Mom Pretty Monday. DIY Fashion: Printed Denim.

The whole wear-real-pants-like-a-normal-human thing is going quite well!

This week I even got dressed up fancy for the What NOT to Wear series finale/reunion party and wore work-ish clothing to a meeting…

best spring style

And, I went shopping.

For ages I’ve been dying to try printed jeans.

Two things have continuously gotten in my way: cost (I don’t want to pay for jeans that are so distinct that I can’t really wear more than a couple of times per month) and style (I haven’t been able to find any in my nonexistent price range that fit the way I like).

I tried on this pair at Kohl’s…

printed denim kohls

They’re oooookay.

But, oooookay isn’t really enough to make me drop $29 of my hard earned cash to bring them home with me.

So, in order to flex my frugal living muscles AND ensure that I’d have a pair of jeans in a fit I like with a print I’m crazy about, I decided to make my own!

This was my first attempt at greatness making my own printed jeans…

diy printed jeans

printed denim

After trying them on and looking back at the bazillion photos I forced my children to snap of me in the yard, I decided that the flowers were too big for my liking.

And, they desperately needed some additional sparkle (because a girl needs a little sparkle from time to time).

So, I grabbed another pair of jeans from my closet and went to work.

They came out so much better and I am very much in love with them!

printed jeans diy

Want to make some for yourself?

Ohmygoshseriously.  So.  Easy!

printed jeans tutorial


  • Pair of jeans that make your booty look bangin’.
  • Fabric paint in your desired color.
  • A sponge brush.
  • A stencil of the design you want on your pants.  You can get high end ones or ones made especially for fabric that have sticky backs and everything, but I just went with a standard  $1.99 one from Michael’s.


  1. Wash your jeans.  Don’t be gross y’all, start with a clean pair of pants.
  2. Lay your completely dry jeans out on your work surface and figure out your pattern.  You can go all willy nilly with it, but be careful not to make the design too clumpy looking.  You can always go back and fill in blank spaces, but once you paint you can’t erase it.
  3. Lay your stencil down on the desired spot and hold it TIGHTLY in place.  If you allow movement your design will bleed and it will look like your 4 year old painted on your pants.  That sounds kinda cute, but it isn’t, believe me.
  4. Paint.  Apply your paint to your stencil lightly.  Don’t over do it.  Just use enough paint to fill in the stencil.  Think dab, not brush, and certainly not smear, slather, or mop.
  5. Immediately remove stencil.  Be gentle but swift.  Like removing a Bandaid.  Lift directly up from your pants so you don’t smear your creation.
  6. Smile at your artistry.  Unless you jacked it up.  Then scowl, sigh, and/or verbally chastise yourself before figuring out a solution that will make it look like you meant to do that (maybe paint another color of flower right over top of the screwed up one).
  7. Repeat entire process.  Over and over and over again until your pants are sufficiently covered. Don’t forget the back and the sides.  I hear it’s easy to do both of those things.
  8. Wait a couple of hours for pants to dry before modeling them so your followers on Instagram can see.
  9. Wait a day before you wash them so you can see how things set. Probably they will look even better when you do.
  10. Wear those bad boys someplace fancy.  Like soccer practice or the grocery store.

Are you feeling fashion-y this week?  Share your Mom Awesome style post with me this week so I can clap at my computer screen on your behalf!


  1. says

    You should really take the first pair you did & go over them again with a silver paint to mute the flowers you thought were too large. They would make cute capris!

  2. says

    I love that you have become so crafty. I’m pretty sure that I would never try to paint my pants, but you did a great job.

  3. says

    Those are too cute.. and I will definitely age myself by telling you I remember the FIRST time those were in style back in my youth… umm yeah I am that old.. seriously.