. :-)

  15. Tari Lawson says

    We have never had a professional family photo taken. The last photo we have taken together was on vacation last summer.

  16. Hanna says

    The last family photo I was in was in 1988!!! I’ve never had one done as a grown up, and I have two beautiful children. My husband even got me a gift certificate for a photographer for Mother’s Day last year. Time to get on that for sure!

  17. says

    well, we take lots of random photos, particularly with our three-month-old daughter in the house. But the last professional type photo was at our wedding :)

  18. Jaque R says

    I can’t even remember the last time we had a family portrait done…years, for sure. :-( Thank you.

  19. Kirby says

    oh oh oh….I know we talked about collages but I just read someone’s comment above about framing it…..GREAT idea BUT…don’t frame it….make a frame go to home depot, buy molding, make a frame for it that is BIGGER that the actual cavas and then pain it…..Royal blue or Orange! Then hang the canvas in the center. Now for the other phones, find another wall girl OR….do the collage thing with this above idea, frame the other photos differently, get a LARGE “R” or “D” (for DUDE…DUH!) and make a collage.

    Or I can just come over and we can do all that^!

  20. Stephanie says

    Professional photos? I don’t think we’ve ever done one. We do a family snap shot at family gatherings on most holidays. I think the last one was Christmas. I like your first picture grouping, with a couple minor changes. My suggestions: the top right little picture, place it off the side edge to mirror the bottom left and put about 2 to 3 inches between the big canvas in the middle and the two closest smaller ones.

    • Stephanie says

      Ooo, or move the bottom left to under the bottom edge corner to mirror (catty-corner) the right one, and still, a little more space between the middle three. :)

  21. says

    We’ve never had a family photo taken. We did a little self timer thingy last Christmas for the first time. I don’t that I’ll ever be able to convince my husband of one, but I’d love it.

  22. says

    We had family photos taken when Luke was a week old. FAIL. I was stressed and still looked pregnant. Needless to say, we didn’t order any of them. Prior to that, it was a couple years ago that we had family portraits taken.

  23. says

    You are definitely not the only one.I think I beat you on that because I dislike taking pictures….ugh …just the thought makes me cringe. I know I’m going to regret it in the future, believe me I do. I have lots of the kids, a few random family shots somewhere, but no professional ones. I’d love to win this because I know I won’t have any excuse!:)
    Oh and thanks for the awesome giveaways!

  24. says

    Oh how I LOVE that picture of you and your family! And if you consider yourself chunky in that photo, you don’t wanna know what I am. *ahem* :)

    You are so not the only family that neglects the family photo mode. We’ve had exactly ONE family photo taken – and that was when Princess Nagger was 2…I think. She’s 10 now, so all those years that have past since are hazy. We definitely need to get one done before she starts having her own family pictures taken, plus we adopted Little Dude last summer and need to get one of the 4 of us. Maybe this will motivate us! :)

  25. Helen says

    Yikes! When my son was in 6th grade, yr 2000, he’s now 25! So much for thinking I’d do one when he graduated from high school and then when he graduated from college.

  26. says

    I definitely struggle with where in the world to hang the one million and one photos I have that I really want to hang. Last family photo was done in July 2011 (I won a free photo session!) It was wonderful and I would love to do photos again because Bella couldn’t even walk when those photos were taken and now she’s a running bouncing trouble causing machine!

  27. says

    Seeing that canvas makes me SOOOOO jealous because we need to get family photos taken, it’s been…. at least 4 years. I’ve tried taken them myself but apparently I only take beautiful photos of other people’s families. I don’t know about you, but as soon as the “big” camera comes out, everybody acts like crazy heads!

  28. jdt1583 says

    Your pics look great! That is an awesome family shot! Our first ( & only) family portrait was last March. My baby was only 9 months old and sometimes I get
    sad looking at the print over our fireplace– she has changed so much!!!

  29. Jamie says

    sadly; when you have teenage boys the last thing they want to do is take photos with their parents and siblings. I have to threaten bodily harm and take away their beloved devices just to get a “rolled-eyes” picture. Last one was at Thanksgiving- in 2010 before the teenage angst set in!

  30. Nicole says

    The last family photos we had taken were in December. However, the “best” one was sadly NOT one I was going to use for the Christmas card! The kids were both screaming and my face looked like an ad for a crisis center. It got plenty of hits for the photographer’s FB page, however. :/
    Har har.
    It’s only funny when it’ s not YOU.

  31. TK says

    The last time we had an official family photo was when my 11 year old son was 2. Indeed. We do have family shots (really only with one parent/son during holiday trips) and have put them onto canvas, which I admit is pretty cool while a bit expensive. We have been putting canvas shots on the wall with other canvas shots rather than mixing them with frames. Currently we have an assortment on the fire place mantle, just leaning with some on top of the others. Why you ask? Don’t ask, but they do look nice with minimal/no effort.

  32. says

    My son was a few months old. He’s 8. Unless you count the awesome picture that was taken a few years ago at a blog event.

  33. says

    I wouldn’t mix canvas and framed, I’m kind of anal like that. If I did, I would put them all in a straight line with the smallest at each end.

    I can not remember the last time we had a family photo.

  34. Kelly says

    Last family photo was… never. Every once in a while (once a year) we put on something cute, stand in the yard & have my sister or mom swing by and snap some shots before everyone melts down like Chernobyl. That was November. And I didn’t get a pic with everyone paying attention or not pouting. Fun stuff.

  35. says

    Last family photo taken was…(whispering, ashamed) 2001. It was just three of us then: daddy, the first girl, and me. That’s it. None when we were four, none when we were five (oh, wait, no, we did set a camera on a timer and took a picture on the living room floor when we were five. I. WANT. THAT. CANVAS! Because then we’d actually take a professional photo to have it canvassed.)

  36. Angelina Clark says

    Last family photo was 4 years ago.. when my daughter was 2months :/ horrible i know… i do get lots of pictures of her done like twice a year just not full family. That makes it a little better, right! ?!?!

  37. Leigh says

    I vote for taking the smaller ones and putting them about a third of their width out on either side.

    Our last family portrait session is from when himself joined us, so almost 3 years ago. I really want new ones, after I drop a few pounds… :-)

  38. says

    I say put the big one to the left and then the others to the right sort of collage like. I think if you frame the canvas it will make it pop a little more, too because it will make it bigger and more the focal point.