My Marriage Is Better Than Yours Is.

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Or not.

Regardless, in just a few days, the hubs and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary.

husband and wife

Fifteen years together, three college graduations, a cross country move, three babies, two dogs , a bird (yes, a bloody bird), 70 pounds (gained and lost more than one time), and two bad kidneys (never mind, make that 4 bad kidneys, gotta count Dude #3’s too) and we’re still happily-ish together.

Sure I have my days where I want to sweep his leg because he didn’t do HIS ONE AND ONLY CHORE put the trash out and it smells like we’ve stuffed a human body in it.  And, sure, he probably has days where he, um, he doesn’t have bad days with me because I’m perfect.

But, overall, I am lucky and he is luckier.

The funny thing is that probably no one expected us to last this long.  We got together young (I met him at 18, my very first week of college), we had a baby young AND unmarried (#1 slept through our wedding at 18 months old), and we’re not even the same race (This is still considered a challenge. Thank you haters).  Add to that the fact that I went back to college after we had the baby, we spent some time being unemployed simultaneously (shiver, that sucked), we moved across the country, away from his family and all of our friends, his heartburn used to wake me AND the baby up nearly every night, and he never even got a chance to live alone in his life (he went from parents, to roommates in college, to parents again, then to me).

We were total marriage success underdogs.

I’ve always rooted for the underdogs.

While most of our friends have gotten divorced around us (we actually take bets now), we’ve stayed together.  Today I feel like our union is stronger now than it ever was.  Or I’m too tired to really examine it.  Either way, things are working for us.

To celebrate I’m not planning to give him tin or diamonds (although, by all means, he’s welcome to give me some).  Instead I am giving him something more personal (and the iPad mini I bought him a few weeks ago totally counted toward this too).  A gift that will hopefully translate into something we actually need: a date!

Using a newly discovered site called Datevitation I made him this book…

datevitation 1

datevitation 2

datevitation 3datevitation 4datevitation 5datevitation 6datevitation 7

Yeah, yeah, I know, I rhyme like a boss snuck The Dudes on our movie date, but they’d never forgive us for going to see Superman without them.  I promise we’ll sit next to each other.  As long as no one cries, barfs, fights, or falls asleep.

Still not sure what Datevitation is about?  Basically, Datevitation is the first and only custom love coupon book platform living on the Internet.  They have like 350 dates to choose from including some sexy ones that had me laughing like the 12 year old boy I am on the inside when I was looking at them.  Seriously “Lap Dance” so, so funny.

Honestly, this video explains it best…

I’d love to give a discount code to create a book of your own. Maybe for Father’s Day, or your anniversary, or some other entirely random occasion you’ve determined is just begging for a coupon book.  Use code ‘DUDEMOM‘  for $10 off your purchase in May or June.

Not ready to buy just yet?  How about win?!

It’s always a good time to win!

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*This post was sponsored by Datevitation.  My marriage, my husband, my ability to create sick poetry, and my opinion are all my own.


  1. says

    Happy anniversary! People are divorcing left and right around Jdaddy and me too. It’s just crazy. We got married before everyone too, so in a lot of our friends’ minds, we’re the “old couple.”

  2. says

    Way to go underdogs! You’re even more underdogs than my husband and I! We’ve also never lived alone going from parents to roommates to each other. I had Ben in my belly, 6 months along at our wedding. We were both 21. Many many congrats to you both!

  3. says

    You were married that young? That’s awesome. We are about to hit our 10 year mark too.
    You are both beautiful and created some beautiful babes. You should make them for a living.
    Here’s to many more on this journey xo

  4. says

    Congratulations! I had to laugh at your post. Especially the part about his one and only chore! I’m always thinking that in my head, especially when he forgets to put the trash out. It’s his only chore and he can’t even remember to do that. Anyway, glad you both beat the odds! Many more to you. Have a fabulous weekend. (PS – I would do the same thing and bring my two boys with to the movie. Since we don’t go to very many movies, if we saw Superman or Ironman without them, they’d be so bummed.)

  5. Ama says

    Congratulations on your 10 years! Many more happy decades to you both. Would love to win this, so I can surprise my hubby.

  6. says

    How cute! And here all this time I’ve been making coupons out of construction paper.

    It’s a good feeling, isn’t it? To be hangin’ on (men: It’s cheaper to keep ‘er). My husband and I (11 years next month SAY WORD) never had the chance to live alone either. Straight from parents in together because SAVE. ME!

  7. Jessica Reader says

    Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary!!!! We just celebrated our 10th and sadly, there are some people who still think we won’t make it…… LOL They’ll eat their word in 50 years when we’re still together! In my opinion, couples that face extreme hardship TOGETHER as a couple always end up solidifying their commitment to each other. Yes, I know that hardship can tear couples apart, but only if they go at it solo….. THEN when you factor in young love, babies, and growing up together into that hardship, it just makes your marriage stronger. I must emphasize the word TOGETHER here….. I know that a lot of couples marry young, have babies, have trouble, and end up tearing the blanket, but it’s because they never faced the world as a united front. Good Job to you and all your dudes!!!

  8. says

    so cute, amanda! I love this idea and have never heard of it. We need it. 11 years this summer, and a Datevitation is just what the doctor ordered. Plus I can’t wait to write a sweet love poem for my hubby.