Mom Pretty Monday. DIY Embellished Tank Top.

Ready for another fashion-ish DIY?

I know, crazy right?

My man hands and I are kicking it dainty style so much lately.

So, in the spirit of being a girl, I bring you my DIY glitter embellished tank top!

diy glitter embellished tank

The tank top set me back a mere $5 on sale at target.

The glitter embellishment came wrapped around a piece of cardboard among 5 other gold-ish looking strips of fabric.  It cost $1 and caught my eye while I was wrangling my Dude away from those stupid junk-filled bins near the cash register at Michael’s.

Less than $7 and 5 minutes to awesome.

You should get on this…

shirt embellishment turorial

diy glitter tank

diy glitter trimmed shirt

how to embellish a shirt

It dried in about an hour and I wore it in about 30 minutes.  Because, you know, I’m impatient like that.

Here’s what else I wore last week…

what to wear this week

Have a style post to share with me?  I’d love to check it out (and, I’m looking for real mom style pics to share next week too!)…


  1. says

    Fabric glue and glittery trim in a fashion post? Is this real life? I love this! I need to go trim up a bunch of shirts, because, it is now necessary. I love all of your outfits for this week as well. You really rocked this challenge!

  2. says

    The thing with me and glue and following straight lines is this: It leads to punching things.
    I’m lurvin Thursday’s get up. Va va vooom

  3. says

    Loooove it! I have a bunch of old ones that could use a little refresher!

    Also, I’m just as impatient. The subject of tomorrow’s blog post is drying in my bathroom and I’m not sure how long I can hold off before trying it out!